Go someplace else then/geeezus

if you think that threatening to go to another funeral home will persuade us to change our pricing for you, then you are wrong. this is what i talk about all the time. when people are coming in to OUR funeral home, coming to us for help to bury/cremate their loved one and right off the bat have an attitude! what posses a person to do that?  sit in front of us when we give them prices and say that they can get it cheaper and say they are going elsewhere. well, then go! had a family ‘walk-in’ on Wednesday, yes, walk-in, and said they had no money and they intended on using state funding. but yet again, another family who did not understand what exactly state funding means. so, we explain that they will only pay a portion of the funeral expenses and the family is responsible for the rest, also the family may not exceed a certain amount otherwise the state will not pay for any of it! they were taken aback! they said give us your least expensive option, well that being direct cremation. no, that is not what they wanted, they wanted visitation. well, then we gave them what it would cost with viewing and use of the funeral home for a few hours during the day. no, they wanted evening. well, that is where it gets expensive and they cannot use state aid with that option. again, their words were, ‘we can go elsewhere if you like?”. your asking me if you would like it if you went elsewhere? as a matter of fact i would! so, we said, this is the only option available to you thru our funeral home using state aid, would you like to continue or think it over, etc……  they got up and walked out. SEE YA!       or so we thought…….damn! apparently they went to another funeral home and they gave them either the same price, wouldn’t accept state aid, or gave them a higher cost. direct cremation is what they ended up doing and they will be having a memorial service at a later date, elsewhere, i hope!

had another incident with cremation authorization a few days ago as well. you MUST be the next of kin to sign the cremation authorization. no if ands or buts about it. we have to trust whoever is sitting in front of us is being truthful. when you come in and say we would like a cremation. we ask who the next of kin is. many people don’t get the whole next of kin thing. you are not next of kin just because you have taken care of someone for the last 5, 10, 20 yrs! you are next of kin if you are the deceased spouse, if spouse is also deceased, then it is the oldest child, etc………if you lie about it and sign that cremation authorization and the next of kin surfaces one day or really anyone in the family who disagrees with the fact that you had that person cremated, you are in for some trouble. just letting you all be aware of this!



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