Life Working at a funeral home – WTF

Seriously, WTF? Yeah, I know, last post was all complaining too, but I am just in complete awe of how people have been behaving! I don’t know, maybe it’s the dreary weather here, it’s cold and hasnt been much sunlight, but that’s still no excuse to be an asshole to people! they should keep in mind that we are in fact the very people who are caring for your loved one who has passed..We are going thru great lengths to make sure your loved one looks the very best, to your liking, that every thing you think the funeral you have planned and paid for will be just that! But, nope! I mean, I’ve been very down in the dumps lately, mostly due to the weather. We literally had no sun for over two weeks! No lie! It was cold and miserable on top of that. I can handle the cold, the snow, the,freezing rain, all of it, but as long as we get some sun. And life in general has been not so great, just personal issues…But even tho I’m experiencing the blues, I’m feeling down too, I’m certainly not an asshole to anyone! Ok, well maybe I get a bit sassy with my other half or a bit of road rage (no I don’t mean I’m driving get like a moron or yelling out my window at other drivers, but I am talking to myself and saying a few choice words, to MYSELF). I would never talk nasty to anyone who walked into work just because. I’m never nasty to anyone who calls and asks a question or wants something done..Why would I? It’s my job first and foremost and secondly, why would I be rude to someone just to be rude? For those of you in the funeral business, I’m sure you will understand this.. Once we get the doctor information, the doctor who will be signing the death certificate, we have to contact that doctors office. At least we do, Everytime because the info we receive from the hospital, the Hospice nurse, the nursing home, the medical examiner, etc.. could be wrong. It happens ALOT! It’s frustrating to say the least. So anyway, we get a name of the doctor and if we’re lucky a phone number. We call the office and the conversation goes something like this, “Hi, this is so and so calling from ABC Funeral Home regarding Jane Smith who has passed away. ABC Hospital gave us Dr. Needless information and stated he would be the doctor signing her death certificate and I’m calling to verify this information and if correct what are the doctors hours so that we may bring the certificate to the office to get signed (or, will the doctor sign a faxed copy of the certificate)? We get all kinds of answers, but what gets me is the attitude of the person on the other end of the phone! One would think I’m asking for them to saw off their foot and send it to me! I’m simply asking them to do their job! They are the doctor’s receptionist, the are usually the first impression people get when contacting that office. If I was a patient, I would not be happy with that and I’m not so sure the doctor they work for would be ok with the way some of them speak! Now, I’m not talking all offices we call, but a good portion of them (and before anyone starts about how hard it is working for a doctor, I KNOW it is, I use to work for a couple doctors before I got into this line of work). Same goes for most of the City/County Clerk’s Offices. Talk about rude! We are using your services, WE are PAYING for your services, so why on earth would you be so rude to someone who is only asking you to do what you are supposed to do, your freaking job! It just frustrates me so much! I am expected to do my job for others, so I should expect others to do their job for me, right!! 

I have to vent about  a recent family. Talk about people thinking they are above you! Wow! From the get go, it was nothing but feeling as if we could do nothing right, that we were below them. There are a few tables in the chapel they were in and they brought in photos to place in the room. They brought in ALOT of photos. So when my boss said to them that there are a few tables, but may not have room for that many but maybe we could find another table for them and figure out where to put it, well, that just wasn’t what she wanted to hear! She let out a huge sigh of disgust and said something along the lines of (with eye rolling), I guess we’ll just have to not put them out and “I” will just figure it out, I’m only the one paying you people for what “I” want and I can’t even have the photos of my mother set up! Unbelievable! and she proceeded to ‘snatch’ the few frames out of bosses hands! He TRIED to tell her we could make it work, but she wasn’t hearing it, she WANTED something to be pissed about. Nothing was good enough for them. You know those people, the ones who look for things to be upset about. Unfortunately I have found that there are far too many of those people around these days.

And now on to my lovely co workers. I try to mind my own business, I do. I would rather just come to work and do my work and let everyone else do their work and all be good…but it just doesn’t work that way! I do my work and I usually get stuck doing other work and that’s ok for the most part, but it can become a giant pain in the ass when the work you are doing is someone else’s because that someone else is too busy NOT doing their job! They are too busy bitching and complaining about everyone else! Shut your trap, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or not doing, quit finding excuses to leave and do your freaking job! I hate that shit! What pisses me off even more is when I get stuck doing their work and I make an error and I get scolded for making the mistake! Well, yes, I am the one who made the error, but had I not have had to do someone else’s work it probably would not have happened! 

Ok, I’ll wrap it up. . for now 😉


4 Responses to “Life Working at a funeral home – WTF”

  1. Now wouldn’t you just love to have some chloroform (maybe arsenic going to far lol) for certain co-workers.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re feeling down, and from what you write, I can understand why?

    Over here most Doctor’s receptionists are above their station. Usually rude and looking down their nose at you. Almost as though you are putting them out. And all that when you’re actually a patient!

    Grab a beer and book yourself a week in the Sun. Might not solve the problem but should make you feel better.

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