Tip of the Day – 02/06/2012

Tip of the Day for February 6, 2012

(I mentioned this in a comment I made recently and said I should use it as one of my “Tips of the Day”….so here goes)

When the staff are carrying flowers into the chapel during your visitation, PLEASE DO NOT hover over them to see who those flowers are from! WAIT until the staff actually sets them down and walks away. This is annoying!! I can feel you behind me and that makes me feel like I must hurry. I have had 2 to 3 people standing behind me waiting for me to move and I they are saying “oh, how pretty, wonder who they are from?” and the other saying “I don’t know, I can’t see/read the card”. I have my back to you and rolling my eyes at you! I want to turn around and say ‘BACK THE HELL OFF!” Also, when you as a family or just a friend who is visiting, when you see someone walking thru the room with a GIANT plant AND a plant stand, MOVE! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! for the love of God, MOVE! I am not sure why no one gives a shit, but every single time there are alot of people in the room and one of us is TRYING to carry a flower and stand everyone just stares at you….they see you coming their way, but they just freaking stand there and stare at you! I say excuse me, and they just freaking stand there! Some may move and inch or so…gee, thanks! I cannot even begin to try to explain how much that pisses me and the other funeral home staff off! Also know that I am probably going to be coming back that way in about 30 seconds to get the hell outta the room, so stay put to where you moved to! AND…when you see me or another worker carrying ANOTHER flower and stand about 2 minutes later….guess what….MOVE AGAIN! Same goes for chairs. If we have a large service at the funeral home and have to set up more chairs then move your ass out of the way so I can set them up for you to sit in! I am doing this for YOUR comfort, NOT MINE! So if after I have carried a few chairs in and hit my chins on them over and over and you STILL won’t move, then I stop giving a shit if you stand or not and could care less about your comfort. SO…..when everyone is sitting and you have no chair….DO NOT come to find me and ask for one! I am just mind boggled as to why people will not move……!?! I just do not understand if you see someone coming and you see that they have arms full of chairs (that are heavy and awkward) why you wouldn’t move for them! ERRGGHHH!


4 Responses to “Tip of the Day – 02/06/2012”

  1. AdminAsst Says:

    Where I work, the flowers are delivered at least 2 hours before the service. If it’s a morning service, the flowers are generally delivered the night before the FDs set them up before the families come in, so we don’t have this type of issue where I work. Most of the local florists know when to get the flowers over to us. We only have two chapels so that is why we don’t have a flower room for flower deliveries.

    However, we have had families who demand that certain flowers are arranged certain ways (like the immediate family flowers are up front and visible over any other floral arrangements). They have come in before visitations to check on the flowers and have the FDs rearrange everything.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      I can only wish that the flower shops would deliver 2 hours before the family is to arrive! I get flower shops that deliver the family arrangements 15 minutes before the family is due! that pisses me off more than you can believe! when the flower shops call our funeral home to verify times I ALWAYS tell them an hour and half before the REAL time. But I shouldn’t have too, ya know! I get flowers all day long. just a couple weeks ago I had a flower shop deliver 9 flower arrangements ALL AT ONCE for the same person! I kept hearing the door in the flower room….so I got up and went to see and low and behold there were 12 flower arrangemetns all together! 9 were from one shop and the rest were from other ones. I was PISSED! I was alone and trying to get work done and the phone wouldn’t stop! Then when I finally did get a chance to get the flowers to the room I had to deal with the people who WON’T MOVE out of my way or the family standing behind me breathing down my back! We only have two chapel as well. If we need to we can actually make 4 rooms out of those two.
      As far as putting the families flowers up front, we always do that. The spray on the casket, obviously, then any others one either side of the casket, head and foot. Then we move outward from there. I have told certain families before that if they don’t like where something is at, please feel free to move things where you like, or to ask one of the staff to move it for you. But I seldom have anyone complain about where they are at. As far as the Director’s only putting the flowers in the room at our place we all do it……most of the time. There are those days when I may be the only one there, so I have to it, which is pretty much most of the time.

  2. parlor gal Says:

    OMG!! Same kind of idiots in your state to then!!!! I just don’t get it and never will!! Sometimes I think I am invisible!!!

  3. Another generic sign you could add for those idiots would be out the front of the home saying, Before entering Home please insert brain. For new brain insert token. No guarantees on efficient operation though.

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