Working at a funeral home……

When a person calls the funeral home to report death we need to ask a few questions. These questions are important. We aren’t trying to give you a hard time we understand that you just lost someone. We know that you are not thinking clearly. But, we ‘have’ to ask certain questions. A few of these questions are; deceased person’s name. the person who is calling, phone number where they can be reached. the deceased age, place of death, if it is a home death then address of the home where death occurred, next of kin and a phone number for them, if it is a nursing facility or hospital – we ask if the deceased is ready for removal, need a release signed, doctor who will be signing the death cert., we also ask the family or if speaking to a health care provider to ask the family if we have permission to embalm. Most families already know if they want visitation or not and we would like that information so once the body is transported to our funeral home if we can begin embalming. So, just as we know you have a lot on your mind, we really do need to ask certain questions. Also, when we send someone to do the removal if one of the staff at the funeral home cannot do it, we will use a removal company. We always alway always tell the family that it will be about 45 minutes to an hour, usually it does not take that long, but just so we are on the safe side we say that it will be about that long. Well, the other day, I received a phone call from a family, the death occurred at home. I took the call at 1:42pm. I went through the list of questions and told the family that when I hang up that I will call for the removal. I explained to them that it should be about 45 minutes to an hour. So, I hung up and called for a removal, using the company that does our removals, no staff at our place was available. We also ask when talking to the family when a good time for them to come in to make arrangements. either I will ask them if they can come at such and such time and day, anyway, I schedule them an appointment. So, anyway, I was getting some paperwork together for this family when the phone rang, I answered the phone and the person on the phone said that she was waiting for us to do the removal and wanted to know when we would be getting there because they have been waiting at least a half an hour already! and she wasn’t being nice about it! I looked at the time and it was 1:58pm. I asked if she was calling for so and so and she said “yes”, I said ‘well, it is going to be about 45 minutes, I just received the call from you about 10 minutes ago! so it is impossible that you have been waiting a half an hour! ” Her response was ‘oh, sorry’ and she hung up. I was the only one in the office, so she obviously assumed it would be someone else who would answer when she called. Geeezzz, give us a few minutes to get there would ya! The person probably passed and they waited to call and then sitting and waiting  probably seemed longer than it was, but really, 10 minutes and they are calling and of course being snotty!

Oh, and yes, I am bitching! So, again, I have receive a comment or two about how I should quit my job because it is obvious that I don’t like it. And again, if you don’t want to read my blog and don’t like the fact that all I do is bitch, then please do not read it. thank you!!

I had a family that came to make arrangements the other day. They insisted that we give them 60 days to pay us! I kept telling them that we do not accept payments. They weren’t having it! Arguing that in the past we had accepted payment from them! So, I asked them who the deceased was that when we assisted them before. So, I went back and pulled that file. Guess what? No, we did not take payments from them! So finally, we came up with, pay us half the day of service and then you have 30 days to pay us the rest. Do you think they paid us the day of service? NO! This is why we do not accept payments, because we do not get paid!

okay, done bitching for the day…………….

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