Life working at a funeral home-Been slammed!

Haven’t had much time to post because I have been really busy, not only with work, but most of it because of work.
We have been pretty much non stop. It was busy in March and it  continued into April, May was a bit more quiet tho, we’ll see how June goes. But, on top of being busy, there has been just stupid stuff going on at work too. Death Certificates that have been wrong and now we have to get them corrected. Which is such a pain in the ass! Regardless if it was our error or the families error. Then, there has been a few families who have used their life ins policy to assign to the funeral home, but the spouse is listed as beneficiary and that spouse has already passed away. I cannot stress enough…If you have a life ins policy and the person you have listed as beneficiary has passed away, PLEASE be sure to get that changed. 
A few times we have had a family call and want us to pick up their loved one from Hospital or Nursing Home but want to wait until we get there.. First off, we typically do not make our removals, once in a while we do, but most of the time we have a service that does it for us. Second, not all hospitals will allow us/our service to make removals from the floor/room. Most of the time they are required to go thru security and then to the morgue. Also..there are some hospitals that will tell US when we can come pick up. Then…with these particular families they want to follow the body to the funeral home. Well, our service may have another removal and may not be comming directly to our funeral home. So if we are unaware that the family has planned on following we cant let our service know and they are a bit in a situation when the family says they are following them. It is important to let the funeral home know you plan on doing that! We also get alot of families that call us and say that they want us to pick up so and so, but they are waiting on some other family members to arrive so they request we wait an hour or so. So we will forward that info to our service. They will wait then go. So…the other day a family requested that we wait until 2pm. we told the service that. Well, at 2:10pm the family is calling wanting to know why we have not come yet! I told them they asked us to wait till after 2pm and its now only 2:10pm!! That they should be there any minute! At 2:30pm…they are calling again!
I mean, I just don’t know what people expect anymore! We are expected to jump the moment a family wants something and we usually do it, thats our job, to make sure they are getting what they want. There are those times tho when families dont show up on time for arrangements, don’t bring us clothing in a timely manner, dont supply us with all the info that is required for a Death Cert., etc.. So it becomes difficult for us to do our jobs when families are not willing to cooperate and do theirs! We do our best so as the family does not have to worry about so much and only focus on showing up on day of visitation however, there are those families that just don’t listen..We get that at this particular moment your mind is all over the place so we try not to bombard you with things that are too much to take on, but bringing in clothing, I dont think, is something that is overwhelming you… or, providing us with important information that is needed in order to continue with the funeral arrangements. Too many times the focus is on, my favorite, the luncheon or is there room available for us to bring in food, water, soda, etc..
We want you to be comfortable when using our facility, we want you to feel relaxed.. But not to the point where your kids are walking on our furniture or you have your personal items, such as sweaters, bags, diaper bags, pacifiers, shoes…yes, shoes…just strewn all over the place. You may not be the only family using the funeral home and, why would anyone not have their shoes on?!? Disgusting! We keep things clean, but its not as if we have our carpets cleaned each time after a visitation or funeral! And, what if you step on something..then who are they going to blame? The funeral home! Plus, dont MOST people know by now that all businesses require you to have shoes on! What exactly is wrong with people!?! And is it me or are people just downright crazy anymore? Most people cannot even speak properly and most seem like they have just swallowed a handful of zanax!
Oh, and name dropping.. I don’t care who you know! I really dont. Dont call and say you are such good friends with the owner, because if you are such good friends with the owner, then you would know he is retired! Or, dont call and say you are good friends or even family and ask for him or ask for his phone number! Because again, if you are such good friends, you would know he is retired and you would most likely have his phone number!
Dont call or come in when someone has passed and tell us you know the owner and so you know he will give you a discount.. I cannot tell you how many people do this. If you know him, then thats great, but dont ‘tell’ me that you are getting a discount..You are not getting one unless HE TELLS ME.
I’ve wrote before about State Aid. There is a cut off amount, meaning, you cannot exceed that amount if you plan on applying for state aid. What gets me is that people who ‘think’ the state will pay for a funeral for someone, seem to think that they are entitled to these extravagant funerals and when we explain that you cannot go over a certain amount and the state is not paying for the whole funeral, they look at you blankly, in disbelief. They say, “but I/we were told that the state will pay if the deceased had nothing..” No, thats what you ‘wanted’ to hear.. the state will only pay up to a certain amount and the family is responsible for the rest! I imagine each state differs, here they will only pay up to $600. Thats it. That doesn’t even cover the cost of a direct cremation. So if you cannot afford a big funeral, why would you expect the State (ME) to pay for it?!?
And…again, No, social security pays for nothing! There is a one time death benefit pay out to a surviving spouse or dependant child ONLY, and that amount, last time I checked, was only $250! If you are a Veteran, you still dont get alot of benefits, I think its awful that Veterans dont get more.. but they are entitled to a hesdstone/marker, burial in a national cemetery, vault/grave liner, military honors. I just somehow dont feel thats enough…
Well, sorry it’s been a while since I have posted… Hopefully things will lighten up a bit and I can post more soon!


6 Responses to “Life working at a funeral home-Been slammed!”

  1. sugarlessme Says:

    Have you ever experienced anything paranormal at your job?

    • Well.. I’m not I mean, there are noises all the time, when it’s quiet and we sometimes hear things, but just like in a house, when you’re home alone.. We do get freaked out every now and again about it. We also have a small window next to the front door and when someone is at the front door you can also see them thru that window, it hasn’t happened recently, but a few times I have seen, and some of my co workers have seen, an older woman with white hair standing there. She never rings the door bell, but if you just glance at the window/door in passing, you notice her and when you take a second glance, she is gone. I have seen her maybe twice. But, who knows if she isnt real? The area we are in, lets just say we get some strange people that walk by on a daily

  2. malissa mount Says:

    We are slammed at our funeral home too! I can always relate to your posts because the same exact things happen to us too. Exhausted!

  3. McaderMinnesota Says:

    Thanks for the update! I have been following you for years and love hire blog!

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