Funeral Home – Pay Your Bill!

I understand fully well that most of us do not have bank accounts overflowing with money. BUT….if you want a funeral for your loved one and you want things that cost alot than be prepared to PAY FOR IT! We are NOT trying to push the most expensive casket or vault…etc. we would rather you NOT order the high priced items because we want you to be able to pay your bill!!
Don’t say you will pay your bill if you cannot! There have been several families who have ‘promised’ they will “send a check” asap! But we never get it. The funeral home i work at is very very generous in waiting for payment…we make exceptions ALL the time. When someone has stopped paying us or have only paid so much and then we hear nothing we send out statements. Sometimes people forget…especially when something like a death occurs. So we send out a reminder but we do this usually a few months later…not 2 weeks later..not a month later but typically 2 months later. If we dont hear from the family within a month then we start sending the past due notices however, in our notices it states to contact us to make payment arrangements OR to send what you can and write down (in the space provided) when we can expect another payment and how much. We are offering you the option to send whatever you can!!! I dont care if it is $5 just send it. So it amazes me out of all these past due notices i send out…i rarely hear from anyone. I just dont get it…even if you just call and say….hey i cant really afford to pay anything until next month or even 6 months from now….just freakin call!! I hate the fact that people take advantage of the fact that since we are a funeral home we ‘have’ to be sympathetic and how dare we insist you actually pay your bill! There are funeral homes that will not even begin embalming until the family has come in ans paid or at least put a certain amount down… i dont think that most people realize that from the moment the funeral home recieves a call for us to pick up the body that the charges begin. It costs us money to make a removal. Wether we use a removal company (they need to be paid) or an employee who…also needs to be paid! Then if we get verbal permission to start embalming…well…that costs money too. So for the most part by the time the family even arrives to make arrangements they already have a bill at approximately $1000.00 give or take… why shouldnt we be paid for our services?!? If for some reason someone has died who has no family and there is an attorney or someone appointed as a trust or even if there is noone in charge and the State takes charge..
Guess who gets paid FIRST? the funeral home! By law…thw funeral home gets paid first. Now this may vary by state….im not sure. If you know you cannot afford what you want than you have to pick what you can afford…people worry WAY TOO MUCH of what others think. You know what i say to those who think that just because you didnt purchase the best casket or you are only having a few hours of viewing or even a direct cremation with NO services…i say “Piss on them”! They arent the ones forkun out the bucks to pay for it! Funerals are expensive…no doubt about it.. choose ONLY what you can afford! And the luncheon is NOT the most important part of a funeral! Having food at the funeral home should NOT even be a thought in your head…thinking that YOU..the one who just lost someone…needs to feed those who are coming to pay their respects. Screw them…let them bring YOU something to eat to your home so when you get home you do not have to cook after having to do so much…! Funeral homes do NOT like it when there is alot of food…you have just lost someone…you just paid ALOT of money…and then during visitation instead of being in the chapel .. where you should be .. you are in the lounge along with everyone else eating. It just doesnt make sense…if you need a break…LEAVE to go eat…get some air!!!
….and about those damn death certificates….RELAX…. we have to get the doctor to sign it…sometimes just finding what doctor is going to sign it is a pain the ass and can take a whole day…which is more frustrating to me than it is to me!! Then once we do find that doctor we have to find out when HE/SHE is available to sign it…doctors are not always so easy to catch..or they are in their office and seeing patients all day so we have to drop it off and then WE have to wait for the office to call us to let us know that its ready
Then we have to go get it. It could be around the block or 45 minutes away (with or without traffic). Then…we have to file it at the appropriate clerks office…!! So that whole process can take a day or it can take 3 days..we just had one that took a freakin week! I was furious! That was just uncalled for and it was the fault of the facility where the patient died. Also…doctors office staff are not always the nicest people to deal with. And for those pending d/c’s..once again…the funeral home has NO CONTROL over how fast the d/c gets amended!!!!!!!! It is a waiting game. Im tired of people getting bitchy with me because theu are waiting on an amended d/c! Call your State and complain to them!


7 Responses to “Funeral Home – Pay Your Bill!”

  1. AdminAsst Says:

    Speaking of lawyers and paying the funeral bill, a close family friend’s father passed away 2 years ago. We handled the arrangements. His estate didn’t go into probate but there was a slight delay while they made his daughter the executor (maybe a week or 2). Anyway, she had a lawyer handling it and he was very insisstent that she pay the funeral bill first once she was made executor. How refreshing was that?

  2. AdminAsst Says:

    It’s ironic, we have families that come in who clearly do not have a lot of money, but they tend to pay the bill or make their payments on a regular basis. We had this one elderly man who came in with his wife’s children (it was a second marriage). He hesitated on options for the funeral because the poor man was not well off. Well the kids insisted on the more expensive casket and flowers and memorial cards, the whole time saying “We’ll help you pay for all of this.” Well, low and behold when the funeral was over, the kids never gave the poor man a dime. Long story short, he made payments every month for a year until finally, my boss told me to send him a letter telling him we were going to write off the rest of the cost. I remember the day he got the letter. He called us and cried because he couldn’t believe how kind my boss was. Sadly, six months he passed and this time his kids came in to make the arrangements. They were going to split the costs. Another long story short, two of his daughters gave his son the money for their part of the funeral and it never made it to us. He put a new roof on his house. He also never paid us a dime. So we sent the account to a collection agency. We still haven’t seen a dime and that was 3 years ago.

    Another situation I see quite often are these families that have money and we send them bill after bill after bill and eventually they call us, 2-3 months later to say “Oh, well everything is in probate so we’ll pay you when that gets settled.” We have a policy to not wait for probate to get payment but on numerous occaisions the families don’t tell us, at the time of the arrangements, that their loved one’s estate is going to Probate. We make it clear at the time of the arrangements but it’s amazing how many people either forget or neglect to tell us.

    • I have one family that their mother passed away in 2010. The daughter & her husband, who are both handicapped by the way, & neither one work. They rec limited income. They are a young couple, in their late twenties. They have no family & when the mother had passed away not only did they not know what to do a neighbor had to help them they also didnt have any means of transportation as neither can drive. The neighbor was kind enough to drive them to the funeral home and help them plan things. He also explained to us the situation…apparently the mother had been the one who drove this couple around and took care of things for them. I guess i should go back and say that they both do work but they have jobs thru the state that helps place handicapp people in jobs. But those jobs do not pay very much… so they didnt want a big funeral & knew they would not be able to pay alot. My boss told them he would accept payments from them and he let them have one day vis with same day service & then cremation. They were so thankful…well it is now 2013 & since July of 2010 when the mother passed they have NOT MISSED ONE payment! Every month faithfully the husband gets a ride to the f.h. and brings in payment! Now how is it that these two can do this but our other families who owe $2000, $4000 $7000, or more cant even be bothered to call us when we send them past due notices and tell them to just call us if they need to make payment arrangements or just send what they can…!?!

  3. I can totally relate to people who don’t pay. I’ve got two outstanding accounts that I’ve served recently. One won’t return any messages I leave on the machine, the other has no machine and is apparently never home to answer the phone. They were paying up until their lawyer got involved and said our Professional service fee was excessive considering there was no service. I explained to the family that it doesn’t mean a funeral service, but services such as preparing and delivering the death certificate, securing all the permits and authorizations, etc. I should have told the family they shouldn’t pay the lawyer.

    • Just recently I have had to deal with a lawyer regarding a family. Lets say he is nothing less than an arrogant ass! We have been trying to get this bill paid for over 10 months now. He is the attorney for the estate even tho this person has children…NONE of his children get! We were told just a couple months ago…by this lawyer that “you are just gonna have to sit tight and wait..dont know what else to tell you. There is no money to pay you but as soon as there is you will be the first to get paid”. Come to find out there was enough funds to pay for the …. LUNCHEON … cuz they got paid…!!

      • Now wouldn’t you just love to put on those unpaiid bills (like the sign says)…don’t make come and get you!

      • I do…! I feel bad for some families that i know do not have enough money and who do really only choose minimal services but those who come in knowing full well they cannot afford what they want and do it anyway and then dont pay…those are the ones i wish i could go get or actually knock some sense into them before they pick items that theu cant afford!

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