Tip of the Day 1/30/2012

Tip of the Day for January 30, 2012

If you are going to be planning a funeral for a loved one and you are calling funeral homes to get pricing and you ask about State Assistance , please do not decide to be an asshole when I “TRY” to explain to you how it works, what YOU have to do and how much they will pay toward a burial or cremation! I am NOT the State! I ONLY work for the funeral home and have NO input nor do I make up the rules applied by the State! I am only the messenger.  You want to bitch about the State not paying more…..than call them. If you think it is “going out of your way” to haul your butt to the nearest State Aid office and just “cannot believe” that ‘you have’ to physically go there, than DON’T! And NO, I/we cannot go for you!!!! No, you cannot come and ‘just pick up the paperwork’ now! It doesn’t work that way…. you MUST decide on the funeral home you are for sure going to be using. You must make all of your funeral selections BEFORE going to the State Aid office! When we advise you to go ASAP please do so. Just because grandma or grandpa already has a Social Worker does NOT mean that you do not have to go or that they will receive more money toward the funeral cost. It doesn’t work that way! Oh and if you have a life insurance policy…..your not eligible for State Aid….I mean really….!?!


4 Responses to “Tip of the Day 1/30/2012”

  1. Not sure if this is your area but just asking. Unclaimed bodies. We had a story in the paper recently of “paupers’ funerals” on the increase here where the body is unclaimed with no reletives to collect them and hold a funeral, so they are kept at State mortuarys until government contractors within the funeral industry will release the body and bury or cremate them paid for by the State. It seems a lot of the unclaimed bodies are from nursing homes where reletives don’t wish to fork out for a funeral so they’ll leave it up to the government to pay for it under an unclaimed body with State aid funding. I mean, how callous can people get? I checked the amount of aid the State will pay for a pauper’s funeral and it’s misely. Around $A1500 (a bit more in US$ i think). Pretty pathetic isn’t it. Families I mean

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      We also have that issue here. Unclaimed bodies fill up the morgue and they eventually run out of room to hold them. At one point a few years back there were so many the Coronors office had to actually rent or purchase a “trailer” like ones on a semi-truck and they kept the bodies in there. Pathetic isn’t it? However, they are required by law to hold on to the bodies for a certain amount of time. If by then no one claims them, then they are cremated and buried at a cemetery that offers to bury the ‘unwanted’. The state doesn’t pay anything for any of this….. I have had to hold on to cremated remains here at the funeral home and actually still have some that families just never picked up or want! We make every attempt to contact the family, calling, writing letters, etc…. but they just don’t want them. A few years ago, I had a mother whose son passed away….he may have been in his early 50’s…but the mother asked me what we do with the cremated remains once we get them back… I said “well, ma’am, we would contact you and you would come get them and they do not belong to us, you can keep them, put them in an urn, bury them at a cemetery…whatever you choose”. She was just taken aback at the thought of having to have these in possesion! She came right out and said that she DID NOT want them back! Do not call her! ….. Odd….people are just odd!

  2. AdminAsst Says:

    Now this is an area I’m not quite as familiar with, state help with a funeral. We have a number of direct providers in the area so they do most of the business that deals with state or city aid. We did have a case, years ago, where the decedent had no living relatives and we asked the city for assistance, but that was only one case in the almost 10 years I’ve worked at a funeral home.

    We did have a family that came to us for services who admitted they couldn’t afford to pay it and the kids said to their grandfather “Oh we’ll help pay!!” and they never did. Poor grandpa made payments every month without fail until my boss finally told him he didn’t have to pay anymore. He was impressed with Grandpa’s integrity and wanted to give him a break.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      I’m not sure if every state offers assistance. Here they offer up to a certain amount for burial and cremation. It is more a pain in the rear really. I have also heard rumors that they will be doing away with it. I am hoping they do! I do feel for those families who really need it, but there are those that just use it because they can. It is a pain because the workers are rude and unhelpful and unsympathetic. They are rude to not only us but the families. The families or family member must spend a day a the state office filling out paperwork and being treated like crap. I always warn our families of this before they go.

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