My blog is pretty much about venting about work. I work at a funeral home. I actually like what I do, although my blog will probably seem like another story. The things and people that I/we deal with can sometimes be extremely challenging. I never thought people can be so demanding, rude, ignorant, etc….not just in the funeral home but everywhere. But I have found that when it comes to dealing with those who have just lost a loved one, people tend to act as if the world should stop….for them and when they find out it hasn’t stopped just for them they turn into more of a pain!! So when you lose someone, just know that it does not give you the right to be a jerk and treat those who are trying to help you like crap…So, anyway, if you are going to read my blog, just be prepared that most of it is venting and alot about what NOT to do when arranging a funeral, attending visitation, attending a funeral service, and what to expect and things that those have done, asked, requested, how they have acted and then just some advice and answer to some typical funeral questions. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. If you would like to comment, I would love for you to. I have had a few comments about my “rage” and that I should go into a different business, but I just have alot to vent about and this is where I do it, so first off, if you do not want to read alot of bitching or complaining about the funeral industry and how it is to work t a funeral home and my stories about idiotic people……Move along…..Thanks and I hope to those of you who do read my blog, you do find the humor in it.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello!!
    Well… My name is Caroline, and last june I graduated from High School.
    I want to be a Funeral Director, or simply work at a funeral home.
    I started going to comunity college, but Im planning on leaving it, because they don’t have any carreers I find interesting, so, I wanted to know if you could give me some advice.
    Does people really study for that kind of work?
    Is the pay good enough for a living? (not a luxurios one, but enough for paying for housing and food)
    What do you like the most about your job?

    Sorry if I bothered you, I can’t seem to find enough information on the web. 😛


    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      hi caroline, sorry so long to respond, but for some reason your comment went into my spam. anyway…….your best bet if you want to be a funeral director is to find a college that has the mortuary of science program, either you can do the 2 year full time or the 4 year part time. if you aren’t interested in getting your degree and just want to work at a funeral home, check your local paper, the want ads, or just call up funeral homes in your area to see if they are hiring for anything. as far as the pay goes…….well, it depends on the owners of the funeral home. some pay pretty decent some don’t. they are typically family owened, so……well, it just depends. and as far as what i like most about my job….? the satisfaction that i helped and made things easier for those who are going thru a very traumatic time. being able to lift the weight off their shoulders when they aren’t thinking clearly. hope i helped some!! good luck!

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