Here we go…..

It’s been sometime since I have posted, been busy busy busy…not only with work but with family too. Of course the same shit another day at the funeral home. We had a young person pass away not to long ago and alot of his friends showed up for the service, it was only a few hours, not a few days, which I might add that alot of people are doing now. Not only is it more affordable but it is easier on the families. Who wants to sit at a funeral home for 3 days anymore? Not because anyone is being selfish but because it is hard to do. Also, like I said, it is more affordable. Compared to a 3 day funeral, which may cost as much as $10,000.00 when you can do one for $2500.00 !! That is a big difference! The funeral is not for the deceased, it is for the family! It’s closure. Many people will call the funeral home for times for the visitation and service and when I tell them, for expamle, “Visitation is from 11am-1pm with a service at 1pm”. They respond by saying, “okay, when is the funeral?” “No, funeral, just a service here at the funeral home at 1pm, no procession to the cemetery, so and so is being cremated.” or “The service is at 1pm immediatley following the service, which is about 1/2 hour to an hour, the procession will leave the funeral home to abc cemetery.” or “after the service at 1pm everything concludes here at the funeral home, there is no church services or procession.” People just cannot grasp what I am saying. They actually sound disgusted, like I planned the funeral for this person. I have no input on what the family chose. They made the plans NOT ME!! Maybe that is all they could afford or that is all they wanted! People are choosing not to do long drawn out days anymore. Plus more and more people are choosing cremation because it is much more inexpensive. But anyway, back to the young person we had. I do realize that there is an epidemic among teenagers getting pregnant, but I was just amazed at number of girls who showed up who were pregnant. It was disgusting. Some of the girls were in the hallway talking, and talking about the cute baby cloths they are going to buy and “oh, I hope it’s a girl because they have such cute cloths for girls” and another talking about names and they are just so excited, etc. Then the girls who weren’t pregnant were talking to the girls who were pregnant saying how they couldn’t wait until they got pregnant and how much fun it would be and is going to be because they are going to have there babies at the same time and they can grow up together and be best friends. One girl was talking about how she knows for a fact that her boyfriend would be there for her, there is no way he would not take the responsibility of their baby! Not like so and so who doesn’t believe so and so is carrying his child because she is a slut……nice. I think it is disgusting! Where are these girls parents at? Who ISN’T talking to them? about protection and the consequences that come with having sex, and having a baby? I’m getting riled up just writing about it. There is NO EXCUSE for teenage pregnancy, there are too many birthcontrol options out there! Now I have to go back to work and deal with a pain in the ass family. Well, I shouldn’t say the whole family just the girlfriend of the deceased. She is a drunk. She will yell at you and be mean to you, then turn around and say how sorry she is for yelling at you. Go screw yourself. Your not getting me in a bad mood, like you have the other girls that work there. When people are rude like that at the funeral home, I tend not to acknowledge that they are being rude or mean, because I know that they just lost someone, BUT, if I know you know what you are doing, you are not going to be rude to me. I will not stand for it and I will call you out on it. I have only had this happen twice. I don’t care that your loved one just died, that is not an excuse to treat people bad. So, we’ll see how things go tomorrow. Can’t wait……………….not. I am also dealing with this person whose mother passed away, it has been at least 3 weeks now. First of all this person called our funeral home for pricing about 4 days after their mother died. They say they don’t have any money. That they have an insurance policy but they believe it may be contested. Then they want to go to DHS (for state assistance), fine. Well we told this person that we would accept the DHS money. Well, did not approve the whole amount, so this person owes us $100.00. Then they want to witness the cremation, well that is a charge also, they say they don’t have to money for it. Well, then you can’t witness it. Most people don’t anyway…….but to each is own. So, this person bitches about that. Then this person tries to lie to us and say that the ‘other’ director told her that the ashes would be back the next day. NO she did not. We were sitting right there when you were told it would be at least a week. They were not even taking her to the crematory until 2 days after that day they spoke to you! So, then this person calls back and says they talked to the insurance company and they said they were going to pay for everything and that she wants to go witness the cremation now because they are going to pay. Well, the insurance company did not tell US that they were going to pay and we need something stating that they are going to pay before we do anyhting. Then this person starts to bitch and cry and carry on and ask why we won’t do this for them when she is telling us the insurance company told her that. We told her to have the insurance company call us then. NOPE! she says forget it. Then now they are calling yesterday to ask if the ashes are back because we have not called and it has been 5 days and they  were told by so and so that they would be back. We say ‘no, they told you it would be at least a week, and we should be getting them any day now and we will call you asap’. They continue to say how ridiculous this is and blah blah blah…….Well, now, even when they do come back, they still owe us $100.00. So, whoever calls this pain in the ass is going to have to tell them the ashes are back and payment is due when they come to pick them up. I AM NOT doing it. I really don’t mind having to this, but, I feel that the person who has been dealing with this person is the person who should have to explain this to them. The person who has really been dealing with this person made promises to this person that we may not be able to fufill and they know better than do do or say things that may lead people to beleive that certain things will be taken care of, like the insurance. The person who has been dealing with this person told her things that they shouldn’t have and now I am getting the shitty end of it and it pisses me off. The person who said these things is whiney and doesn’t want to stand up to people as it is including the bosses. I do not have a problem telling my boss when I feel I am being taken advantage of. Now, wether he likes it or not, too bad. If he feels that I am being insubbordinate, he will tell me, but that does not change the fact that is the way I feel. Other people within the company feel the need to kiss ass, I do not. I go to work and do my job and that’s that. other people make it harder for others. One in particular that I have mentioned before, the one who never shows up for work because they have a freaking headache. And another one who has been with us for a while now, but isn’t necessarily what you would call an assistant. They do “other”things within the company. She is a kiss ass and what this person doesn’t realize is that once you do get to that position that she is after (my job) it won’t be fun and games anymore.

Well, I don’t even know if most of that made sense. I was just rambling on and on. But it got alot off my chest, once again. I have a headache already and I am not even at work. Gee, maybe I should call off now because I have a headache. I would actually call off tomorrow if I knew I did not have visitation.


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