Life working at a funeral home – Micro Managing

(This is going to be a shorter post, I have another post I am currently working on and will post soon).

Don’t! Just don’t! Do not MICRO MANAGE!  For everyone out there who will plan a funeral for someone, DO NOT micro manage! Let the funeral home do their job!

Why? Because it will screw it up. Trust me. Every single time we get a family who is the type who micro manages, who goes over every single detail over and over and over again, there WILL be an error! it never fails.
You may feel you are doing it right. You may think you have to make sure every single little detail is your responsibility, as if you owe it to your loved one… It’s not. We do this every day, that’s what we are here for, this is what we do, day in and day out.
When you begin to constantly worry about every little thing and question every detail, YOU start to forget, YOU begin to forget if you did this or if you asked this, then you are continually calling us and then getting things twisted and it then begins to confuse us because you had already forgot what you have told us. So when the day arrives and you see some thing that was done “wrong” you become upset. When really you had changed your mind so many times that it’s actually correct!
See where I’m coming from?
And of course when emotions are high and you have exhausted yourself ‘planning’ this funeral, you are not going to admit you are wrong! When in fact you are!
This also goes for those who call or come in for pricing. The ones who are “calling around” for the family or friends. They share the info and then someone has a question, so then you call back. Then you want more or different pricing for different services. . We always suggest coming in for pricing. This isn’t to get you in to the funeral home, we aren’t trying to sell you anything, it is just better when you are face to face and EVERYTHING can be wrote down so there isn’t any miscommunication! From us yelling you over the phone, you telling another person, then them questioning you and then you now have to call us again. It is irritating, I’m being honest, it’s irritating! When you then actually come in to make those arrangements, chances are you are going to say that we said something else!
So that’s that.. just my rant for today, I hope a micro manager reads this!


5 Responses to “Life working at a funeral home – Micro Managing”

  1. AdminAsst Says:

    I feel for you Admin and Mark. Where I work, we have double micro management. We have the company who owns us who micro manages our day to day operations, then we have the families who want to micro manage every aspect of the service.

    This week, we not only had the family micromanaging but the military as well. Don’t get me wrong. we work very well with the military, but this particular decedent was a member of the military, but came from a particularly dysfunctional family. So we have the family and the military (who knew and worked with this man) all working against each other. The military has called half a dozen times asking when the service at the cemetery will be n (it was posted in the obituary). Wouldn’t one person, in the honor guard, get this information and pass it along?

    The family wants what it wants but won’t observe deadlines (like the obit, the prayer cards etc..). It’s been a mess. The man died suddenly and we have sympathy for the sudden loss but the work has been increased due to the family wanting so much but providing so little and the military not sharing information.

  2. You could have been describing a recent funeral of mine!

    Well put.

    • Sorry to hear about the micro managed funeral Mark! Do tell all about it!!

      • Well the client wanted to control everything!

        The music choices were to the point that each track had to be a specific version of each song, by a specific artist and released on a particular year – no alternatives. They even had timings they wanted for the entry music to be played so we would be placing the coffin on the catafalque at a particular point during the song (despite them never having been to the particular crematorium)

        A particular route was provided which they thought would be better for our journey to the service (fine if you are driving a tiny car!) and there what can only be described as a blueprint for where certain tributes and photos were to be placed which would have worked well if we had got about 12ft to play with.

        We do our best to fulfill all our clients needs but, as you said, we do this day in and day out – not just the once, so kind of know what we are doing.

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