where do i begin?

we have been busy busy busy! and of course our “star” employee thinks she needs help! HA HA HA HA HA . makes me giggle. since when do we get “help”? uhhmm….oh yeah, NEVER! but apparently she does. she OBVIOUSLY cannot handle it herself. and why does NO ONE ( the boss) see this? i find it amusing that whenever she is there it is sooooo busy. whatever! i was there the other day and busted my ass ALL day long, not even time to use the freaking restroom and you cry that your so busy you need help? UHHGGHHH!

on to the rest of it all. INSURANCE! how many times, how many freakin time people? do i have to explain it to you? WE USE and NEED a certified death cert. to send to the insurance company! and we are taking one that YOU paid for. We are doing this FOR YOU! if you were to do it yourself, you would have to use one of those death certs too! and again, we are NOT the insurance company, we ONLY call the insurance company on the policy you bring us. we AKS THEM if the policy is good and if they accept an insurance assignment from the funeral home? if they do, then great! then we ask them what they need from us, such as, claim form (signed by the beneficiary) assignment form (signed by the beneficiary) cert. death cert. and anything else they may require. sometimes, certain insurance companies will request I.D. it could be in the form of your driver’s license, birth certificate, whatever! I am getting this information from THEM. i am not making it up. because truthfully, i don’t want to be doing this! it is a pain in the ass sometimes. some insurance companies are difficult to work with. not my fault. they don’t want to pay out the money. not my fault. they request stupid shit. and i am the one who has to come to the family and ask them for it all. and guess what? the family gets annoyed! well, then you should have done it yourself!


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