funeral home – I hate my job!

please please please people! we are not miracle workers! i cannot possible have your viewing the same day as your arrangements! i need to pick the body up, need clothing, need to have them embalmed and then dressed! if your appt. was maybe at 9am, then it “might” be possible. but you didn’t come in until 1pm!! UHGH! i so want to go home! my boss is being a DICK! i have a mound of paperwork to be done! and i sit and think about the bitch of a co-worker and how much it just burns me up that when she is here she has people helping her! why? really want to know WHY? if you hired the bimbo to work here and thought so much of her then why the fuck does she need help?  i don’t get SHIT for help!  i hate her! and right now I hate my boss! i want to quit right now. i do not want to walk into this office again tomorrow! or ever! i  am just fed up with getting treated like crap. don’t talk to me like i am a child and i have never done this before! i have been here for years! i know what the fuck i am doing! a little bit of appreciation goes a long long way! but, that doesn’t happen here! no thank you’s, no good job, nothing! squat! this is one of those place where it is “do as i say, not as you see”. i am officially an unhappy employee!

5 Responses to “funeral home – I hate my job!”

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from I work for a jerk just like your boss and a lot of times you wish it was them instead. fuck wat these other people are talking about i know first hand about these crazy ass request and they broke or want to acta damn fool during before and after the service. If you been there for years you got connections and branch off on your own, you know from experience people deal with the people they know. fuck her and dont help the bitch let her fuck on her own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not to be rude, but seriously if you dislike it that much you should find something else to do. I understand that dealing with people can be frustrating, but if you don’t get some sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from helping people through a very difficult time in their life, you’re probably in the wrong business. Is there anything you enjoy about your work?

    • olive grenade Says:

      she’s already written a few times about good customers she’s had. also, it’s been said numerous times since she started blogging that this is just a “place” she comes to vent her frustrations.
      if you don’t agree or like it, why bother yourself with continuing to read??
      hate onions? don’t eat onions. don’t like her blog? don’t read. easy solution, yeah?

  3. Why don’t you quit? All you ever do is bitch about your lousy job.

    • thefuneralbizz Says:

      well….like i have said many times before….this is where i come to BITCH! about work! I have also stated if you do not like what I write then you have the option of NOT reading it. although…as of late, I am seriously thinking of quitting.

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