Life working at a funeral home – Been Slow

I haven’t posted in a while….we have been pretty slow. We get our times when we are slow then times when we are busy….it never seems to be “steady”, it’s either bite your nails boring or pull your hair out busy…!! And when I say ‘slow’ I mean that we haven’t had a lot of ‘calls’, which means, not a lot of deaths.  It gives me time to catch up on things…and when we don’t have a lot calls it doesn’t necessarily mean that we just sit around. I have paperwork to do. Billing to do. Other things related to the families we service.

I just wanted to stop in and say “Hello” and I hope every one had a Happy & Safe Labor Day !!! If anyone stopping by my blog has any questions, please feel free to ask!!

Hope everyone has a good week!


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  1. “Life working at a funeral home – Been Slow
    Thefuneralbizz’s Weblog” ended up being a fantastic read and therefore I actually was pretty content to read the blog post. Thanks-Max

  2. Hey thank u for answering all my questions with so much knowledge and patience for them lol. But I do have more, ok well I’ve been trying to read more info about this career path and stumbled upon profiles of practitioners in the industry and some have cosmetology licenses or certification. I’m going to attempt to go to Commonwealth Institution of Funeral Services in Houston, Tx. I’m not 100 percent sure if thats a separate license or of its part of the curriculum. If its not then if I also attended a cosmetology school would that set me up and make my future resume look that much better plus help me have more extensive assets to provide my employers?

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Hi…sorry so long to reply…my computer has a virus and i am having a heck of a time to get rid of it!! But…i really dont think that obtaining your cosmetology lic. is necessary. In my experience most funetal homes have a person they call to come do the hair or someone who already works there does it. To be honest with you…i havent the slightest idea about styling anyones hair except mine…and i have managed to style the hair of quit a bit of people..the one thing in our advantage is that you only have to make sure the front and some of each side looks need to worry about the back. Most embalmers will do the cosmetizing..they learn this while they are in school. It is not very difficult tho. So in my opinion i would say no need to get that cosmetology lic. If you have alot of spare time and just want to go for the experience than go for it…Hope all is well with you!

  3. I was thinking the other day (while stuck in traffic behind some little old lady who couldn’t work out a green light means go, not stall your engine love), that if one drives a hearse then technically the driver could get away – literally – with winding down the window and yelling out like a mafia boss, come on! I got a body in the back!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Lol….never thought about that…but yeah i guess the hearse driver could do that! It really wouldnt shock me if one of our drivers were to do…especially wirh the way people drive around here and pay no attention to the fact that they are cutting into a funeral procession..or..just dont care because God forbid they have to wait because there is a funeral… reminds me of last week when i came close to chasing down a mini van who whipped around me while i was holding traffic do the procession could safely get out of parking lot..but i will save the story for the blog..if i can get a spare few minutes to actually blog!! Work just seems to be getting in the way of all my time lately…lol

  4. Here’s a short story and question. I’m currently on my deployment in Afghanstian, I woke up one morning and finally clicked what I hope and really want and feel to b my calling. I’m getting out next July after 5 years of honorably serving my Marine Corps. I have spent countless nights researching and wondering and emailing my wife when i can about me wanting to follow this career path. I will try to apply to Houston commonwealth institute of funeral services. When I get back to San Diego I will try to get a inside view and help around and learn from whatever funeral home I can. What should be my approach to asking for a chance to help and learn to help me further decide whether this is my true calling in life. Btw I love your blogs. Probably the best stuff I have read so far in my intensive search for FAQs and stories about this lifestyle. Thank u for keeping me awake reading them over and over lol!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      HI! First and formost…A BIG Thank you to you and your fellow service men/women!!!
      Thank you for your compliments about my blog. I just write what I am feeling and what I want to say. It is very theraputic.
      I would just send your resume with a cover letter explaining what it is you are looking to do. Then I would call the funeral homes in your area and ask to speak to the Director, if you are unable to speak to the Director, then leave a message explaining why you are calling. Most funeral homes are family owened, so usually have a small staff and are usually very willing to let someone come in and shadow the employees and see what is involved. As far as the embalming though, usually due to Health Hazards no one but funeral home employees are allowed in the prep room. I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you take a “quick” peek….tho. But I am sure they could explain it all to you. I would ask to make an appt. with the Director if you have in depth questions, they can sit with you and answer anything you need. Also to sit in on a funeral service. You could actually go to all the funeral homes in your area and do this. This way you can see how different other funeral homes are from one another and how ‘you’ feel after witnessing a funeral and how well you cope with it…some people find that it is too much or too sad and it effects them emotionally. Good luck to you!! Be safe over there!! and hoping for a safe return home. If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask!!!

      • Thank u for all of ur support, it’s ppl like u that keeps us motivated to give it 110% everyday no matter the lack of sleep or enduring the long days in the scorching sun, I have another question, may or may not stir up contraversy of some sort, does having semi full ( non explicit or offending ) sleeve tattoos on both arms that are able to b covered in a long sleeve dress up shirt, hinder the opportunities of employment even if they are kept hidden at all times or at least during working hours or meeting with families and other co workers..

      • thefuneralbizz Says:

        You are Welcome!! I have a friend that just returned home, he is a Navy Chief. I’ve heard the stories and how much he and everyone else miss home so much and how hot it is and the sand storms…. I would never say to him or you or anyone who has had to endure being over there, that ‘I can imagine how awful it is’… because ‘I can’t imagine’…which leads me to the funeral business…everyone is different, so everyone reacts different when they have lost someone. So when trying to comfort a family, a wife, mother, husband, daughter, son, etc… I always try to watch that I don’t say ‘I can imagine what you are going thru’. Because altho I have lost loved ones, I still do not know what or how someone else is feeling inside.
        To answer your question tho, no, it should not effect your working in a funeral home. Typically the standard dress for a funeral home employee is a suit. would have a suit jacket on most of the time and well, suit jackets are long sleeve…altho I have a couple with 3/4 sleeves, but since I am a woman, I can get away with that…lol…and I am also able to get away with that because my boss is very laid back. Even if you do not have your suit jacket on, you would probably have a long sleeve shirt on..we do tend to take our jackets off during the day, maybe because we are eating lunch or warm (carrying flowers can be like doing aerobics for a straight hour or more…LOL!!) but we always have our jackets on when we are with a family. It shouldn’t be an issue while you are around other employees or meeting really (with co-workers) since you are not around the families at that time. I know that they do make ‘sleeves’ that you can wear just for that reason, I use to work with someone who had one arm tatted and they would wear short sleeves sometimes, but would wear that sleeve. Good Luck again!!

  5. Hello there Bizz. How the hell are you? Funny you should say your work is slow it is where I volunteer too. I mean there was no one. I told my collueges at my full time job and they said Oh, that’s good. Well I just smiled but NO, I want to learn. Peoples faces are so funny when I say I volunteer at a funeral home. They give me a look like I just kicked their dog and had a wee on their front lawn. Hahaha. I do love scaring people though.

    There is so much to take in and remember and not to mention the emotional wounds it can open up. But I faced my demons with the help of the f/d and she said best to get it all out now before I actually work somewhere. I love the f/d where I’m at. She is lovely and so I sent her a yellow rose and chocolates for her Birthday. Then after this I found out she is paying for two courses for me to say thank you for my time. At over £200 each, I was gob smacked!! One is Health and Safety for Funeral staff and the other is, Foundation Funeral Practitioner. I recently wrote to the funeral home I want to work in, sending my resume and telling them what I have done and doing. The f/d there knows my f/d and they are good friends . A little bonus for me. My f/d said she would love to have me work for her but she doesn’t have any jobs. She’s already done so much for me. I can’t believe there are such nice people around.

    Even though I haven’t met you Bizz you are a good friend too. Without your inspiration, I would just have my boring job every day without knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Seeing people on the slab makes me realise to enjoy life and love those in it. As I explained to my f/d who was explaining about suicides, I have suffered badly with depression for over 10 years on and off and the last bad episode in January this year I was hell bent on taking every tablet in the house. My husband pinned me down and shouted some sense into me. Things were bad in my life at that time and between us everything is much better. I have stopped drinking so much, stopped taking anti-depressants and really tuned a corner. Life is too short. She was gob smacked when I told her I got a bit upset when we were talking about suicide. She then asked “how would I feel if I new the deceased had taken their life”. I said, “I was strong and I’m still here2. She just said “good”. “because your right”.

    Hope you are well Bizz and just to let you know. Your awesome!! XX

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Good to hear from you!! I am blushing from your compliment….but thank you so much…
      I am going to send you an email though, is that ok??

  6. Hi,
    Just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog. I just started my first semester of Mortuary Sciences class here in NY. I don’t know what to expect other than its a better field than my current one for stability. Sure you wrote that there are slow times and fast times but there are always times and my current industry (Printing) is declining rapidly.

    Look forward to finding you again,


    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Hi Morgan, thank you for visiting!! Hope you continue to visit. Good luck in Mortuary school!
      You are right, everyone has their busy times and slow times, but when people ask me about work, and I say “oh we’ve been really slow” or “we’ve been really busy”, I usually get the “……really, there a ‘busy’ or ‘slow’ time in the funeral business”? It’s kinda funny actually…because truthfully, we do have those months that are busier than others.
      I can definately see how the printing business would be declining, with everyone having their own printers. I hope you do well and enjoy your work as a funeral director!!

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