Here’s the deal………

You HAVE to be the next of kin to sign for a cremation! Don’t come in telling me that you are the one who pays his/her bills, picks up his/hers prescriptions, or even that you are the one who wipes his/hers ass! I don’t give a shit, if you are not the next of kin who authorized to sign the cremation authorization then he/she is not going to be cremated! The laws are a little tricky when it comes to who is to sign. I know in the state that I live in when it comes to the sibling being the next of kin, it is the majority that has to sign, not all of them, so if you have 5 siblings, 3 of those 5 need to sign the authorization, it doesn’t even matter if the other 2 don’t want cremation, if we have majority then you can do a cremation. If your spouse is still alive then of course it is the spouse who is next of kin. If your spouse is deceased or if you were never married and your parents are still alive then your parents are next of kin. If parents are deceased and spouse is deceased then your children are next of kin, if your children are underage it is the guardian of those children who is to sign the cremation authorization.  If you have no children, no parents and no spouse, then your siblings sign. If you only have one sibling, well your lucky! If you have 2 the oldest will have to sign. If you have 3 then 2 of them need to sign. If your siblings are deceased then your nephew or nieces sign. OH and don’t come up with, well so and so is out of town and we have no way of getting a hold of her/him, she/he will be gone for 2 months, blah blah blah………don’t wanna hear it! Because guess what? When he/she comes back in 2 months, she can sign then! They don’t have fax machines or mail where he/she went? There is NO way around it! ONLY in certain cases can a waiver be signed! That waiver states that whoever is signing it is responsible and that they have tried every means possible to contact the next of kin. So if you do decide to sign one of these waivers just because you  don’t want so and so to have anything to do with so and so’s funeral arrangements and you are just being spiteful or who knows, you may just be lazy, be prepared if that person comes back once they find out because you are in some DEEP SHIT!

Okay, this is to my co-worker. Who the fuck do you think you are? When I call for someone,  put that someone on the fucking phone and DO NOT question me about the purpose of my phone call. DO NOT tell me what I “should’ do. I have worked here longer than you and I know more than you, if I wanted your opinion then I would have asked for it. I needed a supervisors opinion, not a part-time whore’s opinion! Go fuck yourself. When you come to work, WORK, don’t sit around or follow your “best friend” around like a freaking puppy. The only reason you got away with sitting around the other day when you actually showed up was because the big boss had to leave early. If he was in, your ass would have been doing actual work like the rest of us. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m gonna go ahead and take a stab right now and say that you aren’t showing up for work tomorrow. I mean you already worked that ONE day this week, I don’t know how you do it, it must suck to have to work one day a week, I don’t know how I would manage! BITCH! You better believe at the next meeting I am bringing this shit up. I thought it was not my concern before, but now that it is affecting my work. Lets just say that you are about to be humiliated in front of EVERYONE! Kiss my ass you ugly skank!



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