Tip of the Day 6/29/2012

Tip of the Day for June 29, 2012

Life goes on!

It does, really….even when someone passes away….life goes on! I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic…..BUT…..when someone you love has died, the clock does not stop, for you or the rest of us, unfortunately.  You must still make funeral arrangements and anything else that needs to be done. It is not our fault (the funeral home or the staff) that your loved one passed away. Again, we are trying to HELP YOU! There are certain things that as a funeral home that we simply CANNOT do for you. Such as, apply for State aid. We are not allowed to! Believe me if we could, we probably would be doing it for everyone who applies. I didn’t make up that rule/law so I find it extremely rude that I/we get treated with such disrespect because, as you put it, “how can you take advantage of us at a time like this? how can we be expected to do all of this (meaning, plan a funeral, apply for state assistance, and PAY THE BILL!) ? Really?

So, my answer to that question….the questiond being “how can we expect you to do any/all of this”?

I/we do not expect you to do ANYTHING!

However if you want a funeral, apply for assistance, etc…. then you need to realize that you are yelling at the wrong people! 

Life goes on…….!



2 Responses to “Tip of the Day 6/29/2012”

  1. Admin Asst Says:

    You bring up a very good point. We are accused of taking advantage of people too because of the cost of funerals. We don’t set the prices. If you don’t want or can’t pay for a full funeral, then don’t plan a huge production with tons of flowers, an expensive casket, catering, a limo etc…. Don’t plan a funeral beyond your means. Plain and simple. Our directors are more than willing to help people out when they can’t afford a full service. And if we can’t help them due to dire financial circumstances we recommend other funeral homes in town that may be able to meet their financial needs better than us.

    And don’t get mad at the funeral professionals when a loved one passes on. Like you said, Funeral Bizz, we are there to assist and help. It’s like that old expression “Don’t shoot the messanger”.

    This reminds of one family we assisted years ago. The mother was planning a funeral for her son. The money to pay it was coming from the son’s estate because he made her his executor. To try and help her save some money, one of the FD’s suggested that she exclude the limo and some other items. The service was taking place at the funeral home and then burial at a nearby cemetery. Well, as the service was about to begin, the woman’s other son, the decedent’s brother, threw a fit because there was no limo to take them to the cemetery (which is about a 3 minute drive from the funeral home). Of course, he wasn’t paying the bill, but he felt like we hadn’t provided good enough service by not providing the limo and he wouldn’t change his mind when his mother explained that we were trying to save the family money. His mother felt badly and apologized to us about his outburst. Poor woman.

    He held a grudge too. When she passed a way a few years later, he wouldn’t use our funeral home.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      yep…been there a more than a few times with the whole limo debacle! is there really a need for the a limo in the first place? it’s probably a good thing he used another funeral home when she passed away, otherwise you would have had to put up with him again!

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