Cremated Remains

Received  a call from a man the other day who was inquiring about the cremated remains of his  Uncle. Now, when he called we were a bit confused as to what he was talking about because the name was not familiar and there were no cremated remains sitting on the shelf that were to be picked up and the name he was giving wasn’t matching up either. This man started off very angry right off the bat he said “hi, this is so and so and I want to know if so and so’s ashes have been picked up and by who! no one has the right to pick these up but me, i paid the whole bill, you people made me pay the whole bill before you would even consider working with me on the funeral arrangements and I want to know where these ashes are! and if someone picked them up there is going to be hell to pay!” Okkaaaaaayyyyy…….So I asked him what the person’s name was and when i didn’t see them up in the shelf I asked what was the person’s date of death. Ready………………….June of 2006! How to you forget about someones cremated remains for 4 years? and NOT know who picked them up. Turns out the son of the deceased picked them up. So, I tell him, so and so picked them up on 6-25-2006. Well, he hung up on me. 


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