Life at a funeral home……coworker, etc….

so, i really don’t know who my co-worker thinks she is. i cannot stress enough what a sneaky backstabbing bitch she is. let’s start out by saying she has had NO previous experience working in the funeral business before coming to work here. she has made remarks to the boss about how “other” “higher-ups” do their job. i don’t feel that it is appropriate to do that. it is none of her business to question authority! especially when NOT asked to do so. i feel my self getting ready to just blurt it out to the boss about my issues with her, whether he likes it or not. i am usually a very laid back person and it takes alot to set me off, to where i actually say something “out loud” to anyone. i have said things nicely before to the boss about things that i am not happy about, but it didn’t get me very far. oh well…….i just don’t get why someone you have to work with would say things about you that you will eventually find out about. 

so, had a visitation the other day and the family wanted to come in at Noon, so we set it up for Noon. Well, then of course they call the day before and ask if they can come at 11:30am. Ok, fine. SO………..get there earlier than i had planned on, and guess what? they did not get there until 12:35pm! WHY!

and again, this whole thing with having extremely large services, I mean you can’t really know how many people are going to end up coming, but when you ask us time and time again how many people will the funeral home seat because it is going to be a very large service, PLEASE, use your church! if we tell you that there will not be enough seating! PLEASE, because i do not like getting bitched at for not being able to build an addition for your service (yes, being sarcastic). and when i am trying to get more chairs for your service and people are standing in my way and just staring at me time and time again as i carry the 20th chair thru the same spot and i have said excuse me to the same person all 20 times and they STILL don’t MOVE, guess what…..I am not going to bring in anymore chairs!


2 Responses to “Life at a funeral home……coworker, etc….”

  1. What exactly is that co-workers’ job role in your workplace? (Next to kissing ass with the bosses:)

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      she is a secretary. or if she were telling you what her position is she would say “I am THE secretary, the greatest and best”. she sucks! forgetting to call in services and ordering vaults is NOT what a ‘great’ secretary does! but, yeah..other than that, she is the biggest ass kisser i have ever met!

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