Working at a funeral home….

I really don’t know why people feel that I will give out personal information to them! I receive many phone calls from people inuring about the death notice they see in the paper. They call me up and say, “I knew so and so, did they live in “insert city” and I reply with a yes or a no, but then the proceed to ask me that person’s age, which I will tell them, BUT, they ask for and address or phone number to the wife, husband, son, daughter, etc.. of the deceased so they can contact them. I can’t give out that information! I would never dream to call someplace and ask for personal information to be given to me. Then of course when I say I can’t give out that information, you may send something here, just address it to us for “so and so’ and we will pass it on to the family. Most of the time, the person will say, ‘but I went to school with, or I use to be their neighbor or I was really good friends with so and so (well, if you such good friends with so and so, I would think you would have a phone or address), but anyway, people get angry with me when I won’t divulge this information to them. Oh well…………get mad.

Also, we are not a rest area! I do not feel bad that you have to use the restroom. There are plenty of fast food places along the street, use them! For one, my door is usually locked, but yet, people still knock at the door and pull on the doors like they are magically going open! They aren’t, they aren’t going to open unless I physically walk to the door and open it for you. If I see you at the door and I don’t recognize you and you don’t have an appt. I am most likely not going to answer it. But anyway, during a funeral service, don’t walk in and feel as if you can just use the restroom! If you are not with the family, then do not come in! I just don’t get it!

If you have a pre-planned funeral, either for yourself or another loved one and you come in to make a payment, please let me know that it is payment on a pre-planned funeral. Because if you walk in and say “hi, I am here to make payment on my fathers funeral.” I am automatically going to assume that your father has already passed. So…when I ask what your father’s name is and when he passed away, don’t get all huffy and say “He DID NOT die yet, I  made pre-arrangements for his funeral and I am making payments on that!” Okay okay okay…..calm down now….I don’t read minds!

I don’t mind giving out prices on the phone, but it gets really confusing if you are trying to get more than one price, like, if you want a simple cremation. Okay, I can give you that. But, then you also want a price for maybe a viewing first then cremation, then you just want viewing at church then cremation. Or you would like all those prices and prices on burial as well. I don’t have a problem giving them to you, but what I find is that it is too much information for that person on the phone to take in. I know the importance of calling around to get pricing, but I always give people the pricing (an estimate, I never quote an exact price!) and I will always tell them, probably best if you schedule an appt. with a director to go over your options, you are not held responsible for anything! You will not be badgered into using our funeral home….nothing! It is just much more clear when you can actually sit face to face with someone and they can write it down for you. Certain things don’t always come in a package, some things are strictly off the General Price List. Death certificate charges are priced according to each individual city (where the deceased passes away at).


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