Life working in a funeral home – Going Green

So lately I’ve read a lot of stuff on Green Funerals. While its a good idea and lots if people think its a good idea, especially those who are into protecting our environment, which of course is always a good thing!! I wanted to say that with all the talk about Green Burials and promoting that more and more of us should consider it, people should be aware of the requirements.
In order to have a Green burial you must find a cemetery that offers Green burials. Not all cemeteries allow this or have a space dedicated for Green burials. So if you want a green burial but want to be near your family at their cemetery you may not be able to. The casket must be biodegradable as well. As far as visitation prior to burial, without embalming, well, unlikely depending on the funeral home and the State in which you live.
I know that in my area there is only one cemetery that is offering Green burials. Do your research before letting your family know that a Green burial is what you want…they may face decisions that they have to make that will go against your wishes.
Also wanted to mention turning your or your loved ones cremated remains into diamonds…I have had quite a few people/families ask me about this. There is only one company that I am aware of that will do this. They can also do this with a lock of hair, or so I hear.  But it is very expensive, for most of us anyway. It can cist between $2500.00 to $25,000.00 ….I’m sure even probably more than that! I Dont think that those who have asked me about it in the past really realize what goes into making a diamond from cremains. Carbon is extracted from the cremated remains. The process to make a diamond this way also can take up to 9 months. I am no expert on this by any means…I am only relaying what I have been told and what I have read. So if anyone is interested or just curious, please look it up yourself and educate yourself about it. You just have to do a Google search.
There are some other really cool ideas for doing things with cremated remains. They can now make a glass sculpture with them. Or glass jewelry. They suspend the ashes inside the glass and you pick a color. The cremated remains look like bubbles in the glass. You can also do a Google search for that.
Hope everyone has been having a good summer (or whatever time of year it is where you live).


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