Life working at a funeral home-Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day for June 5, 2012

Don’t confuse your Funeral Director!

There are families who are, let’s just say, not all there…if you know what I mean. So, when you have too many people trying to plan a funeral and you are confused yourself….LET US DO OUR JOB and don’t confuse us!

Thats all !!


4 Responses to “Life working at a funeral home-Tip of the Day”

  1. Have I make you smile with these funeral jokes.

    Witty Tombstones
    Harry Edsel Smith of Albany, New York:

    Born 1903–Died 1942.
    Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the
    car was on the way down. It was.


    A new business was opening and one of the owner’s friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card, “Rest in Peace.”

    The owner was angry and called the florist to complain.

    After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist replied, “Sir, I’m really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry, you should imagine this: somewhere there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying, ‘Congratulations on your new location.'”

  2. Admin Asst Says:

    Do you mean that when a family comes in to make arrangements and rather than the spouse a few children, they bring the childrens’ spouses, grandchildren, siblings etc…? So when you sit at the arrangement table there are like 16 people in the room? I’ve seen that happen more than once. And everyone has an opinion. i’ve seen 16 people want their 2 cents in the obit and when it completed and sent to the paper they call (after the deadline) to add a name, remove a name or change where the deceased worked or where he or she went on vacation.

    Or how about one side of the family wants one church, but then the widow or widower wants another church? Or the issue of cremains. Everyone wants some of them, while the next of kin wants the urn buried intact.

    And we don’t need to get into the vitals when the don’t know the deceadent’s parents’ names or where they were born. Or they think they were born in one place but it turns out they were born somewhere else.

    And you’re right, please don’t confuse us 🙂

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      yes…all of the above! i just don’t find it necessary to have that many people come for arrangements. It confuses not only us, but everyone in the room! i love when they call after the fact and want to add or change things to the obit and I tell them it’s too late! I usually get “what? what do you mean? can you just call and see because this is really important”! well, yeah, i guess i could call, but it’s not going to change the fact that deadline was yesterday afternoon and the paper more than likely has already been printed! Then they get mad at, who else…..US! We ALWAYS tell families when the deadline is. Apparently it does not apply to them. when families come in with ALOT of people to make arrangements I pretty much know then that something somewhere along the way is going to get screwed up…only because we have so many people butting their noses in it. we will of course ONLY make changes if approved by the informant. but once the informant gets confused….thats it, all downhill from there!
      i actually had a woman call me who wanted to make pre-arrangements for her mother. her and her sister scheduled an appt. to come in, but during our phone conversation she was asking me what she needed to bring in with her. i went over a few things with her, then i told her that we would need vitals, such as place of birth, level of education, fathers name, mothers maiden name, etc…..she asked for what, I told her it would be for the death certificate, that if she did not know that info that it would not be a big deal at the moment but at time of death we would need it!! she said to me “well, your getting a bit personal now aren’t you, I just don’t see the reason why you have any business knowing that personal information”! again, I told her it was for the death certificate, if she wanted a death certificate when her mother passed then we need that info, we MUST file a death cert. regardless if she actually wanted one anyway and that that info is REQUIRED! so, when they came for the appt. when the director was talking to them and moved on to the vital…what did she say…AGAIN, yep, said the same thing to him. He told her the same thing i did. then to top it all off, when they went to look at caskets (when she had called she asked me for a general price on our caskets, i gave her some names of certain caskets and prices of those we have on our floor. she asked if they could be ordered in different colors and different color interior, i told her on most yes, it depends on the manufacturer) she said she liked on in particular but would like the interior pink…the director said that on that certain casket, pink interior is not available, she said that I TOLD HER any casket she wanted could be changed! ! ! ! ! !

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