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Tip of the Day 1/30/2012

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Tip of the Day for January 30, 2012

If you are going to be planning a funeral for a loved one and you are calling funeral homes to get pricing and you ask about State Assistance , please do not decide to be an asshole when I “TRY” to explain to you how it works, what YOU have to do and how much they will pay toward a burial or cremation! I am NOT the State! I ONLY work for the funeral home and have NO input nor do I make up the rules applied by the State! I am only the messenger.  You want to bitch about the State not paying more…..than call them. If you think it is “going out of your way” to haul your butt to the nearest State Aid office and just “cannot believe” that ‘you have’ to physically go there, than DON’T! And NO, I/we cannot go for you!!!! No, you cannot come and ‘just pick up the paperwork’ now! It doesn’t work that way…. you MUST decide on the funeral home you are for sure going to be using. You must make all of your funeral selections BEFORE going to the State Aid office! When we advise you to go ASAP please do so. Just because grandma or grandpa already has a Social Worker does NOT mean that you do not have to go or that they will receive more money toward the funeral cost. It doesn’t work that way! Oh and if you have a life insurance policy…..your not eligible for State Aid….I mean really….!?!


Tip of the day (new)

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so, since i have been so busy lately, especially at work! it’s nuts at work actually! I have decided that at least I can post a tip of the day (pertaining to funeral home tips). Maybe some will have multiple tips, depending.

Tip of the day for January 23, 2012

Do NOT bring your baby or small children to a funeral service! ESPECIALLY if you are not going to refrain them from running up and down the halls ( near the steps! or doors!) this is a distraction to EVERYONE! but most of all ME, who is trying to organize and keep things running smooth and QUIET! Babies are just not a good idea period! They cry and scream! Why would you bring one anyway. Why would you bring any small child!?! Funerals are usually long, to a child, and they get anxious, so LEAVE them at home with family or with a sitter or you your self should not attend. It is RUDE if you let your child run around during a QUIET funeral service and not do anything about it. I do not think it is cute nor do I find it funny, so when you see me in the hall and your brat is running by me screaming, please do not look at me and smile or laugh…..Take them outside or to an area where no one can hear them, which is typically OUTSIDE or better yet HOME!


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