what a week!

Not sure why people still feel as if the funeral home has some magical powers over insurance! I explain how it works over and over and still get people bugging me about it! I am NOT the insurance company! I send paperwork to the insurance company, that’s ALL! Then we wait for payment! If the family is to receive some money out of that insurance policy, then they will receive it separate from us! AND, if we did receive your money, then we would refund it to you! We are NOT going to keep it!

There are certain things in life that cannot be done. There are mistakes that are made that cannot be undone. Maybe someone said they could do something and later realized that they could not. So that person tells the person they told and that person holds it’s against the person who told them they could. Shit happens people! If there is no solution, what do you expect someone to do? I don’t shit glitter and piss rainbows!

Giving us a hard time or being unreasonable will not get you any farther. It will get you less! We try out very best all the time. Period. If you are unhappy with something and let us know, we will try to fix it. If we can’t, then we will explain to you that we can’t and why. Just because you keep insisting that we do even after we told you we can’t, isn’t going to change the fact that we can’t! get it?

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