Tip of the Day 02/10/12

Tip of the Day for February 10. 2012

We do keep records on deaths that occured years and years ago. We have records back to 1930. However, those records contain very little information. Not even a death certificate. OK! So, I understand that people like to do the whole Geneaology stuff, I do it too, but really, is it mean that much to you, to call me up and when I tell you I do NOT have the information you are looking for to YELL at me! and to actually say that you are going to “turn us in”….? Turn us in for what? LOLOLOLOLOL!  Legally, I don’t believe we even have to keep any other information other than our billing information for tax./auditing purposes. I could be wrong, but anyway, I was NOT here in 1930 so I cannot possibly tell you why those certain things you were looking for are not in our files!

You can contact the city clerks office in which the deceased passed away in to request a copy of the death certificate. You will have to pay their charges but you will be able to obtain one. In my state Death Records are public knowledge. I always have issues when I explain this to people/families. Especially those families who “don’t wany ANYONE else to get a copy of the death certificate!” Anyone can pay for one, show their ID, they do not have to be related, and get a copy of whoever’s death certificate their little hearts desire.




2 Responses to “Tip of the Day 02/10/12”

  1. I get those calls all the time too. I love the ones that call and say “My Aunty Mary had her services at your funeral home in 1974 and I’d like to know where she is buried.” Then I have to tell them that our funeral home has only been in business since 1980. They are convinced that their cousin told them back in 1978 that we handled Aunty Mary’s service!

    Or how about when someone calls about getting certified copies of their relative’s death certificate who died in 1991 in another state? But we handled the arrangements so they feel we should get the cc’s for them.

    I know this is the wrong thread, but can we revisit families just showing up at the funeral home without calling first? We’ve had this happen twice in the last week. One was for an imminent family member and the other was a family who just left the hopsital where their loved one had passed and just came right to the funeral home. Both times we had sevices going on in our chapels.

    Maybe sometime you could do another post about people showing up at a funeral home unannounced. I’ve seen our funeral directors have their lunches interrupted too many times by folks just walking in, without an appointment or advanced notice. Perhaps the public should know that the funeral directors take lunch breaks like everyone else in the working world.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      oh yeah…ive had people insist that their so and so has a pre-arrangement at our funeral home, I will look for it and NOTHING! so, i explain to them that i found nothing for that person. i always say, maybe they just said they wanted to use our funeral home, but noooooo, so i tell them, look, i do not have any information on who you are speaking of, if you have the paper work that shows that they pre-planned with our funeral home, than we will be more than happy to honor those papers! guess what….they never show up or they call and say…oh i was wrong! and yes, i have families who call up after years and want more death certs. we do not keep ANY original certified death certs! ever! we only make a photo copy and keep it in their file. we get asked all the time if we can get more and we explain to them that there is a charge for them, whatever the city clerks office charges and since this is not for a family we are currently serving, we are going to charge for us going to get them. i also tell them, you can get them too ya know…all you have to do is go to such and such city clerk or go online and you can order from there! i also get alot of people who want the death notice/obit from when their loved one passed! we only started keeping a cut out copy of those this year and only the 2 local papers we have here in town. so, chances of whoever is calling are calling for someone who passed years ago! why would I have the obit? call the news paper for crying out loud!

      i will start another post about walk ins! i despise walk ins! i just don’t understand how people just show up! i would never just show up anywhere! and espcially if there is a lot full of cars in the parking lot and maybe a hears or two! i mean, what does that tell you? funeral directors eat lunch! they have meetings! have OTHER families that are either having a funeral service OR another family who is there making funeral arrangements! OH, and we also sleep! we DO NOT live at the funeral home so we can tend to families in the middle of the night! i have had families who have called at 8pm – 9pm and told us that they are in the parking lot but no one is answering the door! when we explain that no one is there because we are closed! in their accusatory voice they say, well there are vehicles in the parking lot and their are lights on, and my so and so just dies and i need to make arrangements! well first of all, the vehicles are company vehicles and they are always there! second, we always leave ‘some’ lights on! and three you need to make an appointment for the morning. we get the info from them and will make the removal but come on! i have also had those same type of people at the door at 5am! i also just love when you do get a walk in and you answer the door and they enter the building and say, how may i help you….? and they look at you like WTF? they say, uhhhh, we are here to make funeral arrangements my so and so just died….like i am suppose to automatically know this! how dare i say that the director is not here! which nine outta ten times they are not! then i get the rolling of the eyes and then the attitude. hate hate hate hate walk ins!

      I will do another post about it soon! i am getting riled up now just thinking and typing that much about it!

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