to work at a funeral home you must have…………


My Lord! what a few screwed up days! still have families on hold…… is not that easy to just put your funeral arrangements on hold people! first off, why would you just assume that they body is going to “last”? they will for a little while, but not for over 2 weeks now. come on already!

i still don’t get why people who insist they cannot afford anything still want to have limo’s pick them up at home! to go to the church or to the funeral home. i don’t get and i never will! the limo is costing you over $350 !!!!  but you claim you cannot afford anything else. so you went to get money from other people and tried to get state aid! WHAT!?! again…i am shaking my head in disgust! then you have the nerve to ask me why we are only allowing you certain hours? are you crazy? you are only getting 3 hours because that is all you can afford, so don’t talk to me like we are such bad people and telling your friends and family that the funeral home will only allow you a few hours for your visitation and service. THAT IS ALL YOU CAN AFFORD, according to YOU! drive your own car to the funeral home instead of being picked up in a limo and pay us the $350 and you can have ALL day at the funeral home if you like.

Enough of that. Where are people’s heads anymore? selfish, ignorant, rude, etc…………….UGGHHHHHH!

Some etiquette – When walking into a funeral home during a visitation, DO NOT yell out “HELLO?”  Why would you do that? it is quiet in the building and you walk in and just yell? Come on. It is obvious that there are people in the building, there are vehicles in the lot,why would you not just walk into the office to find someone or if you are looking for the family, take a look on the wall to see who is in what chapel.

If you call a funeral home at time of death for a loved one and let them know that you would like to use their services they will usually ask if you are ready for them to make the removal. At my funeral home, we ask if we can begin the embalming and we try to get an idea of what you are looking for as far as visitation, etc….we don’t like to ask TOO many questions, but can we do the removal and bring the body back to the funeral home and begin embalming are the 3 questions we always ask.  Now one must understand that once we do the removal, the charges begin. We charge for doing a removal. If you said yes to embalming, well now the embalming charges have now been added. So, right now you are up to about $700-800 already. You come in and try to arrange the funeral and get a cost. Then maybe you realize that maybe our prices are too much for you, so you say you will let us know, you need to talk it out with other family members who are not present or you just come right out and say you can’t afford us, you might decide to go elsewhere. Well, you have to realize that you now owe us for the removal and embalming charges and these charges are due BEFORE the other funeral home comes to make the removal from us. The other funeral home WILL NOT do the removal until they know that we have been paid. So make sure that when you call a funeral home and they ask you these questions, you answer carefully.

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