Give me a minute!

When you are using our funeral home for visitation of your loved one we want you to feel at home. Really we do! We want to make sure that EVERYTHING is set up for you. The flowers, the picture boards, the room is clean and not too hot or too cold….anything you may have requested we hope that we can provide it for you as long as it is a reasonable request. We are not superhuman though, we are here for YOU and do our very best to provide you with the best and most comfortable experience we can and to accommodate your needs. However, there are certain things that shall we say ‘take time’ to do. If you come to one of us and ask if we could put out a luncheon sign, we are more than happy to do so. We have generic signs that we can put up. If you want it to actually list the place the luncheon will be and the address, etc…well, we have to make that for you. It only takes a few minutes to type it up on the computer (that is if we have the address and we don’t have to look it up, but we will if you don’t have it) so add a few minutes on to that. Then we print it and cut it because then we attach  it to the generic sign and then we will place it in the room for you. Now realize that in between all of this, the phone is ringing, other people may be at the funeral home, flowers may be being delivered and coffee is running low and someone asked if we could make another pot. Not that this is the families problem, but what I’m trying to say is…..we WILL do it and do it as fast as we can. So if after a few minutes we do not have it done and up in the room for you don’t come barging in the office and say you asked if you could have “whatever” done for you and it is not done yet. Please just give the staff a chance to get it done for you. Also if you are expecting a certain flower arrangement or food delivery and you let us know that you are expecting it and would like to know right away when it arrives, we WILL let you know. The flower room isn’t a place that we often allow families, it is in a separate room with a locked door. So, we understand that whatever it is that you are waiting for is important to you, understand that we will be waiting for it and will get it to you and or notify you as soon as it is there! Also, we do try to keep a log of each and every flower arrangement that is delivered. We write down what flower shop delivered it and who it is from. We do not write down what time. There are instances when flower arrangements have not been delivered and that friend or relative comes in for viewing and notices that the flowers they ordered are not there. Sure, you can ask us if it’s in the flower room or if someone logged it in. We are more than happy to check for you. But when you ask me why it hasn’t been delivered, I cannot tell you that! Also, for those who automatically assume that we just have not set out your flowers you ordered and they are just sitting back in our flower room because ‘you ordered them and it can only be OUR fault that they are not in the chapel’ ….well, think again. There are plenty of times when flowers all come at once! and to be honest, it SUCKS when that happens! But it is NOT that we aren’t setting out the arrangements, it is because they ALL CAME at ONCE! So again….give us a chance to get them into the chapel. I’m not sure if a lot of people realize this, but a lot of those flower arrangements are heavy and awkward and we also have to carry a plant stand in to set it on. But I hate when people just assume they are sitting in the flower room. I have had more than enough people get an attitude with me because they do not see their flowers in the chapel. So…when they start giving me shit, I open up the flower room door and let them see for themselves that there are NO flowers in the flower room! and NO….they are NOT in another room by accident, because 9 out of 10 times we only try to have one visitation at a time. It is also not our job to contact the florist you ordered from to find out where those flowers are! We will call for you, but really it’s a pain in the ass when you are the one who ordered them. Just the other day we had a man call about his flowers, he said that they were not there the day before and if they had arrived yet. We checked the log in and we checked in the room and they were not there. He asked what happened to them….uhhhh….i dunno….! so we suggested he call the flower shop where he ordered them from. The flower shop said that they had been delivered. So, he called back and said the flower shop said they delivered them about an hour ago. Well, sir, they are NOT here. So….I guess on his way into the funeral home just an hour or so later, he was driving down the road and just happened to be driving by another local funeral home and decided to stop in and ask if they had received any flowers for a “insert name here” and sure enough…..the man went and checked the flower room and TA DA! they were there! Usually when something like that happens, even if the flower shop wrote down the wrong funeral home name we will call around or check websites for the person’s name who is instate and we will call that funeral home and let them know that flowers had been to us by accident. 

2 Responses to “Give me a minute!”

  1. I’m sure that guy must have won the “Wanker of the Year” award for abusing you guys then realising his florist had sent them to the wrong home. That’s classic!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      yes he did, including all the other “wankers” we have on that list!! LOL one would think that a person who acts like that would apologize after being such an ass…. nope. i know i would.

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