Can’t please everyone and…..get outta my way!

So..had a pretty large service yesterday and of course waiting for everyone to empty out of the chapel, so we could move the casket thru the chapel into the hall and to the doors to meet the pall bearers. OF COURSE, there were a dozen or so people still hanging out in the hall way, right where we have to come thru with the casket. There were also more people standing in the other hall, adjacent to the other hall and at one point they were asked to please exit the building to their vehicles so we could move thru the halls!NOT ONE person moved! Well, came time to move the casket thru and I opened one set of the chapel doors and asked those who were still standing there to please move so we could get thru…..well……about 2 or 3 people moved… the other hall….and the rest, well, they just “backed up” against the wall….errghhhhh! Can we have some respect here? So, the casket is moved thru, then we enter the other hall and there are a TON of people at the very end by the doors, so again, we have to yell for them to please clear the area so we can get thru. NOPE, they just stand there, again, the Director yells, “If you could please step aside or exit the building to your vehicles, please!”.  Maybe about 5 people moved, the rest, yep, you guessed it, just backed up a little. So, then we yell again, for the pall bearers to please step forward (the yelling is due to everyone talking and yelling back and forth to each other) of course over all the voices, not all the pall bearers could hear, so once again, we had to yell for them! SO, finally we get the casket near the door and the pall bearers lined up. Well, one of the jobs the other person working is to do, is once they lift that casket is to hurry up and push the bier out-of-the-way (for those of you who do not know what that is, it is what the casket rests on while instate for viewing and it has wheels on it). So, as she is trying to get to the other side to start pushing the bier out-of-the-way everyone automatically now wants to exit the building because of course now they know that the casket is going into the hearse and everyone is lining up for the procession. Well apparently this pissed some people off. The only reason we want to get that bier out-of-the-way is so people can actually walk out the doors! It is not a very large space. So, a woman makes a comment because the worker is “trying” to push the bier back into the building and here are all these people trying to walk in front of her. WELL, if you would have exited the building when told to do so, we wouldn’t be having this problem, now would we? So, the comment from one of the women there was this “gee, can you get anymore rude!” directed at the worker when she was ONLY trying to do her job and make way for YOU! We thought it RUDE that NO ONE would MOVE when we asked 4 times out of respect for the deceased! But, I guess that’s ok, right? Really………………erghhhh!

On to the pain in the ass co-worker. You really should be watching what you say! Oh, and DO YOUR JOB! and quit LYING! so so sick of this person! Just who do you think you are? There are ALOT of small things that need to be done that keep the office running smoothly, you HAVE to remember to do them, why can’t you do it? There are reminder notes ALL over the place, can you not read or do you just feel that you are above doing them? I don’t know how many times I have to ask or post another note, guess it looks like now I am just going to have to go to the boss. I am sick of it. You screw up my work when you don’t do yours! I do not have time to continue going over your shit!


One Response to “Can’t please everyone and…..get outta my way!”

  1. parlor gal Says:

    How about a cattle-prod for BOTH situations ????????

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