Life Working at a Funeral Home – WTF is going on!?!

So I have been thinking lately…is the world going to end in 2012? The reason I say this is..because everyone anymore acts like they are freaking NUT JOBS! WTF is up with people?


6 Responses to “Life Working at a Funeral Home – WTF is going on!?!”

  1. You don’t have to make tea/coffee for these families that waltz in early and who insist on staying until the FD turns up? And by the way could they have a coffee while they wait? It’s not like you have enough to do already without playing waitress. I had a parent do that to me recently who came in early for an interview about his son’s progress. Being nice, I did, but felt like throwing it at him when he said I didn’t put enough FULL CREAM milk in it, but grudgingly ‘it will do’. (Friday afternoon, the cleaners clean out the staff room fridges for OH&S – there’s usually nothing left except watery skim milk that someone forgets to take hom. But seriously WTF!) I’m on a shortlist now with a funeral home application with a second interview. So fingers crosssed I get outta my current job sooner than later!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      That’s awesome Amanda…my fingers and toes are crossed you get the funeral home job!!
      Depending on my mood and how the family that shows up early…I will ask if they want something to drink. But..if I don’t have any coffee made, I will ask “can I get you anything to drink, water, pepsi, diet pepsi, (whatever i know we have available)”. I would have been ticked off if that parent would have said that to me, after being polite enough to ask him if he wanted coffee, then he has the nerve to bitch about it…

  2. If the world is going to end as skeptics say, let’s hope the nut jobs get wiped out first, for our sanity at least!

  3. Admin Asst Says:

    You too? I thought it was just where we are. We’ve been getting interesting cases ourselves lately. And people have not been on their best behavior either. Not overly nutty, like not fighting in the funeral home, but they’ve been especially rude and pushy. Maybe it’s the weather bringing out the worst in people? I don’t know but people have been very quick to jump all over the funeral directors for the past month or so. And it’s over little stuff too.

    We’ve also been dealing really needy families, the type that call the funeral home 5-6 a day (after they’ve already made the arrangements) to make sure that “Aunt Mabel” has the right dress on or that we don’t forget her eyeglasses, depsite the fact that was gone over during the arrangements.

    Something happened the other day and afterwards, my first thought was “I’ve got to tell Funeralbizz about this” LOL. I”m telling you, your blog is very theraputic!! 🙂

    We had a family come in to pick up their loved one’s belongings (it was a complicated case where one family got the belongings and another was going to pick up the cremains). So anyway, the funeral director told the family who was picking up the belongings on the phone that he had a service and he wouldn’t be back until 2:30pm. Because of the complicated nature of the case, he wanted to be there when the family picked up the belongings. So what does the family member do? Shows up at the funeral home at 1:45pm. Then they couldn’t understand why FD wasn’t there. Ummm, because he told you he wouldn’t be back until 2:30pm. I called him and he said they will have to wait until he got. So they sat there for 45 minutes until he returned from his service.

    I think Patrick Swayze said it best in Road House, “Be nice!”.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      It’s Nuts! I don’t know whats going on…..! I feel for ya! I’m not sure why people do not listen anymore… I mean people are whack! Now, I’m not sure what ‘normal’ is anymore or ever for that matter, but I do know crazy when I see it!
      I am so sick of the ‘needy’ families. I mean really, certain things can WAIT until business hours! No need to call at 10pm to find out when the death certificate will be available or what the number to the florist is!! As far as I know, no florist around here is open at 10pm!! The funeral home is NOT open at 10pm either…so why would you call!?!?!?!?! A first/death call…sure, call anytime, day or night, but I wish people would ‘THINK’ before acting!
      I had a similar instance today as a matter of fact with a family… They ‘dropped’ by yesterday to ‘pick up’ some memento urns for their father’s cremated remains. Well…they never ever picked them out in the first place! Never ordered any! So.. they picked some out and the director told them to bring the cremated remains in today and that we would fill them for them. THEY SAID “ok, thank you, we will be by after 12:00 p.m.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, the director had stuff to do today (outside of the funeral home…oh my, YES, we actually leave the funeral home!!!) and the door bell rings…. guess who? and guess what time it was? It was not Noon, it was 10am. Now, I only knew that they showed up yesterday and wanted these memento urns, but I did not see or hear what they picked out. I did not know what the plans were either, when they where suppose to come for them, if the director had to order them, what the diretor told them, etc… So they showed up with the cremated remains and said “hi, we are here to get the urns we picked out yesterday and have you transfer some into them for us”. Me “uhh, okay, well, director is gone, do you recall what he told you, that he would have them today or can you show me which ones you picked out, because he did not leave me any instructions and usually he is pretty good at letting me know these things if he is out of the office”. Family “oh…(with dissapointed look) sure, these are them..but there is only one here, he said you had them here”. Me “ok, well, let me go see and I will fill them for you if I have them”. Family “IF, you have them? huh? he told us we could have them today”. Me “well, he may have had to order them, which does not mean you won’thave them today, just that they have not been delivered yet, but if he said we have them, than I am sure we do.” Family “well…I HOPE SO”! errrghhhhhhhhh! Of course we had them and I filled them, THEN they wanted to pay. Well, I did not know what the director was going to charge them, there was a situation and we were not charging them the full amount… So, i said to them that i did not want to charge them the wrong price, i would rather just let them take the urns and have the director contact them with the cost. No big deal…or so I thought…until they said they really wanted to just be done with it. I told them if they really wanted to pay me that bad, then they would have to pay full price. of course they said they would call later or have director call them…when director got back, i told him, and he said “what…sorry, they told me it would not be until after 12pm before they could get here!!!!!!” anyway….i am ranting again. you are right, it is theraputic. lol

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