life working in a funeral home……Pricing!!

YES, PRICING! People actually go around to funeral homes or call funeral homes to get prices! People do this ALL the time. No big deal. But, according to the snatch who came in the other day thought it was just awful that someone would actually go around getting “estimates” on someones “death”. I mean, yeah, when you say it like that it doesn’t sound so good, but really, you aren’t getting an estimate on someones death. you are getting a price on a funeral services. I get calls all the time or people who stop in (which I really wish they wouldn’t just stop in, CALL for an appt.) A family member passes away and people do this. So, I really don’t know why this bitch flew off the handle when I asked her if she wanted pricing or to arrange the funeral. Let me take a few steps back. It’s a quite day, almost time to go home. The door bell rings. I open the door and this woman just walks right in, right past me, like I am the door man, and then just stands there. So, I say ” Hi, how can I help you?” Her reply “My mother died!!!!” Okayyyyy…….I say to myself. I say “oh, I’m sorry to hear that, well, the Director just stepped out for a moment (THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD CALL FIRST!!!!!!!!) are you looking to get some pricing or are you ready to arrange the funeral for your mother?” Her answer, “WHAT? seriously, I want to make the funeral arrangements, you really think i am out going from funeral home to funeral home getting prices?” All the while being a Bitch! I say, “Well, it’s not uncommon for people to get pricing, but go ahead and have a seat and I will call the Director, I will be right back”. In a huff she sits her fat ass down. I call the Director, he will be there in a few minutes, i say I will get started with her, she’s an asshole!” So I just don’t get why this woman thought it such a big deal? I wasn’t being rude. Again, another person who has never meet me and just decides to be rude to me! Another thing that pisses me off, when you do just show up at a funeral home and someone open the door and you come in, why just stand there? TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR! Like I automatically know that you are there to make funeral arrangements or to get “PRICING”? NO, I don’t know that! You could be there to pay a bill, to pick up death certificates, to pick up cremated remains, to get a work excuse, or to inquire about someone who is to be laid out at the funeral home or………………to make funeral arrangements! I hate when people just come in and I am supposed to know why you are there! When someone opens a door for you when you are entering a building isn’t it out of politeness to say “Hello” or “Hi” then proceed to explain why you are there? Again, just because someone in your family had died, it does not give you the right to be a DICK!

When you are making your funeral arrangements and you would like to place a death notice in the local paper, we take the information from you and we type up the notice and usually have you proof read it before we submit it to the paper because it is expensive (which is another thing people bitch about. We aren’t charging you the paper is!!!!) so, we take the names of the family members that you would like included in the death notice, deceased’s spouse, if any, children and children’s spouses, siblings, grandchildren, parents, if they are still living, great-grandchildren, step children, step siblings, etc….. When you start making changes to the notice after I have typed it, over and over again, it is a PAIN IN THE ASS!  just because you forgot to add some distant cousins husbands children…it’s a little ridiculous!

Oh, and just a little note to the family I had last week. The girl, the granddaughter of the deceased, nice dress…..Skin tight sweater dress with thigh high black stiletto heel boots  and black tights………I’m sure grandpa is so proud of his little slut!

Until next time………..Chow


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  1. thigh high boots? really?

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