Tip of the Day: 1/25/12

Tip of the Day:

January 25, 2012

If you attend a  funeral service (or prayers) at the funeral home, at the end the Director will come up and make some announcements. One of those announcements will be something like this “At this time I would like to ask you to please pass by the casket to pay your last respects and exit out the doors to your vehicles. Please turn on your bright headlights and remain in your vehicles for we will be processing to the cemetery. I ask that we start in the rear of the room and up the left isle.”  SO…. here is the issue. Usually there will be one of the staff waiting in the rear of the room to start guiding guests that it is there time to get up and pass by the casket. I will start with those who are standing in the rear of the room and then work up to those seated. I do so, by leaning over and saying “you can start up” and with a gesture of my hand. When someone does this to you, DO NOT just sit there! Do not just look at me and say nothing! Either get your ass up and get in line to pass by the casket or just say something like “no thank you, i’d rather not” HOWEVER please realize that there are other people in your row of seats that would LIKE TO! SO….if you are not going to pass by the casket, when someone tells you it is your turn, get up anyway and get the hell outta the way! Also, you heard what the Director said about exiting to your vehicles….Well, DO IT! Even if you aren’t passing by the casket. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t passing the casket, then you should be one of the first persons to get into your vehicle! Do not loiter around the funeral home standing in the chapel in everyones way, even if you think you are not in the way, you are! Quit thinking of yourself for one minute and realize that the family is waiting for everyone to leave so they can have a few minutes alone. AND then we need to close the casket and move it thru the room and out to the hearse. OKAY!

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