Life working at a funeral home ~ Autopsy Reports and Death Certificates (Again)

A lot of times I get Asked by families where the autopsy report is. The funeral home does get the autopsy report or do we have access to it. The family must request and pay for it from the medical examiner, here where I live anyway. So if a death cert is pending and family wants the cause of death, getting the autopsy report is  good idea. Although it won’t help with life insurance companies or other legal issues, typically they require a death certificate with a cause of death. I had z man whose wife passed last summer, late summer, and her death cert was pending. He would call or stop by on a weekly basis to ask if it had been amended yet. There were  a few times that we would call the clerk for him while he was standing there and every time we had to re explain to him what the procedure of obtaining the amended was. He was a nice man and never was upset with us …… he may have gotten a little snippy once because he had been told by others that the funeral home was not doing their job an it does not take that long to get a death certificate……here’s an idea, those of you who do not know what you are talking about…..shut up! It doesn’t take that long to get a death certificate, it takes that long, depending on where you live, to receive an amended death certificate! Also a company that was requesting a death cert from him to tie up some legal/financial affairs was really getting on him about sending in a death cert. This company was a place that we know well and we couldn’t understand why they were telling him that they were not going to pay out money owed to him without an amended death cert…. well come to find out, it was not that they were insisting he present an amended death cert, they needed a CERTIFIED death cert, didn’t matter if it said Pending on it or not, it just had to be certified with raised seal, which we can get as many certified copies you like, but the clerk still charges regardless, so most of the time it is not really worth paying for certified copies of a Pending death cert and then paying again for the amended. But, if/when you are in a similar situation, be sure to ask if, whoever you are dealing with, will accept a certified pending!! This saves a lot of headaches, for everyone!!
On to one more thing…. did anyone see the news about the man in Mississippi who was pronounced head at the hospital and once he arrived to funeral home, he began kicking while in boy bag in embalming room?!?!?!? I would totally shit my pants!
Hope everyone is doing well!


4 Responses to “Life working at a funeral home ~ Autopsy Reports and Death Certificates (Again)”

  1. The family of this guy are saying g its a miracle from God he’s still alive, but I reckon its more of a case someone fucked up big time at the hospital. Betcha no one will come forward either to claim responsibility . Oh wait it was supposedly God who was responsible – sue the bastard!

    • I haven’t heard much else about it since it happened, but yeah, I don’t imagine there will be too many doctors or nurses lined up saying it was their fault!! Lol

  2. Hi Bizz. I’ve heard about people waking up in the funeral directors a few times. I don’t know who would be more scared. The workers, or the person who woke up. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to docs/nurses but I would have thought, knowing if someone has passed or not…they do that on day one right? I just don’t understand with the technology in hospitals, and checking for the stages of death, how it happens. We always checked in the f.h for livor mortis to ensure the heart had stopped for some time. Humm, I’m confused…

    • I imagine both the patient and embalmer would be scared as hell! But the long term, i would bet the patient would have some trust issues with doctors ans nurses and the thought of almost being embalmed!! I cannot imagine…! Im not sure how they thought he was dead either, but from what i have read, they think his pace maker stopped. But still… i have to wonder if he had no vitals, not breathing, he is lucky to have not had any brain damage! Also, i wonder just how quick his body was released to the funeral home!! I am sure his family will be filing a law suit.. i have not heard or read anything else on the incident since the original story aired on the news.

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