UGH! has it been busy!

and let me tell you….of course i have something to bitch about, did you think otherwise?

i just don’t get what posses people to be so damn rotten to people they never met before!  i still think that people feel since they have just lost someone it gives them the right to feel superior somewhow….but to be nasty to the very people who are HELPING you is down right rude! we bust our asses to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch! make sure the room looks nice, clean and ready for you when you arrive. make sure that the deceased looks as good as possible..considering. we go that extra step to make sure that you have NO WORRIES. we don’t want you to have to worry about anything more than you already have to worry about. we understand that you are upset and grieving and on top of that you are stressing about everything else that you may have forgotten about. we do things that aren’t even asked of us, we do things for families who request the oddest stuff and never say a word, just smile and say ‘no problem’. so what gives?!!?!?

and again…not that we aren’t focused on your family, but we do have other families as well. i am confused when a family arrives and we have another family using the facilities at the same time. we really don’t have to tell you that someone is going to be layed out the same day as your loved one, but we often do just incase. usually the families say ‘oh no, not a problem”, but get to the day of and you best believe there is going to be some complaining! or some dirty looks and rolling of the eyes when they walk in to find other people are using the funeral home as well.

and another thing. we only have so much parking! we had a very large service the other day for a younger man, he was in is early 30’s. the service was at 11am. we had another family who’s first viewing began at 11:30 am. well, obviously there was limited parking available. so in walks an older man and in his loudest voice walks in the front door and just starts huffing and puffing about how far he had to walk because there were no parking spots available! is it not obvious that there is a service in progress and when you walked in it was QUITE! and why would you do that anyway? then when we try to explain to you that there is a service going on continue to rant and rave, while the family members and friends are standing in the halls because there is not even enough seating!?! good lord!

well…gotta run! will post more asap!

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