Life at a funeral home-Tip of the Day

Yep..I decided today to post a Tip of the Day.
Here it is:
If you need to find out when a visitation/funeral will be and it is not listed on the funeral home website or you just do not have access to the internet and you have to call the funeral home to find out; Do NOT call at 10pm!! It is annoying. Yeah yeah yeah…I know, a funeral home/Director is suppose to be available 24/7…. We are. But for someone to call ‘thinking’ we are actually at the funeral home waiting for the phone ring… Is RIDICULOUS! And even if we are there, chances that our phones will be answered by one of very slim! The answering service will be answering!
And..when you do call at 10pm, and the answering service then connects you to a director because you cannot comprehend why the info is not listed on our website, we do find it a tad, uhhh, whats the word…oh yeah, Freaking Annoying! Then…when you continue to say that you just do not understand why it is not on our website and we say that the only reason it is not or would not be listed is because the family requested it NOT BE LISTED..and you say, ‘…that is odd!’ What I want to say is…’it is odd that you are questioning ME why the family did not want it listed and that you are asking me this at 10freakingPM!


2 Responses to “Life at a funeral home-Tip of the Day”

  1. AdminAsst. Says:

    Isn’t it amazing the questions we get late to the night? LOL. Our answering service gets questions about directions or changes to obituaries, that have already been sent to the papers, at 9p,10p, 11p. You name it.

    We usually provide obituary and service information to the answering service, but there’s always a few people who call who want to speak to someone with questions about the services like “Will it be an open casket?” “How long will the service last?” that kind of stuff.

    I’ve been meaning to post on here that since your last post, when you discussed “walk ins’ we’ve had one right after another, after another of walk ins for either funeral arrangements or to pre pay for a funeral. It’s been crazy.

    • Our answering service usually has all the info as well, but just as you said, if they have other questions they will have to patch thru. It has become such a nusance! And yeah, the always dreaded call or calls about how the obit ‘should’ be! Most of the time the call isnt even from the family member or members who approved the notice to begin with! Like we are going to change it just because they ‘say’ it ‘should’ be changed…and if at that point it can be changed!
      Sorry about all your walk ins…I absolutely DETEST them! I always wonder when we get a walk in if no one in the family has a cell phone or if they know how to use a phone..

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