SO rude!

When I see a door closed in a public place/business I knock before entering. Meaning I wait until someone answers the door after knocking. If by some chance no one answers the door, then I have to believe that no one is in the other room or they cannot answer the door at the moment. I don’t think I would ever just walk in without knocking unless I heard a voice from the other side saying “come in!”. If by some chance you could see thru that door, if there was window in the door, or the door was glass or there is a window next to that door and you could clearly see people in there, but they were ignoring my knock…well, I would just assume that they can not answer the door at the moment or what is going in the other room is private and they do not want to be bothered right now, explaining the shut door! either all of that or everyone in the room is deaf….but I’m gonna go ahead and guess they don’t want to be bothered. So here is my issue. At a funeral home when you see a door shut but can see people in the room and you knock and they do not answer, DO NOT walk in that room. DO NOT keep knocking! DO NOT knock on the window to that room! GO AWAY!  unless it is an emergency and someone is flailing wildly about the room, well even then you or someone very near to you has a cell phone! Now if the building is one fire….uhh, I’m not so sure I would be knocking on the door to warn the people in there anyway, I would just open the door and say FIRE! Also, let me add this, on this door it just happens to say in black letters, BIG black letters “ARRANGEMENT OFFICE”. Soooooo……uhhh, ya think maybe all those people in that room, with the person behind the desk in a black suit just may be making funeral arrangements? Take a minute, that’s ok…go ahead, I’ll let you think on it, but only for a minute.                      Ok, times up. Answer is:   YES, those are people making arrangements! Whew, sweat was starting to bead on my forehead, thought maybe I was the only person who knew that answer! So, let me move on to the next ‘no no’. When someone finally does answer that door because of your relentless knocking and they say “may I help you?” with a little bit of irritation in their voice and you say “I need you to put these flowers in the chapel” and you don’t say “I’m so sorry to bother you” or “I’m sorry to interrupt you” but you say in your bitchy voice “I need YOU to put these flowers in the chapel!” and the person says to you “uhh, ma’am, I am sorry but I am with a family right now….” and you again interrupt me and say again “I NEED YOU to put these flowers in the chapel for me!, I brought them in myself and I CANNOT walk into that chapel with all those people and hand them flowers, it is YOUR job to do that!” Lets just say that the person you are talking to is going to be alittle irritated and so is the family who is in the room making arrangements for their father who just died! Yes, this happened a few days ago. So, the Director said, “I am going to go back in this office to sit with the family who just lost someone and I will page someone for you. The lady sighed and asked how long was this going to take! When the other funeral home employee came up and asked “what can I help you with” the lady (or maybe it was satan, not sure) said “I just got done telling him what I wanted! put these in the chapel for christ sake!” Now, granted, the lady didn’t see anyone else around, meaning an employee, but if she would have taken the time to LOOK around, she would have seen the OTHER office door, which was OPEN or … she could have seen the buzzer on the wall that said “push for assistance!” I feel sorry that the deceased ever knew this person!

I really want to believe that most people have access to the internet these days or at least a phone book. I could be wrong…again, but do you know how many phone books I have that I don’t need or want! It seems that every time they deliver phone books, I end up with like, 5 of them, all the same! Then I have the old ones, that now I have to throw away or take to recycling. Anyway, getting off track. I get phone calls every day asking if so and so is being laid out at our funeral home. If I do, then the person calling is usually calling to find out the viewing times and funeral times. However, I get several phone calls where the caller asks if someone I DON’T have is being laid out at our funeral home. I politely say “no sir or no ma’am, I do not have anyone here by that name”. Half the time I get, “okay, thank you” or Okay, sorry to bother you.” BUT…the other half, I will get “ugh..well, do you know where he/she is at?” No, I do not! How would I know that? There is no list of all the dead people in the area and what funeral home they are using. I have been asked that plenty of times. “Well, isn’t there some list or something that you can check?” Nope, no, there’s not…. But, usually when I tell them that the person they are looking for is not at our funeral home, they will ask if I know where and when I say no, they say “oh, well I was told it was on such and such street so I thought it was your funeral home. Well, there are about 4 funeral homes on this street, which runs thru at least 6 cities! and to narrow it down, there are 3 in this city. Then they will ask for the names of the other funeral homes. Usually I am glad to give them that information. However, when they start expecting me to give them the phone numbers of those funeral homes, I start to become a bit irritated. One, because I am busy and I may have someone on hold, that I put on hold to answer your call. I am not information, call them! I am not a phone book, use the one you have, or the other 3 or 4 that you have, because if I have 5 phone books at work and just as many at home, I am sure you have at least one. use the internet! like I am probably going to do while you are waiting on the phone for ME to look up the number for you! I am sorry you called the wrong funeral home inquiring about a person you are looking for, but really, I don’t see how this became my problem.

Next rant that I have, when you call a business and want to speak to someone but that person is not in or not available to come to the phone and I ask to take a message, SPEAK clearly and somewhat slow so I can understand what the fuck you are saying! Go someplace that there is not a lot of noise in the background. If I can’t hear you, how can you hear me? I don’t want to have to keep asking you “what” or “spell that again”. If the person you are calling is not in, and when I ask to take a message, DON’T just hang up on me! I HATE THAT! even tho nine times outta 10 it’s just a sales call, but it pisses me off! and when you do call back for the 3rd time in one day, even if that person is in, I AM NOT going to get them for you! That goes for non sales calls too. We are a funeral home, if you call for someone, they WILL call you back! It may not be within 10-15 minutes, but it will be that same day before 5pm! If you tell me it is urgent or important I WILL relay that to the person you are calling for. Because if you don’t leave a message and just tell me you will call them back later, how do you know that person is going to be back when you call? YOU DON’T! If you call at 10am and I tell you so and so is on a funeral, you have no idea when they will be back! do you? so when you call back in an hour and I say no, they are gone on a funeral, and you reply that I told you that an hour ago, well…yeah, I am sure I did, it usually takes longer than an hour if that person is on a funeral. You don’t know when they left, you don’t know where they had to go! Also, don’t make comments like, “every time I call he/she is never in”. “I call all the time, but can never get in touch with them!”. LEAVE A MESSAGE! then maybe they will call you back….


4 Responses to “SO rude!”

  1. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this blog!! I absolutely love you!! I so feel like this about dumbass people and people just think i’m a total bitch! well, if people wouldnt act like complete rude ass retards then maybe I wouldnt be like this. I work at a brokerage firm and we have daily stupid asses (my coworkers) that act like a bunch of douche bags!! UGH!! I was googling life in a funeral home because I have been thinkin about changing careers and that’s how I found you!! I hope your new job works out and you don’t have to deal with complete “f” sticks all the time! it’s amazing to me how stupid, rude & inconsiderate people really are! I mean GEEZ did they all just get hit with the stupid stick! Sheesh!!!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      So happy you enjoyed reading my blog!
      I’m not sure why people act the way they do. I am amazed at the stupidity. I am just in awe at those who just think the wor;d revolves around them and them only. Those who have no manners or common sense. Where do these people come from? Makes you wonder if they have always been like that or were they really raised to be assholes!?!
      I hope I did not discourage you from continuing to search for a career in the funeral industry. It does have it’s good points!! Best of luck to you. I am enjoying my new job, thank you. I still am dealing with idiots, but my co-workers are soooo much better!! I don’t think it matters where you work, what business you are in, people still suck!

  2. Hey Bizz, All the best for the holidays and Merry Christmas (not working that day I hope but then again least the deceased don’t argue back which part of the turkey they haven’t got – just remembering something from a family christmas dinner years ago with an argument over who got the turkey leg!). Hope it’s an easier year for you next year. Catch you in the new year!

  3. A list of dead people?…LOL! That’s good. Those people are probably thinking, oh that’s where Auntie May’s gold necklace, that was supposed to be mine, is! Just ask 20 questions to every funeral home in the district to find out exactly where she is! Uncle Rich needs it back.

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