Funeral Luncheon’s

Okay. Listen! you are NOT required to have a luncheon after the funeral! No where does it say that a luncheon is REQUIRED! Also, if you cannot afford the funeral and are begging us to “help you out” with the cost, then you definitely do not need to have a luncheon! understand?!?! You also DO NOT need to bring in any food during the visitation! NO, people DO NOT need to eat while they are there. NO, you do not “have” to feed the people who show up! Why do you think you have to feed people who showed up to pay their respects to the deceased? Why? I want a fucking answer! ! ! Someone in YOUR family died and you think YOU HAVE to feed those who come by to pay their respects?  Kinda backward isn’t it? YES IT IS! Two freaking times this month I have had families bitch and moan that they didn’t have any freaking money to pay for the funeral. BUT…………WAIT………….they were more concerned about paying for the luncheon! REALLY? FUCK OFF! FUCK YOU! Then, the first family even cut their visitation short because….OH NO….God forbid………….they couldn’t get the hall they wanted for their luncheon at the original time! Really! so…… one thinks that this is a little twisted? Then on family asked us to make an announcement that they were having a luncheon but they could not afford more than 15 people…so those of you that will be attending will have to pay for yourself! UHHHHHHHHHHH…………NO, we don’t make announcements like that for you and NO we will not put a sign out that tells people that they are expected to pay for themselves. WORRY about how the fuck your going to pay for the fucking funeral, NOT the fucking luncheon!  When you bring shit into OUR funeral home, yeah food, clean it up and do not let the little brats that people bring have free run of the lounge. WHY? because they fucking spill shit and leave food all over the fucking place! and NO ONE has the brains or the respect to clean up afterward! you bring it in, you clean it! I do not appreciate stepping in spilled juice. nor do I like picking peanut m&m’s up off the floor and finding them all over the place.


One Response to “Funeral Luncheon’s”

  1. And one wonders about the increasing obesity epidemic in the western world when you see how much food is at a funeral!

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