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Life working at a funeral home – SO BUSY

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First off, I got a new tablet and I haven’t mastered this keyboard yet and so there will be a lot of spelling errors…my apologies!

Secondly, I have not posted in a long time…I have a lot to write about, but of course its mainly about how truly awful people are. So yes, this post will once again be me venting and bitching! sorry, but this is why I started this blog, to vent my frustrations!! So let’s begin the bitch fest!

I’ve about had it with people, had with the way people feel its ok to speak to others so rudely. How everyone is so quick to pass the blame or take out their bad day in people they have never met before. How people have become so demanding! Its not only those planning a funeral either, it can be a simple phone call asking a question, but just gotta be a smartass or rude, or don’t like the answer… Especially if your calling for pricing. You called and asked me to give you a price. I give you that price and you don’t like it. You have the option of saying a few things. You can simply sand Thank You and end the call. You can ask for differnt prices of other options, you can say ok, that’s out of my price range but thank you for your time…. I don’t see the need for any rude remarks. I don’t see any need for anyone to start bitching about how “I” charge way too much just to rip people off, etc. You don’t like the price, that’s fine, just say thanks good bye! 

When we are assisting you in planning a funeral, there are SEVERAL questions that need to be asked. We aren’t doing it just to piss you off! I would say most of the questions that we ask come in the beginning of the arrangement. Those questions are the info we need for the death certificate. You know, those death certificate’s everyone thinks are gold and just have to have them now! Well, without the info we cannot get you any! We always explain before starting with the questions why we are asking, yet it never fails that we get asked, “….what are ais these for, and why are these questions necessary”? So we go back and explain again! Its as if we are wasting their time. Its irritating. Know what else is irritating…When you have a family come in and there are several family members and they all talk over you and get off track and the arrangement lasts for two hours! Then while we are trying to get questions answered and trying to do all the work so the family doesn’t have to.. We sometime step away into another office to make those calls especially if there are a lot of people in the arrangement office, because they can’t be quiet long enough for us to be on the phone. So while we are making phone calls on behalf of the family, the family is in the arrangement office, we usually leave them to pick out prayer cards or flowers other times we just say that we will be a few minutes. Well the other day, we had to call the cemetery and while on the phone, which was approximately 10 minutes, here comes one of the family members. My boss was on the phone in another office and I was in mine. The person who came walking into the office was one of the deceaseds sons. I said hello and he said, “where’s that guy that was meeting with us, we need to get this wrapped up and get a move on, we still need to pick out the flowers and my sisters don’t feel like sitting around here anymore”. REALLY?? That irritated me. You need to get this wrapped up and tired of sitting around here? Well, we could have told you to call the cemetery yourself, we could have told you to go get your own flowers, but no. That “guy” you were meeting with is the Funeral Director and he TOLD you that he was going to call the cemetery for you and he would be back in a few minutes, it make take a few… So I said to him that the DIRECTOR is on the phone with the cemetery getting YOU and your family the information you will need and he will be done once he gets that information for you, so you can go ahead and go back to the arrangement office and the director will be back once he finishes up. He simply just walked away. Its just bothersome that noone can just take into consideration that WE are actually helping you. If we didn’t do these things then it would be that we aren’t helping you enough! Also this particular family wanted a specific day for viewing and funeral, unfortunately we could not accommodate them for the days they wanted, we already had two other families there for visitation and funeral services. Believe me when I say we do not like telling anyone we cannot accommodate them for the dates they want. Well, they were not happy about it and asked why there was nothing we could do.. My boss explained to them the reason why and he apologized and discounted their funeral charges, but that was still not enough.. He just came out and told them that there was nothing he could do and if they needed to go to another funeral home then that’s what they should do and he wouldn’t charge them the transport fee. In the end they stayed with us but made it clear they were disappointed. Ok, so we are fully aware you are not happy about it, so are you going to keep bitching about it? So finally they were on their way, thank God. That same day we had another arrangement about an hour later, it was close to the end of the day and I had been running my ass off. Before the next arrangement came in, my boss was in the embalming room, I was working on all the funeral arrangements and answering the phones. The family who had just left called. It was one of the daughter’s of the deceased. She wanted to know if there was anything at all we could do to accommodate them for the day they wanted!! Were you not just here for almost two hours discussing this! No, I’m sorry, there is not one single thing we can do! On to the next arrangement, not as stressful as the other one but during that arrangement, someone is at the door. I answer it and it’s the other family! They have “things” they need to drop off…. I asked what they had and if there is a lot. They say, yes there is a lot, food, soda pop, snacks, pictures, and the deceaseds violin!! They have a stand for it and NEED to set it up! I told them they could bring it in, but could not set it up because there is a body in the chapel whose funeral is in the morning! They of course were not happy about this and said they HAD to set it up and can’t they just place it in back of the chapel? No, you cannot, there will be a family in there tomorrow along with their friends and family, I don’t think they will understand why your mothers violin is in their room! So, they said they had to bring in their food. I had to explain to them they were welcome to bring it in but we would have to put it all in the storage closet until after the other family leaves, again, not pleased with anything I was telling them! I told them I would leave the door unlocked for them so they could bring in their things. I’m pretty sure they expected me to help them and if I had not been so busy I may have, but at this point I was fed up with them. They even asked ifthere wasn’t another door closer they could use. Unfortunately there is not and I was given the “ugh, ok”. Because somehow its my fault. Maybe you just don’t need to bring in ALL that CRAP! On to day of visitation, big family, lots of kids! No one bothered to watch these screaming misbehaved children who thought it would be ok to color on the bathroom walls with their crayons! They were obviously bored being stuck at a funeral home all day because at one point they decided to make about 20 cups of coffee using all the cream and sugar and make a horrendous sticky mess and put the empty coffee pots back on the hot burners! First of all WHYwere they allowed to play with HOT coffee!! I just don’t get it!! They were also playing with something that had a lot of glitter because it was everywhere! I am always amazed by the lack of supervision! I don’t understand why no parent is watching what and where their kid is at and what they are doing!! Then for them to destroy our bathroom walls and not one person apologized or offered to pay for the cleaning cost.. This is one of the reasons why funeral costs are high and continue to rise, overhead! Who do you think has to pay for the cleaning and damages? Not that it happens that often where we actually have to repair or replace things, but it does happen, cleaning we must constantly do. 

I’ll stop here and stop the moaning and groaning, for now ūüėÄ


Life Working at a funeral home – VENTING!

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I’ve been working on another post, but I have to vent!

First of all, I want to say to anyone who may be reading this that the reason I started this blog was so I could vent my frustrations. over the past 9 years, I’ve had a few comments about my bitching.. my purpose was and is not to argue with anyone or start arguements, but I do realize that it happens, especially on the Internet. I haven’t really really vented in a while, but right now I just need to. So if anyone is reading this and gets upset by what I write here, I make no apologies and I will not respond to any comments that lead to a back and forth arguing.

I’ve mentioned in other posts about how I feel about people, that they are rude, no one has any manners anymore and everything¬† is now now now! It has just got out of hand and I for one am just beyond fed up! I’m tired of having to bend over backwards for people! I get it, I work in the funeral business, but I’m still sick of rude obnoxious spoiled people. I am tired of the people who I have to deal with including ‘some’ of the families we get. Why don’t people LISTEN?!? We are NOT at the funeral home 24/7! We are NOT there just sitting around waiting just incase you want to stop by at 5pm on Sunday evening because you want to drop off the pictures for the visitation you are going to have on Tuesday at Noon! NO! We are not going to sit and wait around on you on a Saturday evening because you want to drop off clothing that we TOLD you to bring in by 5pm on FRIDAY! ! It doesn’t work that way! We have hours of operation just like other businesses! The only difference is that we make ourselves available after hours incase a death occurs. Of course we will answer a call at anytime of the day or night for a death call. We are not available anytime of the day or night because someone needs a work or school excuse. You actually think that we are going to stop what we are doing on a Sunday afternoon¬† (the funeral home is closed if there is no visitation), and run to the funeral home because someone forgot to get a work excuse while they were there for the funeral? NO we aren’t! It’s just dumb shit anymore. I have people call during the evening or on weekends when we are closed and say that they are at the funeral home but no one is answering the door! Nine times out of ten, they are annoyed that no one is there! Really? You just decided to show up and you’re mad? Then to find out its just because they have a couple cases of water to drop off for their visitation the following day! Look, you set times for your visitation, you get a family hour! How long does it take really to carry a few cases of water into the funeral home? Maybe ten minutes TOPS?!? I hate when we set times and the family hour is all set and the next question I get is, ‘so what time can we all come”? Are you kidding me?
Want want want, but don’t put forth the effort to get what you want! You want grandma in a certain dress, she cannot wear anything else. Fine, that’s understandable, but when you are told that we MUST have that dress by a certain time, BRING it by that time!! You want a photo on the prayer folders, we tell you we must have that photo by a certain time in order for them to be ready by your visitation, then have it to us by that time!
Another annoying thing, when families start telling everyone when visitation and funeral will be BEFORE they even come in to make arrangements! DO NOT DO THAT! Don’t post on social media about it, nothing, until you have actually made the ARRANGEMENTS with the funeral home!!
You may want your viewing on Tuesday and funeral on Wednesday and you want specific times, and usually we can and will accommodate that, but sometimes we can’t! Also it may not even be us who is unable to accommodate those days and times, it could be that your priest or pastor is not available at that time, or the church is not available at that time! USE COMMON SENSE! Just because someone died, the world does not stop! And I absolutely hate when the attitude comes out because they don’t get their way!
Same thing with the God forsaken death certificates! It’s sometimes the only thing some people are focused on. You’ll get the freaking death certificates, but we cannot force the doctor to sign it any faster! Believe me, if we could we would! They are becoming harder and harder to accomplish anymore and when we try and explain the process of getting a death certificate signed, no one listens! If people would just shut up for two seconds and stop being so selfish and understand that there are some things that you just have to wait for! Trust me when I say I want nothing more then to get the death certificate signed and give to you asap!
Food, yes, my biggest pet peeve! I dislike those of you who bring in food! I’ve always bitched about it, but never really came right out and said I can’t stand those families who feel the need to bring in a shit load of fucking food! It’s like the biggest concern, not the deceased, but the freaking food! And.. why? Why do you need to bring in so much food anyway? Some snacks, water, even some soda, fine, but people, STOP it with your freaking food at the funeral home! You do not need to feed the people who are coming to pay their respects! especially if you plan on having a luncheon! ERGHHH!
As I have said before, if you are here for visitation and will be all day, then leave for an hour to go eat! Or bring “yourself” some thing in. I just get so irritated with the families who make it all about their food, when can we bring in the food? is there enough room? do you supply plates and utensils? cups? water? napkins? is there tables for everyone to sit at, should we bring in our own table? where will we keep the food that needs to be kept cold? And I just love when they bring in their crock pots!

Children.. they are YOUR kids, NOT MINE! I will not watch your kids. If you must bring them with you then you need to keep them under control and they should be on their best behavior! They should not be permitted to run around like wild animals. There are things that they can get hurt on. Our funeral home is not child proof and you should not assume it is. We have steps/stairs and when your brats are let loose to run wild, well, when they fall or go rolling down the stairs and crack their heads open on the tile, it’s no one’s fault but your own! It’s is also not a place for their screaming! It is still a place of business and we are still working here. Use common sense!! Your kid is yelling and screaming, would you allow that at home while you are on the phone? Do you allow them to yell and scream and run up and down and up and down and up and down your steps? Probably not! Then don’t let them do it at the funeral home! Sometimes there are more then one family using the funeral home and that other family does not want to hear your kid! Have some respect for others!
If and when an employee does tell your child to quiet down or stop running, do not give them dirty looks, if you were doing your job as a parent, then the employee would not have had to say anything! I think it’s ridiculous that you bring your small children to a funeral home all day anyway. Get a sitter! Go home! take turns with your spouse or other family member. Bring them some books to read or color, do not assume they will be ok unsupervised! You may not be the only family using the funeral home, you have no idea what kind of people are here or who can walk in the door! We do not stand at the door and ask who every person is as they come in.
Flowers. . We get flowers all throughout the day and we have to carry them into the chapel. So if the family and visitors are here and flowers come in, we have to walk in the chapel with a stand and a flower working our way past everyone. Be polite and MOVE for us would ya?!? Also, when we set the flowers down, don’t stand over my shoulder waiting to look at the card! Wait a minute until I walk away! Also, if you don’t see your flowers you sent, sure you can ask us about it, but if we don’t have your flowers and they aren’t on our sign in list, then you need to contact the flower shop. I’m not sure why we get asked, “why aren’t my flowers set out”? Well, if they didn’t get delivered then I can’t set them out.”
Then comes the… “why were my flowers not delivered”? I don’t know, call the place you ordered them from!
It’s just stupid shit really.. But it adds up and pisses me off! We had a very busy few months and people have been really more annoying than usual.
There is alot to do and think about once someone passes, but it still is not an excuse to be an asshole! And yes, I’ve lost loved ones and yes, I’ve been the one who made the arrangements. And during those times I was not a jerk to anyone just because.
I received a comment recently.. it was said that I was quick to judge. There may be times when I am, sure. But, probably more so outside of work. It is difficult to judge those people/families I work with because I actually get to know them. I’ve never met these people before, so when they come in I meet them for the first time and immediately get to know them. I work with them from the moment I speak to them on the phone or the moment they walk in the door so I don’t really get the opportunity to judge anyone before getting to know them, especially in this business. If there is an insurance assignment, it is to pay the funeral bill, anything left over goes to the beneficiary/beneficiaries. I hear the stories!

So, there it is, my rant. I’m just burnt out. . I’m sure those in the business can understand.

Life working at a funeral home – Just some ramblings

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So I’m trying to keep up and blog alittle more instead of waiting so long in between..
I wanted to blog a bit today about some stuff I was thinking about and most likely my usual rantings…
First thing I wanted to write about is all the articles I read on line about funeral homes and how we are always trying to charge people so much or how these articles talk about how funeral homes won’t disclose their prices, their GPL’S (General Price List) and how funeral homes are required to do so but make it so hard for the consumer to get one. I cannot speak for other funeral homes, I can say that the funeral homes in my area gladly present their GPL when asked, including the one I work at. We get many people who come in and ask for a GPL and they are always readily available. If and when people call us for pricing, we also gladly do so. Never ever have we told anyone that we will not give them pricing. Even when families come in to make arrangements, we give them a gpl. We are, by law, required to give them when asked, but again, why wouldn’t we give them out!?! In these same articles, I often see that they talk about why funeral homes in the same area have such price differences. Again, speaking in terms of my area only, the price variances are not that great. What I mostly see as far as price difference is in the Basic Services and Embalming, then maybe what they charge for Hearse, and then merchandise. So for instance, Funeral Home A may charge¬† $1700 Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff and $800 Embalming. Funeral Home B may charge $2000 Basic Services and $500 Embalming. Give or take. So it’s where that particular funeral home charges more or less for certain things, but pretty much adds up to be around the same as the other funeral home. There is also charges for ‘Other Prep of body’, which is approximately¬† $400, again F.H. A may charge $400 and F.H. B may charge $350. When it comes to hearses, some funeral homes own their own hearse and or Limos, so they may be able to charge less then a funeral home who does not own their own vehicles. Funeral Homes who do not own their vehicles get them from local companies that they usually have worked with for years and since that funeral home obviously has to pay that company a fee, they have to make up some of that cost, so that gets passed on to the consumer. And rightfully so. If we did not, we would be paying for it and not making any money and being a business, just like any other business, that is how we keep our doors open, pay employees, purchasing office supplies, funeral upkeep, heat, electric, etc….Anyway, then there are charges for merchandise. Caskets, Vaults, these are items we purchase from the Casket companies and Vault Companies. We purchase these items from them, we up the cost. Maybe F.H. A sells a particular casket for $1250 but F.H. B sells it for $1500. It just depends.. but F.H. B may only charge $500 for a CRB (concrete rough box) and F.H A charges $695. What I think these people who write these articles are only looking at the prices but not comparing ‘WHY’ certain items are more at one place and less at the other, if they looked closely they could see that basically the prices are pretty close in comparison.
Another topic that irritates me is, Embalming and how these articles talk about how it is not necessary but the funeral home will tell you it is, how there are services available that do not require embalming. Yes, there are services that do not require embalming, but those services typically do not allow for viewing/visitation. They also state that funeral homes are required to have refrigeration, that may be true in some States, but not all. Mine does not.
There is always those people who come in for viewing and say things like, “he looks so good” or “it doesn’t even look like him”. We have had people mad because their loved one doesn’t look like the way they remember them then we have families that can’t thank us enough because their loved one looks so good. . We have had people actually complain to us, but let me just say that the people who usually do the complaining are not even family members. They seem to think they are doing the family a favor by telling us that “they” think we could have done a better job. This doesn’t happen often, it’s happened maybe three times out of all the years I have worked at a funeral home. People also like to feel they are important so they will come to us and tell us that the family needs more prayer cards or the family is upset about something or the family needs more time or they tell us that they will come back and gather all the family items so the family doesn’t have to worry about it. What they don’t understand is, we aren’t going to release any items to anyone but the family unless the family specifically tells us that a specific person may come to get them. Same thing with food (my favorite), people call all day long asking if food is allowed. I want to say NO, but I cant! People feel it’s this big deal that they want to deliver all this food but don’t want the family to know who brought it. Believe it or not, all families don’t bring food or want food, they are far and few, but nonetheless, some just don’t want any. So I think it’s important not to overstep, your intentions may be good, but stop and think for a moment. Also, I’ve been thru death before, having a funeral, spending all day at a funeral home. Yes, you get hungry, but most of the time, everyone else ends up eating that food you brought in, not the family. The family is too busy with guests. So basically you are feeding people you don’t know.. if you want to only have that food for the family, send it to their home, AFTER the funeral or in the days leading up to the visitation. The family is busy, they are most likely tired and sad. They will appreciate it more if they don’t have to cook or worry about what they are going to eat. So, in speaking of families and food.. We recently had a family who brought in some food, for themselves, ONLY! They came in with some donuts, cookies, a lunch meat tray and some bread. It really wasn’t that much however, when they came in they said to us, “could you please put this some place no one else will see it, we would like to have it later and last time we were here (the mother had died about a year ago and this funeral was the father), we brought in food but never got any of it because everyone else who came in for visitation ate it all”! Uhhhm, well, then you shouldn’t bring it in at all. And, where are we supposed to put it! Well, needless to say a few hours later they were hungry and asked if they could have their food set out. All we did was put their stuff in our storage closet. It’s not refrigerated, but it’s cold enough. So we got it out and set it on their table in lounge and thet started eating. About an hour goes by and they came to one of our greeters and asked them if they were going to put their food away? A this point I said, “No”! We don’t really have the time to stand around and watch to see,when you all are done eating and to go get it out each time they wanted something. So anyway, it’s just funny how most people bring in a ton of food because they think they have to feed every visitor that shows up but then here are these people who don’t want anyone to get any!
And…why is that the shortest visitations always have the most food!?! We have quite a few visitations that are 3 hours sometimes even 2 hours, they are usually cremation afterward, so everything concludes in same day. But these are the families who always bring in the most food and sit in lounge the entire time.
Then there are just the downright nutty families. Everyone in the family seems to be just totally loopy! I’m not kidding either. People are just whacked out anymore. Had a funeral couple weeks ago…every single one of them was just nuts. Either slurring their words and just acting odd and the other half all angry. Caught one lady stuffing tissues into her purse. Not the whole box, but actually taking each tissue out of the box and stuffing them in there. Not just a few, but like 2 whole boxes!  not joking!
Well, hope everyone has a great Christmas! !
and a Happy New Year if I don’t post before then!

What the……………

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What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!¬†¬† I just don’t get it! What happened to being respectful of others property? What happened to making sure your children are behaving!!?!?!?!?!! WHAT!?!?!

The other day we had visitation.¬† There were many children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the deceased and they were all here! Now, just because you are at a funeral home, does NOT mean that you do not have to watch what your kids are doing. I really wanted to smack the face off of your kids! They were taking things and ripping them apart! Our brochures that are in the hall way! Those cost money! They just helped themselves to some of my ink pens that were in the office (must have went in my office when I was not in it) and bent the tips on all the pens! Really! That is how you raise your kids? They were screaming! They were running! There was a little boy, probably about 2 yrs old that you left with the 7 and 8 yr olds……and he kept going to the door and pushing it open and got his fingers stuck and then at one point got outside and the 7 yr old boy was trying to get him back in the building and when he couldn’t he left him alone out there and went to get an adult, that child could have been hit by a car or snatched up by some weirdo in the meantime. Oh and by the way, I AM NOT a babysitter and I refuse to watch after you kids! The funeral home is NOT the place to have kids at all day! I understand that it was their grandmother, but ya know what, bring them for a couple of hours then LEAVE! You have children, that overrides everything! Leave, go home for a few and bring them back with you after they have had time to play or whatever. They get bored being here.¬† I would definitely get bored being here if¬† I was a kid. 8 hours are just too long to expect them to sit quietly. As a¬† parent you should know better! On to the next gripe I have. I say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. WHY SO MUCH FUKING FOOD? I think his topped all the families I have had. Absolutely ridiculous!

Okay, now, this is weird for me, but apparently it must depend on your religious beliefs. Why do people take photos of the deceased? I know they “used” to do that years and years ago, but why still do certain people take photos? The took photos with the deceased, just the deceased. They took photos of the children crying and kissing the deceased, they took photos as we closed the casket as well. At one point someone was video taping with their cell phone as the one brother was literally breaking down and yelling and crying. Just seems creepy to me or more like, why would you want to relive that again? More to say about his family, but not enough time right now…..have work to do. More later………………

What are you wearing……?

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Why is it that people think that they are at “home” when they are at a Funeral Home? Of course we want you to feel comfortable, but running around in your socks? bringing in a pair of slippers to wear? or just going barefoot? disgusting! I wouldn’t walk barefoot in that place! We keep the place clean, for sure, but we don’t get the carpets cleaned after each and every funeral. and to top it off you were only there for 2 hours! that was the whole length of you funeral! Slipper girl…hmmmm, nice fuzzy purple slippers with your black dress. You were only there for four hours, that was the length of the Memorial service.¬† Sock person, again, we don’t clean the carpets after every funeral. Your socks were grey, unbelievable! This is not you home! So, let me continue to add that when bringing in your children for the duration of the visitation and funeral, KEEP AN EYE ON THEM! DO NOT let them run around and scream on top of their lungs, ESPECIALLY right outside my office door! I cannot hear people when the call on the phone because your little rugrats are screaming and playing a game of hide and go seek! AND NO THEY CANNOT play the piano! The piano is not a toy but you just let them bang a way on it. Thanks! For some unknown reason people think that just because they are at a funeral home they do not have to watch their children. I am NOT a babysitter and I refuse to watch your kids! I will in fact yell at them when I see fit. If they come into my office or they get on my nerve I will shoot them a dirty look. usually I will get up and shut my office door, which then gets the attention of some “adult” standing around and then they tell the kids to pipe down and go play in the back. Although that never lasts long anyway, the brats still find their way back up front. Then I get the parents who like to yell at their kids in front of everyone. So basically, the parent is making just as much if not more noise than the kids are. usually the kids are loud and obnoxious because their parents are loud and obnoxious. I would imagine if I were at your home and I let my kids act that way, you wouldn’t appreciate it. Also to those of you who don’t give a rats ass if your kids keep going in and out of the doors, well, your kids is going to be as flat as a pancake once they get hit by a car, because we are on a BUSY 4 lane road! What are you thinking? DO NOT bring your kids if you are not going to watch them. I don’t care if it is their grandparent, Aunt, etc up their in that casket, if they are not going to behave then as a parent you the responsibility to shut your kids up or get them the hell out of the funeral home. Not everyone enjoys seeing you heathens run around and scream¬†for hours at a time. Better yet, go ahead and let them drink the mountain dew, pepsi, whatever pop you HAD to bring in, because lord only¬† knows you are stuck here for 2 hours, give me a break! then go ahead and let them eat all the cookies cousin Betty brought in….because they certainly need more sugar to annoy the rest of us!¬† Speaking of food, gee go figure. IF you bring in food, take it with you when you leave! why on earth would you leave food in our sink to sit there overnight so when I come in the next morning the bag of ice you brought in is still in the sink along with some food you apparently did not feel like taking home and figured, it isn’t my home, so I don’t care. All the food is now soaked with water and disgusting? why would you do that? why would you spill something on the floor, like pop or coffee and just leave it? we supply all the paper towel you could ever get your hands on, but you just leave it. why could you not come get who is working and say, we accidentally spilled something, that person will get up and clean it for you! or if you spilled some food, why not pick it up instead of just kicking it with your foot behind the trash can? you really couldn’t bend over and pick it up and put it in the trash can? is that what your home looks like? We also have a few toys in the back for brats to play with, well if you use them put them away, I don’t appreciate finding bits and pieces of Lego’s in the plants on the tables in the hall way (along with your gum, because you were too lazy to put in a tissue and throw in one of the 20 trash cans we have around the place). Dirty nasty people! never cease to amaze me! But then there are always the ones who never bring in any food or even think about leaving the chapel where the deceased is displayed and spend their entire time there in the lounge eating and smoking. YOU are there for a reason, the pay your respects to the deceased. I know I have said this a million and one times here, but that is what you are there for! What are you paying us for if you are going to sit in a lounge to drink, smoke and eat all day and night? May as well just go to the bar! SERIOUSLY! I cringe when families arrive and one person after another from the family comes thru those doors with coolers and bags and boxes of FOOD and DRINK! Are you camping out here? During visitation time, you are there to greet those who came to pay their respects to the deceased. They should arrive, sign the guest book, take a prayer card or folder, approach the casket and then speak with the family. THEN LEAVE! Simple isn’t it? No need to sit around. No need to have your dinner at the funeral home. Simply¬†leave. You came and paid your respects, you made an appearance, now go! But what makes this so hard? I guess I can guess that over half the time, the person who they are looking¬†for (their friend or relative) is somewhere in the lounge stuffing their fat neck with god knows what. OR they decided to go outside and have a smoke. So, now we have a person/s who is looking for the person they need to speak with roaming aimlessly throughout the funeral home. And guess where they sometimes come asking for this person? Yeah, you guessed it, my office. Or they ask the greeter (an employee who usually works in the evening ONLY greeting people as they arrive to the funeral home to direct them to the correct chapel or to take coats, etc) HOW the fuck do I know where Bobby so and so is at because that is the person you know from the family. I do not know every single person who belongs to the deceased. I only know those people who came to make arrangements for the deceased. Since everyone feels the need to leave their cell phones on at the funeral home (even during the actual service, rosary and or vigil) go ahead and call them, they can’t be more than a few feet away.¬† And I am sure we will all be able to hear whatever gay ass song they have as their ring tone. Because no one ever thinks to put their phones on at least vibrate when at a funeral home…….I mean why would you do that?

If and when you call a funeral home because someone has passed away and you are calling to make an appointment to schedule a time to come to make those funeral arrangements, make sure that you schedule a time that is good for you! IF I say, I am sorry, I do not have anyone available at that time, can we make it this time, please either say yes or no. DO NOT say hang on and ask a crowded room full of people if it is a good time and leave me hanging on the phone for 5 minutes while all 10 of you trying to figure it out. I have other things to tend it. My other line is ringing. Whatever. CALL ME BACK. If you call and you schedule something the next day say around 1pm, don’t go someplace else before that , like say the cemetery that is 30 miles away then call me and say that you are not going to be finished up there in time to make it to me by 1pm, so can we come in at 2pm, and I say “no, we have another appointment at 3pm, so it will not give us enough time for you arrangement, can you maybe make it tomorrow then?” Then you say okay we will be there by 1:30pm, and I say “ok”. But then at 1pm you call me and say you aren’t going to make it by 1:30pm now either so you know that there is a 3pm appt. Just make sure that you allow yourself time in the first place. YOU know you are coming to us at 1pm, so just make sure that you give yourself time to make that appt. Don’t drive someplace too far away, the cemetery can be taken care of AFTER the funeral arrangements at the funeral home are done. Usually we can contact the cemetery for you and¬† get all the cosst over the phone, and then you can go out the cemetery because we will let the cemetery know that you are coming. We have other families, not just you! believe it or not! We have to give them the same amount of time as we would with you. They are also planning a funeral for someone they have just lost. And if you are not a funeral director yourself, then don’t act like one! One of my biggest pet peeves are people who come in who think they know it all. Just because you know someone who recently planned a funeral, someplace else, does not make you an expert. So, please do not tell us how to do our jobs. I don’t come to your place of employment and tell you how to do your job.


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I wish that I could write exactly what I want, but……..even though I have never said what company that I work for, what state, etc….I still always feel that someone that I work with or am employed by might happen to come across this and I do not ever want to name names or say exactly the families names, things like that. Certain phrases that I have used at work, etc….that only people at work would know that “I” said it. I would never ever give names of the families or co-workers, EVER!¬† This leads me to a story that I wanted to share, but it is hard to share without saying certain things.¬† I had a family that was so, I don’t even know what word to use?? Ummmm, like they were all cousins that all decided to get married to each other…..?¬† They were messed up! Thank God that I did not have to be there for the visitation or the service. From what I hear it was quite the show! That is all I am going to say about that. But what I will say, is that it’s funny that people will say they have no money, then all of the sudden come up with all this extra money for other things. Other things that are more expensive.

Had another family that not too long ago came in, and said that they did not have alot of money to pay for their mothers funeral, so they decided to have just a direct cremation after much debate. One sister wanted visitation, the brother said they couldn’t afford it, etc….They stuck around forever going back and forth with each other and with us about payment. For one, they all lived out of state. Two, we do not accept payments. So, we are not going to make an exception for you, especially when you live out of state. Then when you decide that getting an attitude is going to help you, no. You were asked if you had a credit card. Your response that was no one in the family, that was there, had a credit card. Ok, well, check or cash is find too. Then, after finally deciding that you are going to just do a direct cremation and everything is all set and signed, the director leaves, then you come to me, because for some reason you thought that you could use our funeral home to make phone calls and smoke and drink coffee for an hour or so. You came and asked if you could purchase some pendants. The pendants that I am speaking of are made for putting some cremated remains in. They are usually worn as a necklaces, and come in a variety of designs. They are not cheap. I think the least expensive one I have is $90. That is with no chain. Ok, you chose 4 of them. On top of that you have to add sales tax and shipping and handling. I don’t remember the exact total, but it was around $220. Payment is due BEFORE I place the order. So, what do you do? you whip out your credit card! WHAT? are you freaking serious? All that bitching, all the attitude, and all the lying, you give me a credit card!?! Uhhhgggg.

I am also still pissed about my “new”co-worker. Still a pain in the ass, still not doing you job, correctly. Still fabricating stories to make yourself look better. I am sure when I get back to the office things that I left for you will not be done, or not done right. If this happens, I can no longer hold back. I don’t care if they don’t believe me or not. More than just I have noticed that you exaggerate everything you say. When you fuck up, you make up stories to cover your ass, or make it out to be that you were SO busy, blah blah blah. Well guess what, it is busy, and when it gets busy, that doesn’t justify making mistakes. I don’t know why a certain someone has blinders on when it comes to you, but the rest of us are catching on. You are so wrapped up in yourself it is disgusting. But, beleive me, this time, I am not about to NOT say anyting. This time, no matter who believes me, I have to speak up. I have had it with you. You are making my work harder, it was never this hard before you came along. At first I though I was maybe a little jealous that they brought you in, but now, I am sure I am not. All in due time.

Oh, and again, the funeral home DOES NOT supply food or snacks for the families. I am really not sure why people even think that? Do other funeral home supply food? I mean maybe on other states or something? I had a woman from that weird family call and ask me what kind of snacks do we offer during their visitation. We don’t offer anything, we have coffee and tea. We have a pop machine. Thats it! If you want to bring something in, feel free, as long as it is not a 6 course meal. Oh, and to those people who ate my lunch and drank my juice, hope it was good. I cannot believe that you would think that you can just go into the fridge and see a fucking sandwich and a bottle of juice and think that you can just fucking eat it. What is wrong with people? You ate my fucking lunch that I made at home. It was in a sandwich bag, did you bring in a sandwich, just like mine and thought it was yours? I don’t fucking think so. FUCK!


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I just wanted to say thank you to the family who ate my lunch. So here ya go….Thank you! I am wondering if I HAD NOT labled it, if you still would have ate it? I mean you guys really didn’t have alot of food, just a whole fridge full of stuff, subs, McDonalds, pastry baskets, veggie tray, 2 coolers full of soda, I mean you guys must have been starving, huh?

That’s all I have to say for today

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