life at a funeral home…why can’t “people” do their work?

just a thought….but when you have a job to do, why is it so hard to do it?

keep pondering this question over and over and over and over and over………………………….

if you have an arrangement on a Monday, say at 11am. The arrangement should be finished up no later than 1pm. If there is nothing else going on that day, no other arrangements, no visitation, then there should be NO problem getting that WHOLE file done before 5pm. Depending on the phones, if they are busy, you should still have it done by 5pm. SO, why is it that certain people cannot do this? I find it extremely irritating! Because when I come into the office a few days later, guess what? I have to usually finish the file. I don’t mind doing the work, but I shouldn’t have to, since this person had more than sufficient amount of time to complete it all. But, if the situation were reversed and it was me or another employee who had been there and did not complete the file, that “other” person would complain about it! They would “tell on us” like a child. For someone who “know’s it all” they sure do fuck up alot! But make no mistake about it, when one of the other employee’s make an error they are the first one to complain about it! This person not only just complains to one person, no, they say it LOUD and clear for ALL to hear! Which I find is  inappropriate! Either keep your mouth shut or go to the person themselves. AND, if it really isn’t “that” big of a deal, then just shut the fuck up and correct the error and be done with it. We are humans and humans make mistakes. If it isn’t something that cannot be fixed, then go to the boss and let him know, but don’t go in there and make a spectacle out of it. Most of the time the errors that most employee’s make are not major and can be fixed within a matter of minutes. Get over yourself. You are far from perfect. Although you like to think you are. How long have you been an employee and STILL don’t know half the shit you should? EXACTLY! You of course won’t admit it, you just slide that work to the side and hope that someone else will find it and do it. And, we usually do. I for one have stopped doing so. When asked by someone why it was not done, well, from now on, I tell them why. I tell then that you did not do it. And I am guessing that is why for the past few weeks you have been in a pissy mood. And that makes me HAPPY!

Okay…enough about that…. on to the next topic.

I do not know why other funeral homes charge differently. So, don’t ask me. I know what we charge and that is all. I cannot tell you why so and so funeral home wants to charge you $300 more for the same casket we have. But, on the other hand, I cannot tell you why we charge more for embalming. That is just what we charge. And again, when someone passes away and you call a funeral home make sure that is the funeral home that you are FOR SURE going to use! Make sure with the rest of your family as well. because once you call a funeral home, they will do the removal. They will also begin embalming when that person arrives at the funeral home. So, if you choose later on that you do not want to stay at that funeral home, you will now owe that funeral home removal fees and embalming fees. We will NOT pick that body up from that funeral home until ALL fees are paid in full to that funeral home. This is going to put a delay on your visitation and funeral!


16 Responses to “life at a funeral home…why can’t “people” do their work?”

  1. She sounds like a housemate/landlord situation I had when I used to share in college(never never doing share housing again! I don’t care how much rent I pay now, I have my own place!). I was forever cleaning up after this nasty little slob in the communal spaces we shared, kitchen living, space, laundry etc. Any crisis that would appear in her life she’d go crying to her dad on the phone or take off for a week with her latest boyfriend leaving her shit all over the kitchen bench and a dirty kitchen floor. Also, never cleaning out her side of the fridge with her food going off. I ended up being ruthless and throwing out her off fish and meat that was stinking up the fridge like a piece of forensic evidence. (Guess what? she gets up at me when she returns that I’m throwing out all her food!)
    I woke up one night, went into the kitchen, there’s food scraps from her cooking just chucked in the sink (I scraped it up and put it in her bathroom sink! but then has a go at me in the morning about not ‘waking her up’ for such a little thing…yeah it was a little thing. Clean it up bitch! and I told her I wasn’t her maid either.) Oh yeah, also, she’d leave used sanitary products in the shared laundry sink…disgusting!… when she did her laundry and got up me that I didn’t bring her mail in from the letterbox…when her room was closer to the front of the street where the letter box was. Lazy, nasty dirty piece of work she was.
    After a month and a HUGE fight with a lot of name calling, swearing, door slamming on her part (what a nice little girl!) etc (I won as I had been in share housing longer than her and knew how to deal with little psychos like her). The fight was over sharing the cleaning and doing her share (she did the cleaning ONCE in the 4 months she was living with me and that one time complains she’s cleaning up after me), she decides to move out but first puts a big crying spiel on our landlord about how I’m the problem, she can’t live with me, I’m treating her like crap, blah, blah, blah. Landlord believes her when I’m the tenant that has been there longer than her. I got a warning to “shape up” (I moved out 4 months later) and didn’t believe me when I tell her what really happened.
    Maybe she was a reletive of your co-worker, omg, they’re breeding! And it looks a definite possibility she’s sleeping with the boss! Keep watch on that hearse!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      sure does sound like her! cry and whine and apparently you get what what you want and people believe anything you say! i refuse to lower myself to those standards. if i make an error, either i correct it or if too late, admit that i screwed up. i’m glad you finally did get rid of her, who needs to put up with that kinda bullshit anyway. i just wish i could get rid of my pain in the ass!

  2. I don’t get it either why that woman said a black hearse was morbid. They’re used a lot with funeral homes here. I think nowadays people just have more choice with what type of vehicle they can have. Some homes here use a silver hearse as well and one of the oldest homes in the city I live near gives the client a choice of having a 2 door or 4 door hearse so the family could ride with the Directors as well to wherever the service is being held. A lot of the older generation (elderly) still choose to use a black hearse as for tradition. A lavendar hearse, I’ve never seen one of those before. That would something different. Wow, your co-worker saying she’s supposedly the “greatest” (LOL!) …who is this woman!! I feel sorry for you working alongside something like that. Her workstation right next to yours?

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      well, usually i don’t have to work “with” her….only sometimes. usually what happens is she is there when i am not. so what happens is, she ‘doesn’t’ do her work or do her work correctly and the other girl who works with us and myself have to finish her work or fix her work. i cannot tell you how many times we have come in and nothing has been done! or she starts to do something but doesn’t finish it. so when she doesn’t finish it, we HAVE to. it isn’t like we can just say ‘oh well, she didn’t do her work, too bad for her’ and set it aside because the work we do must be done and done right, it is for someones funeral and everything is pretty much time sensitive. so when your working you have to pick and choose what to do first, so if she knows that something can wait a day or two and she knows she won’t be there, she knows she can just put it off for me or someone else to find when we come in. she never ever does insurance assignments correctly. i don’t know how many times i have had to go back and correct mistakes on claim forms, assignment forms, etc….or how many times we have received letters from insurance companies saying that the assignment was wrong or they are missing information. so what happens is that it holds up us getting paid. and if you dare tell the boss that it was her fault when he asks why it is taking so long, he just can’t believe that she screwed it up! its a no win situation. i don’t have a problem fixing mistakes for my co-workers, especially if its just something simple and its no big deal, but when you have to do this day in and day out for the same person it becomes a pain in the ass. and when no one wants to hear that she screws everything up and we have to go back and check her work or fix her work and it takes time away from the work i have….it becomes so irritating and i get pissed off along with all the other employees who know exactly how i feel! so, her work station is my work station! and it sucks! she is also a slob! coffee rings on the desk ALL the time. i don’t even drink coffee! when i come in after her, i ALWAYS clean everything off including the phone with sanitizer! she leaves her food in the fridge to get moldy. she leaves her dirty tupperware bowls in the drawer we have for just us girls. she writes notes that would be helpful to us, but for some reason she hides them in her personal drawer in a folder (which yes, i went thru one day looking for something and sure as hell it was in there). so i am guessing if we were to say something about a note being left for me from her, she would go in and pull it out of her drawer and say to the boss, well here it is i don’t know what she’s talking about. so i told the boss about that too! i don’t give a shit if he or she got pissed because i was going thru her shit. but…..nothing is ever done about it.

  3. I overheard an interesting funeral conversation on the train last week and thought I might share it with you after reading your blog about hellish families.
    These two women 2 seats away from me were talking about one of the women’s reletives funeral they were planning (well, actually it sounded like someone else in their family had started to plan the funeral but backed out as one of the women said to her mate, “now I’ve got to plan the bloody funeral! Because that stupid bitch in our family can’t get her ass together”…have you ever been interested in one article of your newspaper so much you can’t read past the first paragraph because you want to know where this conversation goes:)!!
    Anyway, this woman who was now in charge of planning the funeral for her reletive then says, oh I going to choose a white hearse as a black one is too morbid and Addams Family, but I’m going to wear black that day and show my respect to show that bitch up….have you ever tried to conceal a laugh with a cough? They got off the train then but boy, I feel sorry for the funeral home that’s going to be dealing with that woman!! Don’t worry, it seems we get nutters over here as well. Must be a global tradition to behave like a complete twat to people when it comes to planning funerals.

    Are funeral homes open on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S? Just wondering as we don’t have this holiday over here. I suppose if one was attending the crematorium for a service, they could take the turkey along with them and save them the trouble of putting it in the oven later at home. Bit of open fire cookery, the old pioneer way!

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      there is always that one nut job (if not more) with every family, wether it be one of the family members or just a friend that thinks they are “in charge” or “helping” the family during such a difficult time, blah blah blah….. they seem that they are ‘helping’ but they are just being irritating!
      yes, we are open on Thanksgiving, IF a family decides they want to have their viewing/visitation on that day. and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if a family were to ask if they could bring their Thanksgiving dinner to the funeral home or at least ask if they could.
      i don’t get why the lady you overheard thinks that a black hearse is morbid? it is custom to use a black hearse, at least in my area. not far from me, there are a few funeral homes that have colored hearses, one is baby blue and i believe another funeral home has a silver one (which isn’t too bad or unheard of) but then there is another funeral hone that has a lavender hearse! we also use a dark navy blue one as well….hard to tell tho if you are not looking close that it is blue.

  4. Visene, eh? Now that’s interesting. You learn something new everyday!

    I just thought of another one, Bizz. If co-worker is having it on with the Director and that hearse is still a-rockin’, it would give a whole new meaning to the term Visitation Hour (even though the boss will take only five out of that hour!!!)

  5. You could always drop some laxatives in her tea/coffee/water and then watch her run….oh now I’m just being pure evil!

    • olivegrenade Says:

      No no no. never use laxatives! Too obvious. A pro would use Visene. Not only does it give better results, but if she suspected foul play and had your belongings searched, nothing in your bag would rouse suspicion. After all, everyone gets dry eyes sometimes, right? 😉

  6. When one day you see the hearse is a-rockin you’ll all know she’s ain’t giving him last rites but a right of passage!!!!

  7. That co-worker wouldn’t be sleeping with the Director by any chance?

  8. olive grenade Says:

    ever try talking to said employee? voicing how you feel?

    sometimes all people need to get set straight is hearing someone else’s opinion on their work ethic….. sometimes they don’t even know they’re irritating until someone else tells them 🙂

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      not so much….i have tried to say things nicely to her about certain things, but when you do try to talk to her, she acts like she is dismissing you! you could be trying to go over some importaint information with her and she just sits there and doesn’t look at you and just nods and says “uh huh, yeah, uh huh, ok, got it”. she even does it when you are on the phone with her! then….guess what, she ends up screwing shit up! I have had 3 meetings with the boss to go over everything and that took alot from me to do. i do not like to “tell” on anyone. but, after so long, i couldn’t take it anymore and i was getting blamed for things that i had nothing to do with. but even after those meetings and the other girl that works with us, as well as some other employees saying the same things . . . . nothing has changed! all she cares about it is kissing ass. and i am pretty sure that the boss doesn’t want to let her go or for her to quit because he knows she will do anything he asks of her. anything. anytime. even when she is not working. a few times she had been at family functions and received a call from the boss to ask her to come in to work and even tho she really didn’t want to because well, its her day off and she is at a family function, she will anyway, just to ‘please’ him! if it were me, one, i wouldn’t answer my phone! and two, if i did answer my phone and he asked me to come in because ‘he didn’t feel like being there’ , i’d tell him to kiss my ass. but….that’s just me!

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