i am getting a little irritated by the way things have been going lately. i can’t for the life of me figure out why people have to die of such senseless crimes!!!! so young and the rest of their lives ahead of them. hate days like that!

and when it comes times for the visitation and or service, you bet that a ton of the kids friends will attend and all act like saints! as i can hear them chit chatting in the halls about “certain” things. don’t they realize that they could be next?


2 Responses to “why?”

  1. We had one a few months ago; teenager/early 20s. One friend in particular was crying their eyes out, and we were all thinking that the final dc would read overdose as COD and the one who was crying so hard might have been the “source”

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      you never know. i had one about a year ago and the brother of the deceased actually wanted to get up and speak after Father did and point out all of the “bad” people who attended the service and talk about how the contributed to his brothers death. Thank God Father talked him out of it and told him this is not the time or place for that, let us remember him for the better times while we are here today. Thank God, he listened!

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