Life at a Funeral Home-New Job!

Well, this is my second day…so far so good! Everyone was very nice to me. And by everyone that is only the boss and the other guy who does ours death certificates. LOL…   There are only 3 others that work there besides the boss and the D/C guy. I already know the other Director…so. I will be doing the same work plus some. But it will be ONLY me. I do not have to  worry about having a few days off, then coming back and having to look over someone elses work for mistakes or someone else blaming me for NOT doing something. I will also be doing arrangements, not alot of them, but if the Director is busy or we get a walk in and he is gone, then I can do it. I have already had a walk in for pricing/pre-need. There is more freedom here as well. if it is not busy i can leave and do things if i have to. he is very laid back. as long as the work is getting done and done right, then he doesn’t care. everyone is to watch each others backs. if someone notices an error on something, then either fix it or if you are not sure how to fix it ask someone else.  I will post more soon!


4 Responses to “Life at a Funeral Home-New Job!”

  1. Hi! I recently got a job as a funeral attendant/removal tech. at a small town funeral home and I’ve just been researching other funeral home practices and etc. I just had to comment here after reading the reply from Sarcastic Blonde because the reason I applied for this particular job is because I desperately wanted to get out of bar tending! I was so tired of putting up with the drunks and all the “bar drama” that I was relentlessly searching on line for a more…let’s say..”tranquil” job.. and I think I have found it! The best part of it…my customers can’t talk back! LOL Thank you so much for sharing your stories and experience!

    • Hi Kristin!! Glad you stopped to read my blog. Although I have never worked at a bar, I cannot even imagine having to put up with drunks day in and day out..just hearing/reading the stories from SarcasticBlonde, I wouldn’t last very long at a bar! I am glad you found a job at a funeral home, I hope you enjoy it. I don’t know if I would call it tranquil, but if comparing to working at a bar, then I just might…lol. Good luck with the job change and again, thank you for reading!! Hope you will stick around and share your stories too!

  2. Sarcastic Blonde Says:

    Hello there Bizz. I have spent the afternoon reading through your witty, yet compassionate tails. Brilliant, just brilliant. Thank you for sharing your stories I stumbled upon looking for info about the funeral business. Sorry, you get it a lot, but my questions have been answered. Thanks again. I’m glad to see you have found another employer. Sounds perfect, with no “star” employees (what a bitch).

    I currently work behind a bar and feel my patience towards people with heightened emotions, could be useful in helping people in another way. I am not put off by reading your experiences. Quite the opposite actually. I have learnt at the tender age 0f 25, 97% of people are DICKS!! lol I find ways to amuse myself in dealing with such delights as I’m sure you do. (e.g. When I say “no problem”, that’s code for “go fuck yourself”) But when you have helped someone nice by giving them info, advice or just listening… That’s why we do it, yeah?

    I also know more on what to do if I should have to call a funeral home for help with a loved one. Most common-sense, (though not common at all) but some things, I was clueless. We have many things that piss us off behind the bar, so I make sure when on the drinking side, I don’t do ANY of those things!

    Was just thinking in relation to families saying,” it’s not what they looked like” blah blah blah or trying to blame you for them not looking in their prime (what’s wrong with people) because as you pointed out, THEIR DEAD!! lol I have a genius solution………….

    Get photograph that family gave you and put in a scanner. Enlarge face using available software….cut out pic, place a generic cut out of closed eyes, over pic of open eyes, stick on deceased face. Viola! Perfect.

    Have I got the job? 😉 hehehe

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      Hey there! Glad you enjoyed reading through my blog!!! i can only imagine having to deal with a bunch of emotional ‘drunk’ people! one minute they are happy and smiles and the next they are going to flip out and hurt someone….! and yes…you are so correct in saying “97% of people are DICKS!” couldn’t agree with you more! That’s what really just gets me, what I just cannot comprehend, is that I/we are here to HELP them and they act like assholes! And, yes, when someone asks me for something that just irritates the piss outta me, I smile and say “oh, yes, of course”… but all the while I am thinking ‘go fuck yourself!” good thinking on the scanner idea… i like it!
      Hope you stick around and read more!
      Thanks again!

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