life working in a funeral home

I am so frustraed that i still cannot use my home comp & still using my phone to blog! I did download the app for wordpress but in my opinion…it blows…sorry wordpress people.
So anyway…as usual please excuse any spelling errors.
Things have been steady. I wanted to blog some about insurance assignments. If you have a life ins policy or your loved one had one & you would like to use it to pay for the funeral expenses you may do so…..ONLY after we verify that the policy is good & the ins co will take an assignment from the f.h. If the policy is not enough to cover the full amount than…YES…you are expected to pay that out of pocket & pay it now…not after we receive pymt from ins. It will also take between 2 weeks to sometimes a couple months for us to receive pymt! If the policy was more than the amount of the bill than whatever amount above & beyond that amount will be sent directly to the beneficiary. If there is more than one beneficiaru then it will be dividef & sent to those beneficiaries….and NO there is NO WAY for us to have the ins co ONLY send one person the whole amt!! I could give two shits if you took care of Gram Gram & so & so did nothing…& neither does the ins co! If thats who is listed as beneficiary than thats that! Also…we dont just call ins co & say here is the amt of bill & we want to do an assignment. We call & report that death has occured & that the fam would lime to assign the policy to us. They will tell us if they will take one. More than not the ins co will NOT give us the amt of policy! Only to the beneficiary” also they usually will not even tell us who the beneficiary is! So sometimes its a guessing game. The original policy is best to have so you & the f.h. can look over & see who that person/s may be. Most ins co’s actually require the original policy be sent to them when we send in the assignment. Also most ins co’s require the beneficiaru/ies fill out & sign a claim form. Also they require a cert death cert & the assignment form signed by beneficiary. Sometimes they will fax us the claim. Sometimes email or we can print one from their website. Other times they will only mail it & sometimes they will only mail it to the beneficiary! Once we or bene has it we must mail it in!! If the fam gets it & doesnt sign it & bring to us then its not going to pay rhe bill & guess who is responsible…YOU ARE! So theres that. But for some strange reason reason i get families that think just because the policy will not pay the entire bill means that we have to only accept what they pay…what!?! Come on!! And felaying to sign anything isnt going to work either! Some ins co’s just dont take assignments…Veterans life ins policies do not accept assignments. It is NOT the f.h. it is the ins co! We will help you with the pro ess but if the ins co says no then we cannot!!!

When you come for arrangements there is no reason for it to take over an hour! An hour & a half is even pushing it. The more people you bring with you the more confusing it will be! You get confused…i get confused! Also NEVER let anyone talk you into something you dont want or you know the deceased wouldnt want! I know funeral directors get a bad wrap for supposedly pushing items that are too expensive….well we DON’T…i/we let the family pick never ever pusing for something high in cost. Lets face facts…of course we want to make money. The more you spend the more we make…BUT we are still not goung to push you into anything! I/we get a feel of what the fam is looking for & we will show them but always leaving othet options open. When our families enter our display room we let them be…alone! We dont stand ober them. We tell them that the cost is listed in the casket & if theu have any questions that wr will be bavk in a few minutes or we will ne in the next room. Same goes for visitation…believe it or not we prefer (at least we do) when a fam only has 1 day vis & next day funeral. Having 2 days is alot. Alot of the older generation will disagree because that is how they are. But again….it costs more. It will also be different price on where you have the funeral service. At church? At funeral home? Or…some decide just to meet at cemetery following day. Its all up to you! And PLEASE I cannot say this enougj….the luncheon is NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING !!!!! If you do not want a luncheon then DON’T! but please dont think you can then bring in a shit load of food into the fineral home! It saddens me when I see families pay all this moneu for this funeral & they are all stuffed into the lounge! When it comes to sending Thank You cards you DO NOT need to send them to every person who signs the sign in book! Yes you read that right….etiqutte is to only send to those who sent you something (flowers, card, food, etc) or to someone who did something for you.


7 Responses to “life working in a funeral home”

  1. David Effiong Says:

    Thanks anyway, though.

  2. AdminAsst. Says:

    It’s crazy how much of a rush people are in when a loved one dies. If it’s not an insurance policy, they want certified asap. We had a family recently that wanted certified right away (a few days before the service!) because one of the decent’s children want to get the ball rolling with the will (not too obvious what she was after $$$$$). She used the excuse that she lived in another state and needed to get moving because she lived so far away. First of all , the state she lives in borders our state. She lives about an hour and a half away. It’s not like she lives on the other side of the country.

    We are pretty lucky that my boss decided no more assignments. He recognized what a hassle they were. He only decided this a month ago and I give him lots of credit for using common sense.

  3. AdminAsst. Says:

    Just an FYI, there is going to be a news show about the funeral industry on Weds night. (Jan. 30th) I think either CNN or MSNBC or one of those cable news channels. I’m hoping to watch it but we’ll see if I have time or even remember. I’m sure I’ll be able to catch it online at some point if I miss it.

    As for insurance policies, we made a decision, where I work, to simply not deal with insurance assignments anymore. It got to be too much of a hassle. It’s not written in stone and if we have a family that has no other means of paying the bill, we will take it on, but as a general rule, we pretty much have given up on assignments. Too much leg work and we don’t have enough time, nowadays to deal with them.

    And you are so right about arrangements being scaled down to an hour. Sadly, we have several directors, where I work, who will spend literally hours with families making arrangements. For those that do this 2 hours is their minnimum to meet with a family. While we have others who spend at most 45 minutes making arrangements with families. One has to keep in consideration the families. They don’t want to be there any longer than they have to so it’s really more of burden on them when a director takes so long with them.

    You are also correct about keeping the famiy members making the arrangements to a minnimum. We’ve had families come in with 15 people to make arrangements (our arrangement room can only seat about 10 at most). It’s ridiculous. When there are that many people at the arrangements, confusion and mistakes happen. Then they blame us for not getting it right when you have all these different people wanting what they want for the decents final arrangements.

    • I appreciate you letting me know about the show…i will be looking for it this evening…thank you!
      It would be so nice if we didnt take assignments…you are lucky. Not just because the families …well not all but most…will continuely call to see if we have tec pymt yet & if we havent…why not…how the hell do i know! Its almost as if … and i am not disagreeing completely … that we the f.h. HAS to do every little thing for families! I believe that yes, we should do as much as we can for a family but there is a limit as to how much or how far we will go…i have a fam right now who has 2policies. One worth $5000 & the other “should” be $6000. So we did assign on both. The funeral bill was over $6000 so i think the other policy will e paying us alittle over $1500. But they would not gi e us the policy amount. Only bene can req the amount….BUT she for some reason will call us about 3 times a week to find out if we have heard from ins co…if they gave us amt or if they paid uet…and every time she calls i tell her the same thinh…they will not release amt to us only to uou…and when we get paid we will send you a stmt however if you are due any money from the ins co after they take out our pymt then you will rec a check typically on same day as us…give or take a day or two…i just cant understand why sje wont contact them herself! And she is not an older woman…she is only in hrr late 40’s!! But how i love the ones who will bug the freakin shit outta us because they know they will ne hetting a large sum of money back even after funeral is paid. I do not care that …You NEED that money ASAP! So “can you put a rush on it because you cant wait long”! Really…can i put a rush on it???? DO YOU understand that we are the FUNERAL HOME NOT THE INS CO!?! just how do they propose I/WE put a rush on something that i have no power over…that i do not work for ins co and have no interests in regards to the ins co!
      Oh…& speaking of long arrangements. Low & behold…we had a 4 1/2 hr arr the other day !!

      • AdminAsst. Says:

        Just wanted to let you know I was wrong, the show is on tomorrow night (Jan. 31st) on CNBC. Sorry about the confusion.

      • David Effiong Says:

        Sorry that this is rather off-topic, but I need to find out how fast a liner and vualt deteriorates. Also, I can’t find out how much concrete it takes to make one, per grave. All I can find are state, national, and worldwide statistics.

      • I am not sure.. you could try to contact a vault company. I also have to assume that each vault is made with a different amount of concrete. There are several types of vaults. Also they come in different sizes. Some 29″ , 30″ and then there are oversize vaults for those who requite oversize caskets.

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