Witness a cremation

    You are allowed to witness the cremation, for those of you who are curious. You DO NOT, however, actually get to see inside the retort. You are allowed to go to the crematory, with a funeral director, and witness the crematory insert the casket or cremation container into the retort. And, YES, there is a charge for that. I know, soooooooo hard to believe that you actually have to pay to see it  (being sarcastic here)…. There is a charge because you have to be escorted by a funeral director and that is how the funeral director is getting paid. Think of it as if you were going to the cemetery. You have to pay for our services to go the cemetery, so why would you not have to pay to go to the crematory? 

     Sharing. You learned it as a child, I hope! So, when you are at a funeral home and there is another family there or maybe two families, you need to “share” the lounge areas! I have received a couple of complaints over the last several months regarding families not “sharing ” the lounge areas. There were a couple of families that kinda took over the lounge. It was rude. The had brought in so much food that there wasn’t even any place left for anyone to even sit down. All the tables were taken up with food, plates, napkins, eating utensils, pop cans, etc….. It was just ridiculous. How disrespectful of those people who did this and to top it off they were quite rude to us and the other family.  At one point one of the employees, the “Greeter”, went into the lounge to check on the coffee and noticed that a woman from the family who had ALL the food was actually COOKING in the lounge. This woman had brought in a steno (spelling, I’m not sure if that is what they are called or if the spelling is correct?) and was making some kind of soup! The employee nicely said to her that she cannot have that in the funeral home, we are not set up for this and it is dangerous!! The woman looked at her and said “I know what I am doing and I do not need to be supervised, thank you”. The employee said, “I understand that, but the funeral home does not allow you to do this! I am going to have to ask you to NOT use that here and on top of that, there are children that are running around and if something hot falls on them we cannot be held responsible!”. The woman said “I am making this soup because everyone wanted me to make it and I know better than to let a child get too close to it and again, thank you, I do not need to be told what to do!”.   Nice, huh?!? Personally, I would have liked to punch this bitch in the face!

     I had a family about 2 weeks ago who wanted to have a minimal service. Just a few hours and that’s all. They finally decided to have 4 hours at the funeral home. Then cremation. Why did they feel it necessary to bring in 3 coolers full of soda and water? Why did they feel it necessary to have 8 pizzas delivered? Why did they have someone go out and bring back chinese food? WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    So…….once again………..DO NOT bring in so much FOOD!

3 Responses to “Witness a cremation”

  1. olive grenade Says:

    is there anything you can say to “make” the rude family share? or do you kinda just have to turn the other cheek? did the nice family complain?

    and as far as any kind of food goes…. how can you think about eating when you’re mourning someone’s death? especially when you’re still at the funeral home.
    like, “oh man, i’m so bummed that my dad died OOH chinese food!!!!”

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      if i remember correctly the director did mention something to the family, but i don’t believe it did any good. i also think that we made an area, which was quite smaller, for the other family. and yes, the other family ended up complaining and requested they be refunded some money. of course! but, usually when we do have more than one person instate we always like to let the ‘other’ family who wants the same day know that there is going to be another family here and we really cannot be responsible for how many people show up. so they have the option of waiting a day….
      i cannot stress how many families think that they have to bring in food. and lots of it. it is one of my biggest pet peeves. the amount of food these people bring in and the fact that you walk by the chapel and there are mabye 4 people in there with the deceased and the rest of them are all in the lounge eating and drinking coffe and whatever else the family brought in. families call ALL the time and ask ” we can bring food in, right?” or “what time can we arrive so we can set up the food?” makes my ears want to bleed!

  2. parlor gal Says:

    For the woman who was cooking in the lounge with an open flame–well, yes you DO need to be told what to do because your just plain F-ING STUPID!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ????!!!! just how STUPID are people now?? How about this novel idea—cook all the food you want AT HOME and serve it all AFTER services/burial. STUPID STUPID STUPID

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