Your going to bitch about……seriously?

So. if someone passes away and they are under the age of 12 usually our services are free of charge. Unless the family chooses “other” options that are not part of the “free services”. Although, things like a sign in book and Thank You cards, other prayer cards than what is included, a different casket than what is included  must be paid by the family. Also, any person under the age of 1 month is eligible for state aid. The State will pay the funeral home up to a certain amount. So, the family is really getting an awesome deal with this. Understandably that this is extremely hard for a family if the loose someone that is that young. However…. If you decided that you want things that are not free of charges and you apply for state aid, then some of that money from the state will cover some of those “extras”. So, say you are having a viewing (which mean you need a casket and you want a different casket than the one that we offer free of charge), then the body is to be cremated so you want an urn (urn is not included with the free services), well, probably the  money that is coming from the state will cover the cost of the urn, if you pick an urn that isn’t hundreds of dollars. The reason I am writing about this is because this story happens to be true. So, this particular family only had out-of-pocket expenses of $72.34. That’s all. they choose to go with a different casket, an urn, etc…. So, anything like a sign in book, “other” prayer cards, death notice, limo’s, flowers are all extras. These are NOT included with our free services! So, why after all of this, this family calls us and complains!  Really? 

Another family who complained. I think I wrote about this not too long ago about if you come for arrangements and we explain to you that the day you want your visitation that we have other families that will be here as well, so you will have to share the lounge and we cannot be responsible for parking, how many people will show up to the funeral home, the noise level (although we can ask that people keep it down), things like that, room in the coat closets, smoking, etc… (we have a designated area for smokers, which by the way, is totally out-of-the-way and if you don’t like smoking than you really shouldn’t even notice it!) anyway, we explained this to a family that there would be another family present that same day. Same hours as they wanted! They said, “no, problem, we want that day!”  So why did we receive a phone call from that family complaining? They said that they did not feel they got what they wanted because they had to share everything with another family! And now they want some money back! Really?

Just want to know what exactly is wrong with people?

On death certificates, the information that we take from the family for a death certificate is things like, the persons full name, their name at birth, date of birth, male or female, date of death, place of death, place of birth, nationality, veteran or not, fathers full name, mothers name before first married, social security number, highest level of education, and address. Things like that. Most of the information is really used for geneology. Things like the date of death, full name, social security is used for legal matters, such as if you need this person removed from a mortgage to report death to credit cards companies, names on bank accounts, etc. So, if something like the persons mothers middle name has an extra vowel attached to it by mistake, it really isn’t that big of a deal. We explain this to you anyway, what all this info is being taken for. Of course we do try our hardest to not make any mistakes, but sometimes it happens. If you find a mistake like this on a death certificate it really isn’t a big deal. It is going to actually be harder to re-file this death certificate and will probably take months to get back. So when we tell you all of this, that it isn’t going to affect any legal matters, please believe us and when you insist on getting it corrected and we explain that it is going to be months before you get it back don’t be a bitch! We understand that it was our mistake and that we have to fix it, but out of our hands if it has already been sent to the State and that is why it takes so long for corrections. Also on the death certificate the doctor of the deceased has to sign it and write what the cause of death was. WE DO NOT do that part! ONLY the doctor does! We have no control over what he writes as the cause of death. How would we know anyway?  So when you see the cause of death and ask us “why” “we” put that as cause of death, WE DID NOT WRITE IT the doctor did! ask him! shouldn’t the doctor know!! also, as most people know and can see, doctors writing is not always legible, so sometimes we cannot even read what he wrote, so don’t ask me what it says and when i tell you I don’t know, I can’t read it either, don’t get snippy with me! I didn’t write it! Oh, and if I can read what it says, it doesn’t mean that I know what it is! look it up on the internet like everyone else!


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  1. That was spot on! I could not have done that better at all haha. Hate to admit it though 😛

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