Funeral Home work..Life Insurance

Okay…you have a Life Insurance Policy or a loved one has a Life Insurance Policy and the pass away. You make your appt.  to meet to make funeral arrangements and of course you bring in the insurance policy. Especially if you want the insurance to pay for the funeral and you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket. The funeral home will do an insurance assignment. IF you would rather collect on the ins. policy yourself and pay for the funeral costs out-of-pocket that is fine as well, but if you are depending on this life ins. policy to pay for the funeral so you don’t have to , then please double-check the policy to make sure that it is over 2 years old! If it is under two years old then it WILL BE contested! You “MAY” get what premium you paid into it over the course of 2 years, but that is no nearly enough to pay for a funeral. I have had a few families over the last 2 weeks or so that have brought in policies that  have been under 2 years old and for some reason they cannot grasp the concept that the insurance is NOT going to pay for the funeral! And it does not have anything to do with the funeral home! if the life insurance company isn’t going to pay, then it is NOT going to pay and we have no say in whatsoever! NONE ! at all! it is strictly up to them!

When someone passes at home usually the coroner is contacted. if is a suspicious death, then the coroner is going to take that body and conduct an autopsy! We will contact the coroner and ask them to give us the info on the deceased, such as time of death, day of death, when will the body be ready for pick up. They will let us know when we can come to pick the body up. BUT, the family must ID the body! so we cannot do the removal until the family has ID’d the body! or at least someone who knows the deceased! Please don’t tell us that “you are NOT going to that place to ID the deceased, because if you don’t, we DON’T make the removal. see where this is going…..good.


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