Do ya think they paid?……….uhhh….NO!

so, a few posts ago, i was writing about a family that had come in and insisted that we give them 60 days to pay us. we went back and forth with them and told them we do not accept payments and they kept saying that a few years ago when someone else in their family passed away we let them make payments, which we did not! so anyway the agreement that we came up with was pay us half on the day of service and then they have 30 days to pay us the rest. I wrote that on the day of service that they DID NOT pay us half! they did not pay as anything that day! The woman came in about 2 weeks later and paid a few bucks on it. I was not in the office at the time. But, they still owe us for most of the funeral bill. I believe she paid a few hundred. Well….here we are today and still NOTHING! she called about a month ago and said that she was going to come up on a Saturday and pay us, but she never showed up. I have called them, and no answer. So, this is why we do not take payments. Happens everytime! If they couldn’t afford it, then they shouldn’t have racked up that much of a bill. I get this shit all the time. People are constantly asking me/us “what do you mean you don’t take payments?” Because we don’t fricken get paid, that’s why!

Now i have another family coming in at 3:30p for an arrangement. When I took the call, they would not give me any info! all they would give me was the deceased name and where she passed at. I asked for more info, but they said that they did not feel comfortable talking to anyone on the phone about that “sort” of thing. HUH? I was only asking the persons age, if they wanted burial or cremation, the next of kin and a phone number. WHATEVER!  so, I get a call from someone else in the family who wants to know why they have to come in. Seriously? I said ‘to make arrangements for so and so”.  He said “but why do we have to come to the funeral home, do we have to sign something or legal documents or something?” OMG! I said, yes you will have a few things to sign also we need to know what to do with the body, cremation, burial, info for the death certificate, how many you want, etc….and you will need to pay!  “his response  “oh, really? i had no idea that we would have to go thru so much bullshit just because so and so died.” HUH?  WHAT? REALLY?  can’t wait until they show up! can’t freakin wait!


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