What the……………

What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!   I just don’t get it! What happened to being respectful of others property? What happened to making sure your children are behaving!!?!?!?!?!! WHAT!?!?!

The other day we had visitation.  There were many children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the deceased and they were all here! Now, just because you are at a funeral home, does NOT mean that you do not have to watch what your kids are doing. I really wanted to smack the face off of your kids! They were taking things and ripping them apart! Our brochures that are in the hall way! Those cost money! They just helped themselves to some of my ink pens that were in the office (must have went in my office when I was not in it) and bent the tips on all the pens! Really! That is how you raise your kids? They were screaming! They were running! There was a little boy, probably about 2 yrs old that you left with the 7 and 8 yr olds……and he kept going to the door and pushing it open and got his fingers stuck and then at one point got outside and the 7 yr old boy was trying to get him back in the building and when he couldn’t he left him alone out there and went to get an adult, that child could have been hit by a car or snatched up by some weirdo in the meantime. Oh and by the way, I AM NOT a babysitter and I refuse to watch after you kids! The funeral home is NOT the place to have kids at all day! I understand that it was their grandmother, but ya know what, bring them for a couple of hours then LEAVE! You have children, that overrides everything! Leave, go home for a few and bring them back with you after they have had time to play or whatever. They get bored being here.  I would definitely get bored being here if  I was a kid. 8 hours are just too long to expect them to sit quietly. As a  parent you should know better! On to the next gripe I have. I say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. WHY SO MUCH FUKING FOOD? I think his topped all the families I have had. Absolutely ridiculous!

Okay, now, this is weird for me, but apparently it must depend on your religious beliefs. Why do people take photos of the deceased? I know they “used” to do that years and years ago, but why still do certain people take photos? The took photos with the deceased, just the deceased. They took photos of the children crying and kissing the deceased, they took photos as we closed the casket as well. At one point someone was video taping with their cell phone as the one brother was literally breaking down and yelling and crying. Just seems creepy to me or more like, why would you want to relive that again? More to say about his family, but not enough time right now…..have work to do. More later………………

3 Responses to “What the……………”

  1. olive grenade Says:

    okay…. now i have a kid. granted, she’s not quite a year old yet and i haven’t had to bring her to a viewing/funeral, but i guarantee you that when/if that situation arises, there’s no way in hell i’d leave her alone to terrorize a business or its employees.
    have these parents never worked in any customer service field? i mean, come on. they think that anywhere public is a free babysitting service to their monster children. i was a good kid, i behaved, and generally didn’t need much supervision in public (but my mom is a good mom and i knew i’d be in deep shit if i acted like an asshole in public).

    pictures of the deceased? i’ve never heard of it, and it sounds kinda gross, morbid… and inappropriate. especially to be taking pictures of kids crying and kissing a corpse.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      i am amazed that people think they do not have to watch their children while at the funeral home! i have no idea what it is that they feel they do not need to be supervised. but it is rude and ignorant on the parents part. and just like you, i was a well behaved child as well as my older sister. we knew better! if we did misbehave we knew we would get the “evil eye” and back then thats all it took was getting the “evil eye” from dad! now, i am not THAT old, but say i was 7 years old then, lets see, that would have been…..oh!…ugh….just about 37 yrs ago! WOW….ok, maybe that was a long time ago! so anyway……………..

      as far as taking photos of the deceased…..i just had this exact thing happen last week! daughter of the deceased, younger, maybe in her late 20’s had her boyfriend and his sister take photos of her and him up by the casket saying their final good-byes. i have also had many families video tape the whole service including the crying and carrying on as the immediate family said their final good byes. i just don’t think i would want to watch that video or look at those photos! it’s not like you have company over and say “hey, lets show john and jane our wedding video!” if i was a guest at someones home and they said “would you like to watch our fathers funeral?” how would you say “uh, no thanks….” can you say “AWKWARD”! however, in the “old times” that was what families did do. they would actually photograph the deceased, either in the casket but typically the deceased would be maybe sitting in a chair or lying in a bed, dressed and looking like they were alive, but in fact they were dead. there is a website with those photos, but i cannot remember the website name.

  2. parlor gal Says:

    Bizz, I could not agree with you more!!! We cringe upon seeing the little dears walking up to our door because we know whats coming. Yelling,running,jumping around, especially on the lounge sofas, getting into the sugar and coffee and you can guess the rest. PARENTS–PLEASE WATCH YOUR KIDS!!!!!! Why would you not??? This is NOT our job,our funeral home is not a playground. Do you do this in other businesses?? WHY ??!! Children are more than welcome when under full SUPERVISION by RESPONSIBLE PARENTS (oxymoron?). About photos—we were asked during a second viewing if we provide professional photos of the deceased surrounded with the flowers in viewing room. Well no we do not. I was informed by the family this is the norm in the western part of our state.HUH??? This should of been brought up at ARRANGEMENTS, not 8:30 pm the last night of viewing!!!!! It’s always something!!!!

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