Life at a funeral home………still the same ole’ BS!

So, really haven’t been able to write in a while. been busy busy! at work and at home. however………the same ‘stab you in the back the minute you turn around’ bitch of a coworker is still up to her usual bullshit! have you ever just hated someone so much? you just can’t stand the sound of their name even? she now knows that she can get away with lying. she knows it and so do the rest of us. well, except the boss, of course.

haven’t had too many pain in the ass families…….which is great!! until day before yesterday! they called just about every hour on the hour Monday. and it wasn’t important questions either! just dumb shit, like about the luncheon. we have nothing to do with the luncheon. then called to ask me about bringing in food, of fucking course! the lady actually went over her list of snacks and other things that she was planning on bringing in to set up during visitation. she was going to the store to get these items and just wanted to go over the list before she left to go purchase them. then called from the grocery store to ask me if she should get more water or soda. i don’t have time for this shit! and every time she would call she would apologize for bothering me and taking up my time, but continue to talk and then of course call back an hour later.

i am still frustrated with people who come to get pricing and then bitch about it to me. i mean…….i don’t know these people, never met them or seen them before in my life, yet the feel it is ok to treat me like shit because i am giving them information THEY asked for! ya know…..i am sorry that you just had a death in your family, but still, it is NOT ok to treat others like shit! and then the threats come……..”well, we will just go down the street to such and such funeral home then and see what they have to say, i am sure they are a lot less than this fucking place”. REALLY? your REALLY being a dick to me? i don’t want you at my funeral home then if your such a freaking asshole anyway! UGH! and why do people think that death certificates are SO private? HATE when families start arguing about the fucking death certificates! i always try to make it a point when families start bickering about them and who gets them to let them know that ANYONE can go the city clerks office and purchase a death certificate on ANYONE they want to! love the reaction i get after i tell them that! either they immediately calm down or get more pissed, like it’s my fault that it’s like that. fuck OFF! that is what i want to say to them! fuck right off! i know i have said it before, but really, when a death certificate is pending, it  “can” take up to 6 months, sometimes even longer, before we will receive an amended one! it isn’t the funeral home not doing their job, like most of the pain in the asses think, it is first, the coroner, then the State……….! once we receive a letter from the coroner that they have made the correction to the DC and they have mailed the corrected copy to the State, THEN we will contact the city clerks office, and we WILL NOT contact the city clerks office until AT LEAST 2 weeks after receiving that letter. once the city clerk says, “yes, we have the amended copy”, THEN we, the funeral home, may go get it! I don’t give a shit if you are waiting on insurance policy or not! i don’t care if you have to have one for a mortgage company, cable, etc………I don’t fucking care! it is not going to help you to yell at me! NOTHING i can do about it. AND, just for your information, these companies know that it takes time! you aren’t the only person who has a pending DC that they have dealt with, especially insurance companies!

so… you can see, same BS just another freaking day. back to work tomorrow. have a service at 10am, then another family starting their visitation in the afternoon. yippifuckingyay!


8 Responses to “Life at a funeral home………still the same ole’ BS!”

  1. Is your co-worker younger? She sounds wet behind the ears and quite stupid. Worked for one of those myself. And aren’t they great for dumping all their faults and mishaps around the office onto another person?!

    It astounds me how many people don’t realise they have to pay for a funeral. What do they think all those life insurance ads on tv of grandma holding the daughters’ hands and starting with lines of “…you know I won’t be here much longer and a funeral is a great expense” followed by a mention of taking out funeral insurance to help cover the expenses are for? Make the TV screen look pretty with blurred images of gardenias and flowers the like.

    I think the dress respectfully should apply to children too… A large bit of industrial masking tape over their mouths to keep the little buggers quiet:)

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      yes, she is younger, but too much younger though. i believe she may be about 10 years younger than myself. i do think that some of her stupidness is contributed to her age though. nothing is EVER her fault! she NEVER makes mistakes!

      people actually get mad at us when we tell them they have to pay and what they have to pay. i don’t understand that either! we do get alot of families that do bring in the life ins. policies, thank God! but so many people just get so pissed off at us when we tell them how much things are. and a big misconception with people here in the U.S (not sure if you have this in Australia) is that the State will pay for the funeral if the deceased had no money, no assests. it is simply not true. the State will pay for a portion of a burial and a portion on a cremation. right now I believe the most they will pay, if that person is approved, is $595.00. that means the family is responsible for the difference. when they hear that they are livid!

      as for dressing respectfully, i agree! adults as well as children should be dressed respectfully! however, this just does not always happen! the worse dressers are the teenagers and those in their early 20 to mid 20’s. although there are the ones who dress properly, it just seems they could care less!

      • Yeah the policy on state-aid is similiar here too. It varies for each State and Territory, but in my State the government will cover the expenses for a basic burial known as a “paupers’ funeral”. But if the family want a headstone say if its cemetarial burial then they’ll have to pay for it and any other extras they wish. If a paupers funeral goes ahead, then I don’t think the family or people in general understand entirely that the government paying doesn’t mean they’ll pay for everything with the service. There’s a slight bit of confusion there!

  2. olive grenade Says:

    you guys work together? i’m guessing?

  3. oops– that reply was meant for next post, funeral luncheons.

  4. DITTOS !!!! They should offer to bring YOU food at your HOME !!!! What the heck ???? It’s a funeral, not a show.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      yeah no shit, pam! you know how you get those families that are really super nice and offer you food? sometimes they almost insist on the employees eating what they brought in? then you get those who bring in enough food to feed a small country and they watch you like a hawk to make sure you aren’t “stealing” their food? well, it’s those families that when they aren’t around, I/we go take stuff and bring it back to the employee lounge! at least we are actually going to eat it, not take abite and leave it on the table, or like the little brats they bring in who think they have to take one bite out of everything they see and leave it laying on the furniture or floor! and NO the parents don’t clean it up………WE DO!

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