Tip of the day (new)

so, since i have been so busy lately, especially at work! it’s nuts at work actually! I have decided that at least I can post a tip of the day (pertaining to funeral home tips). Maybe some will have multiple tips, depending.

Tip of the day for January 23, 2012

Do NOT bring your baby or small children to a funeral service! ESPECIALLY if you are not going to refrain them from running up and down the halls ( near the steps! or doors!) this is a distraction to EVERYONE! but most of all ME, who is trying to organize and keep things running smooth and QUIET! Babies are just not a good idea period! They cry and scream! Why would you bring one anyway. Why would you bring any small child!?! Funerals are usually long, to a child, and they get anxious, so LEAVE them at home with family or with a sitter or you your self should not attend. It is RUDE if you let your child run around during a QUIET funeral service and not do anything about it. I do not think it is cute nor do I find it funny, so when you see me in the hall and your brat is running by me screaming, please do not look at me and smile or laugh…..Take them outside or to an area where no one can hear them, which is typically OUTSIDE or better yet HOME!



13 Responses to “Tip of the day (new)”

  1. brenda jenkins Says:

    i have a question where can i ask it at ?

  2. Reminds me of the time I went to that open day at the Home and some woman had a toddler with her (Why?!) being carried on her hip and every room they walked into the kid was screaming, I guess what was her first word and practicising it well, “No! Oh no! Nooooo!” and the ultimate when the mother walked into the chapel that has high ceilings and a large space with an echo……. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Right near mine and one of the Directors’ ear. Thank you very much love for bringing in your brat and making me deaf. I’m sure I saw staff gritting their teeth behind a forced smile. I did the same. Nope, children’do not belong at funerals and especially funeral homes. It’s not cute either when after all the staff’s hard work, the kid waltzes up and starts pulling petals off and onto the floor and continues the process too while the parents just sit there and go awww, where’s the camera.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      I know I’ve said it a million times…well, okay, maybe a hundred times, but I just do not know why people (parents) do nothing when their child misbehaves like that! I understand that children will cry, scream, try to get away with what they can, especially at a young age, but this is why you should NOT bring them to someplace where typically things are quite and people are really in no mood to listen to the wailing of a child. I can assure parents that if you have a small child and you have a funeral that you would like to attend, but cannot get a sitter or a family memeber to watch your child while you attend the funera visitation or service, that the family WILL understand! I have had a family or three….actually complain about the kids that are there. They apologize for them especially when the kids find the lounge area with food and decide that they can make a mess of the table, floor, counter tops, etc…. !!! Spill soda on the floor, throw M & M’s at each other and giggle and then leave them there for us to clean up or worse yet someone to slip and fall on! OH and don’t even get me started on GUM! The carpet is NOT a good place to spit out your gum! I’m sure the woman at that open house thought “well, its just an open house…right?, so it’s no big deal if I bring my kid” WRONG! I mean sure, bring your kid, but when he/she starts to act up…..then it’s time to LEAVE!

    • parlor gal Says:

      Ditto , Amanda!!!!

  3. What I hate is when you spend 30 minutes arranging flowers, then visitors walk in with a potted plant or vase of flowers or other floral arrangement.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      oh yeah….you always have the ones who bring in ‘their own flowers’ and then they come looking for you and say “can i get a stand or something for this?’ Almost as if you were suppose to know that they were going to be bringing it in! or why isn’t there a stand in there waiting for that arrangement they brought in. I don’t know about you, but we do not leave stands just sitting around the room, it looks tacky, so everytime a flower is delivered we also grab a stand and set it in the chapel. But what I really hate the most is when I have been carrying flowers all day long and every time I go into the room with another arrangement someone, usually a family member, is standing over my shoulder trying to look at the card to see who it is from! They can’t wait a freaking second for me to set it down and THEN walk over and look to see who it is from….I HATE that! As a matter of fact that may have to be one of my “Tips of the Day”!

      • AdminAsst Says:

        Speaking of flowers, do you get the 400 calls from area florists checking on the times for “John Doe’s” visitation or funeral service ON THE DAY THE OBIT IS PUBLISHED IN THE PAPER? Do they not deliver newspapers at flower shops? Or do flower shops not have access to the Internet to look up that information?

        Okay, getting off my soap box now. 🙂

      • thefuneralbizz Says:

        no, your right! sometimes the calls from the flower shops take up ALL my time that I could/should be doing my work!

  4. parlor gal Says:

    HA!!! Well said!!! Doesn’t that just drive you MAD?? NO the little stinkers are NOT NOT NOT CUTE!!!! You are correct when you stated they DO NOT belong in a funeral home!! Some of the parents don’t belong there either!!! Ahhh, good to vent !! Thanks!

  5. AdminAsst Says:

    Ah yes, the running, laughing or screaming child. We’ve had our fair share of them running up and down the aisle in the chapel. One time one of our staff members admonished the child (as the parents were no where to be found) for running and screeching in the chapel. Guess it got back to the child’s father because then he admonished our staff member for saying anything to the child a short time later.

    I’ve had people call to see if there would be an open casket because they wanted to bring their child to the service. Upon hearing the casket was going to be open they were concerned about traumitizing their child by bringing them to the service.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      geee. . . a parent no where to be found?!?! no! (being sarcastic of course) I’m pretty sure that people feel as if their children cannot get into trouble at a funeral home. That there is nothing they could possibly get into and since there are so many people around why bother to watch them the whole time. However….there is ALOT a child can get into, on in particular is “IN MY WAY!”

      Why wouldn’t the casket be open? I mean of course we have had those that are closed, but 95% of the time, if not more, are all open. Like a room full of crying sobbing people are not going to disturn the child any anyway…..I am not saying that you should shield your children from anything “bad” but to bring them to a funeral home for a long period of time is not acceptable!

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