Holiday weekend…….right?

now, i know that most of you will probably disagree with me, but……………… if someone in your family passed away and a holiday was coming up, would you actually schedule your first day of visitation on the day of the holiday? i wouldn’t. most of the people i know wouldn’t. but of course………there are those who would. which brings me to the family i have now. they came in and wanted two days the third day the funeral. fine. this was on MONDAY!! so, they wanted to WAIT to start this on SUNDAY! so have viewing on sunday, monday and the funeral on tuesday. i mean, really!?! first of all, why wait almost a week? then to top it off it is a holiday weekend! let me clarify something real quick, this is black family. black families usually wait about a week after death to start any type of viewing. why? i have no idea. that is just what they do……. but seeing as this is LABOR DAY WEEKEND one would think that they would NOT do it on labor day weekend. BUT………who the hell am i.

That is all i have to say. i want to say more. i want to make some comments but i am holding myself back right now. so i better stop typing……………..


2 Responses to “Holiday weekend…….right?”

  1. If they do end up using your funeral home on Labor Day, I hope you are able to collect extra money for staff overtime. That’s how we do it.

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