Life working at a funeral home – just another day

Hi everyone!!
Just wanted to say a few things…..
First and foremost I want to THANK everyone who reads my blog and/or subscribes and follows! I do truly appreciate it. I also LOVE hearing from you all when you comment……yes, even the bad comments, because when I do get those comments from those who disagree with me it say that I am hateful, etc…. it gives me insight into how people perceive those who work in the funeral business.
Secondly, I want to first apologize for ALL my spelling errors!! and last, thank you to all of you for not pointing out all my spelling errors! I typically blog from my phone is tablet. When I do so from my phone, I actually hate it because, and I’m pretty sure I have said this before, me and the WordPress app just don’t get along. So I had to uninstall it from my phone so when I have to blog from my phone it is really slow and irritating. When I blog from my tablet, it is easier and I do have the app installed and I do have spell correct, but it seems I get ahead of myself when typing and the spell correct doesn’t keep up. And sometimes….I just don’t care. I figure you all know what I meant to say…lol
Things have been pretty steady at work. It seems lately we have been able to sneak in a quiet day here and there….thank goodness. It let’s me get caught up on my work.

Haven’t had too many horrible families either, just the usual stuff that drives me nuts…..YES….food!!! I so bad want to tell people NO, we don’t allow food! But, I do not own the business so its not my call. I just will never understand the way people feel about having to bring in so much food! I understand snacks and water but when you start bringing in coolers and trays full of it, that’s getting carried away! I also get people, a lot of people, that call specifically to ask what they can bring in. Anyway, I am ranting again about food…..

And last on my mind is how come some people get irritated when they find out that they will not be the only family at the funeral home for visitation??!!?? Most funeral homes I have ever been too have more than one chapel and usually have more than one family there at a time. There are those who don’t mind but there are those who do, and are really put off by it.

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to Spring, IF it ever gets here! We had snow, AGAIN, yesterday and last night. It is still cold too. Didn’t get above freezing today and the lows have been in the teens. I have sooooooooo had it with being cold!!


2 Responses to “Life working at a funeral home – just another day”

  1. AdminAsst. Says:

    I am so glad I found your blog!! It is very theraputic at times to see what you write and I think “Yup, I’ve had that happen.” For many in the general public, they don’t recognize how very stressful and how much pressure is involved with working at a funeral home. There are very rewarding aspects of working in this type of business, but there are just as many frustrating aspects as well. i’ve seen a change in the attitude with many families over the years. I suspect it could be the result of a cultural change and the media, like shows that illustrate the bad behavior of brides, or teenage birthday parties ect… Maybe some people seem to feel any life event is a production and therefore people are more demanding?
    That being said, there are days when you have an elderly man or woman who are just so grateful and gracious to us for helping and guiding them through a very difficult time in their lives. We also have adult children of people we handled services for, who still stop by from time to time, to just say hello, because we had such a meaningful impact on a tough time in their lives.

    • I’m glad you found me too!! It is very therapeutic for me to vent my frustrations and have people like you understand what I am saying.
      I agree too, when you get the family or person who is very thankful. I just had that happen last week, but it was a younger woman, who lost her mom. She came to pick up her cremated remains and was crying because she didn’t think she could handle it. She was looking at urns and just had the general questions like, what if we change our minds and want to put the urn in a niche, etc. Her father is still alive and having a hard time as well. I told her that if the wanted, when, God forbid her father passes, they could inter mom with dad. She just kept saying how thankful she was for all our help, patience, understanding and sympathy, then gave me a big hug….

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