No show for appt!! on a holiday!!!!!

so..normally we are closed on sunday’s unless we have visitation. or…if someone passes and the family would like to come in to make the arrangements. so, on sunday, Mother’s Day, get a call and the family wants  to meet at 10am! okay…..fine.  so guess what happens? they don’t show up! they don’t call. nothing! on Mother’s Day! Because apparently i have nothing better to do on Mother’s Day, right?!?

then….on Monday morning, BEFORE 9am. get a call from, guess who! and they say that they can come in around 11am. well, i asked ‘uhh, i waited for you yesterday at 10am. ” the response was this “Ughhh Ohhhh Noooooo, what now…oh God….” really? what the fuck is that suppose to even mean? so i guess she thought since she was rude enough to not show up or call that i meant we couldn’t help her monday! i said “we can still be available to help you today, i was just saying that i was expecting you yesterday, also, if you want to come today, and that is fine, i need a time that you will be coming in”. again, she said she could make it around 11am. I said “i need to know more of a pin-point time to make sure that there is a director there for when you arrive”. she said, “oh, i WILL be there at 11am!” so, they did show up at 11am. then they left! without finalizing!  ugh! they said they had to think about it and see if they had the funds available to pay for a funeral……?? so, i receive a phone call about an hour later. it was that family. they asked for the other director who sat with them when they came in earlier. i told them that she had just stepped out but should be back around 2pm. well, she wasn’t happy with my answer. she said she HAD to come back in and speak with her. i told her no problem she can come back and speak with her how about coming back at 3pm? OH NOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO! that was not working for her! i said, she JUST left, the only thing i can do is call her to see if she will be back any sooner, so let’s have you come at 2:30pm a half an hour from now. she said, “well…i guess that will have to do if i can’t come right now, i am just down the street. i do have things to do this afternoon and i cannot be late for them!”   OH REALLY? you inconsiderate bitch! i should have turned the lights out and locked up the building right then and there so when she showed up no one was here to help her! well, that’s what i wanted to do! of course i couldn’t and wouldn’t. but really, to have the nerve to say that after not showing up OR calling the day before! how dare her! i told her if the director would be back sooner i would call her so she could come right in…well, the director showed up about 10 minutes later….but, i wasn’t about to call that bitch and let her know. and as far as her having “things” to do in the afternoon, bullshit, she was here for 2 freaking hours and never mentioned that she was in a hurry or had to go anywhere or have anything to do. she also called twice after they left and showed up this morning already to ask a question. good thing i am off on the day of their visitation! whew!

other than that, we have been kinda slow. last month was sooo busy. this month…not so much…..yet. that could change in the matter of minutes.

until next time….


5 Responses to “No show for appt!! on a holiday!!!!!”

  1. i love redaying your blog i work for a funeral home in my home town and its nice to sit and reday you blog post more love it 🙂

  2. Lindsey Says:

    Just found your blog and I am very intruiged! I love that you have a place to go and vent about it. I know its not the same thing, but I used to be a server in college and experienced the same rudeness from customers. Its amazing that no matter where you go, the town idiot and his entire family are there too. I don’t know why, but lately I have felt a sort of “calling”, if you will, to work in a funeral home. I don’t know why either. There is so much I want to know. What kind of personality traits does it take to work in this industry? How many different positions are there? How do you even apply for a job? (Do you just walk in and say, Hey guys, I’m looking for a job!)? Also, when you first started, was it weird to be around so much sadness? How do you leave your feelings at the door and not be effected by everything? Sorry so many questions 🙂

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      sorry it took so long for me to get back to you Lindsey…… i think its great that you have interest in the funeral business. if you feel that you have a calling, why not call up some funeral homes in your area and see if they are hiring? if not, usually most funeral homes are owned by families or just one person and really don’t have that many employess, maybe you could ask them if you could stop by one day and talk to them or just observe while a service is going on and just let them know that you are thinking about getting into the business. i’m sure that you could find at least one that would let you hang out for a while to see how things are. there aren’t really that many postions in a funeral home, usually there is the owner who is also a director, maybe another or a few other directors (depending on the size or amount of business the funeral home gets), the funeral home secretary, greeter (who work during visitation only), and maybe a few other office workers that may only work in the evening (if the funeral home has evening hours during non-visitation times), then there may be someone who does the death certificates which means they will take the typed death certificate to get signed by the doctor and then file it at the correct city clerks office, and maybe some cleaing staff if not professionally done. usually the director/s does the embalming, but some places may have just an emblamer and then some funeral homes may have a pre-need person….
      as to feeling weird working around so many sad people…? well, it depends. i get sad during the actual funeral service sometimes. if it is a child or what really gets me sad is when there is a husband or wife who have been married for 60 years and one of them passes away….the other one doesn’t know what to do with out the other. they made it thru everything together day in and day out and you see the one just so sad. it makes me think about my husband and myself and i tear up. but, unfortunatley most of the time it doesn’t bother me much. i suppose you just get use to it, just like anything else that you see and do everyday. also, during the visitation usually there are so many people there, most of the time you hear laughter and lots of talk. i think for alot of people a funeral visitation is a busy time for the family, there are friends and family that they haven’t seen in years and it is a time to catch up, that too is unfortunate. when i first started working at the funeral home, i remember my first funeral service. i really didn’t even think about how it would effect me, but i did start to cry a little, but i just kept reminding myself that i was there to do a job and kept saying to myself, “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry”. most days when i leave work, it isn’t hard to leave everything behind, what i think about most when i leave work is ‘did i remember to order the casket? the vault?, did i e-mail the death notice, etc….’ . i hope that you are able to at least find a funeral home that will let you come in and observe, that way you will get an idea of what it is like. i think for most people, they think that working at a funeral home is quite. but it is very busy and hectic back in the office!!!! there are days when i come home exhausted. you have so much to do and SO many deadlines to meet. and ALOT to remember!! Good Luck! and thank you for reading my blog, i hope you keep coming back.

      • Lindsey Says:

        You are awesome 🙂 Thanks for such an in depth reply! What exactly is a greeter and what are their duties? It sounds like exactly what I think it would be; someone who greets people when they enter the funeral home. And could you explain what ‘visitation hours’ are too? I am ok around the deceased while they are in their casket, I have been to a funeral or two in my life. But as far as being around the bodies before they have been embalmed, or while they are being prepared, I don’t know how I would do with that. Im not sure if that part of the process is where I would want to work….does that make sense? Thanks!

      • thefuneralbizz Says:

        no problem Lindsey….!! a greeter is just that, they hang out near the entrance and direct visitors to the correct chapel if they need to be shown where a person is layed out, they take their coats from them and hang them up if they want, show them where the restrooms are, the lounge, answer the phone,make coffee, empty trash, clean up, do light office work; meaning maybe print more prayer cards/folders if the family runs out of them. maybe do a few work excuses, that sorta stuff. Visitation hours are the hours that the deceased will be layed out at the funeral home. for example, someone passes away and the family wants to set up visitation, usually the family will have an hour for just them and then rest of the day/evening for everyone else. so lets say family wants 12pm-1pm for just immediate family, they would show up to the funeral home at Noon and have an hour alone with the deceased, then at 1pm anyone else who wishes to pay their respects are allowed to come to visit. usually visitation will go on thru out the day ending either at 8pm or 9pm. some families may opt to do 2 days of visitation or some call it a viewing, so that would usually be first day 4pm-5pm for family then 5pm-8pm for everyone else. then the following day it will usually be from 12p-8p for everyone (no family hour), then the third day would be the actual funeral. some families like to have the service right at the funeral home, some like to have it at church. so, if they were to have it at the funeral home, just for example, it would be funeral service 10:30 am at the funeral home, everyone who plans on attending the funeral should arrive by 10:30am then typically the family has a member of clergy, a Priest, Minister, etc say prayers, some families may want to get up to speak about the deceased, then the funeral director will announce that the service is finished and announce any luncheon that may follow the funeral, he will let everyone know to pass by the casket and exit to their vehicles and turn on bright headlights if following in the procession. If they begin at church, we call it ‘Instate at Church’ so instead of everyone arriving at the funeral home the moring of the funeral, they would arrive to the designated church and Mass would be held then after Mass they would process to the cemetery. some families even start at the funeral home, as above, then process to church for Mass, then process to the cemetery…. as far as the prep of the deceased, you shouldn’ t really have any contact with them before they are embalmed and dressed. OSHA prohibits anyone who is not authorized to enter the embalming (prep) room. you may see the removal company or if the director or worker does the removal bring the bodies into the funeral home, but they are in a bag and covered, so you shouldn’t see them. only if you were to open the prep room door and look in or go into the prep room would you have any type of contact. sorry if this has confused you any….hope it helped!

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