Busy. Slow. Busy. Slow. Busy

Right now, its busy. I am so glad to have the weekend off! But since May, it was slow. Then it got busy. Then it got slow. Now it’s busy again. Weird how that works. Weird that all the other funeral homes in the area were slow as well. Then we would all get busy again.

Now, when you need to make funeral arrangements, we get that you may not know what you are doing or what you need to do. Thats we are for. We are here to help you. But…..you need to work with us! If you want to order flowers, you may do so thru us, at no extra charge. Or you may go to a florist of your liking. However, you must go asap! You cannot wait until the day of. I mean, I suppose you could, but you are asking a lot of that florist! Also just because you came in for funeral arrangements on say, Tuesday and you haven’t finalized the arrangements, does not mean that you can come back in anytime you feel like it on Wednesday to “go over” things and demand to speak to the Director! You see, other people die. When other people die, they call us. We make an appt. for that family to come in and make arrangements. So….when you come walking in on Wednesday and say to me “we need to see so and so that we saw yesterday to finish the arrangements for so and so”. and I tell you, “well, so and so is with another family right now who had an appt. at 12:30pm.”  WHY….WHY do I get smart ass fucking remarks?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  God, do I hate that! NO ONE! NO ONE told you to just show the fuck up when you fucking felt like it! I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT! and when you ask me in your sarcastic tone “well, how long are we going to have to wait then to see him, we need to get this taken care of?’ and I tell you, “I don’t know, however long it take for him to finish with the family he is meeting with right now, could be over in a half an hour, could be an hour and a half, is there something I may be able to help you with?” (this is the part I love)…. “well, (looks at other family members to get some sort of reaction to whether or not I seem like I can help them) I guess if so and so isn’t available, we really don’t have much of a choice do we?’ I say ‘well, of course you do, you can go ahead and have a seat, have some coffee or I can get you some water while you wait, or you could always come back at oh, say 2pm….?” they usually go ahead and let little ole’ me help them. geeezus. By this point I really don’t want to help them and always end up thinking to myself, gee, why did i even offer to help them, should have just told them they “had” to come back later!

i did speak to a very nice lady on the phone the other day. she just made me laugh and we had a good conversation. i liked that. not often you feel comfortable just chatting with someone you have never met. i wish i could meet her now! i told her that too. she was calling about her pre-arrangements she had made some years ago. the company that owned the pre-need insurance sold to another company (which is not uncommon) and she just had a question about it. She was talking and joking that at her age, she knows not to let little things that worry her go….so that is why she called, and that she doesn’t want any mishaps after she is gone where someone else has to worry about paying for her funeral when she went thru all the trouble of paying for it over the last several years. She was telling me about how she still drives here and there (that was the only thing that really worried me about her, since she said she was 89 yrs old!) and that she was a hair dresser for over 40 years and that the young girls who she use to work with still come by to this day ever Friday and have lunch with her, now they are much older, she said, and they tell her how they use to be scared of her when they all first started working with her because she would tell them what they were doing wrong. but now that they are older they appreciate that she was honest with them. she then asked about me and my life and work, etc….she wasn’t being nosey, just creating conversation and i enjoyed it. i told her before we hung up that i wish we could meet ….. before she passed! to which we both had a good laugh, thank goodness she has a really great sense of humor!

so anyway………thats about it. until next time.


One Response to “Busy. Slow. Busy. Slow. Busy”

  1. so ridiculous. keep up the good work!

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